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  1. Kennedy Family "Furious" with Paterson
  2. Speaker Pelosi: "No Apologies"for Hidden Spending in Economic Bill
  3. Obama's partisan, profane confidant,Rahm Emanuel reins it in
  4. Challenges loom as Obama seeks space weapons ban
  5. 2nd Amendment now officially under attack
  6. Drudge: Pelosi Says Birth Control Will Help Economy
  7. Gigapan Imager used to craft 1,474 megapixel image of Obama's inauguration
  8. Obama Snubs Military!!!!
  10. Eric Holder Law Firm to Represent GITMO Terrorists
  11. Obama faces tough choice on Cape Cod wind farm
  12. Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer
  13. The Obameter
  14. House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed Karl Rove,
  15. Bill Kristol Agrees to Debate Matt Damon
  16. SarahPAC
  17. Explosive racist remarks, anti-state sentiment, hypocrisy in Congress
  18. Smart Guy
  19. The Curious Case of Patrick Leahy: Hypocrite
  20. Taxing Issues Surround Three Top-Level Influential Democrats
  21. Obama's "Global Poverty Act" bill (S. 2433)--our taxes to pay the UN?
  22. Democrats Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh
  23. House GOP member to Rush: Back off
  24. Court: Christian School Can Expel Lesbian Students
  25. Liberal Cartoonists Complain: Obama Too Cool & Handsome to Satirize
  26. Marine vet at Russell rally: Murtha a 'fat little bastard'
  27. Democrats Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh
  28. They Face a Total of 210 years in Federal Prison and up to $4 Million in Fines
  29. It is an amazing Video Interview with Geert Wilders
  30. A Liberal Democrats 40-Year Pork Barrel Wish List
  31. Obama Hatred For George W. Bush
  32. Is Pelosi Panicking? Leaked Memo Lashes Out at Republicans
  33. Republicans Should Stop Trying to Humor Obama ["RINOs need to become extinct"]
  34. The New CU Clock.
  35. "Whenever The New Owner Of America Speaks We Should Listen !"
  36. Out Of Touch
  37. Where's the liberal outrage? PBO turns up WH thermostat!?
  38. “Rangel Rule” Legislation
  39. What the CIA's Censors Can Teach Us about Plans to Muzzle Talk Radio
  40. Drudge: Pelosi Claims She's 'Nonpartisan' (Howler of the Year)
  41. Obama Just Flatters Himself
  42. Ahmadjinedad: New Foreign Policy Buddy
  43. Feds allege plot to destroy Fannie Mae data
  44. I'm watching the RNC chair voting on C-SPAN
  45. Blago: Emanuel Is "My" 'co-conspirator'
  46. ‘We’re A Bunch Of Pigs—We Need Some Guidelines’.........video
  47. "Another Croocked Democrat Who Owes Taxes And Whom Obama Nominated !"
  48. "Here We Go, Pentagon to Cut "More than 10%" of the Defense Budget"
  49. Republicans Pick Steele as Next Party Chairman
  50. Rangel, Other Reps, Party in Caribbean With Citi Funds
  51. Kilpatricks, Conyers among 8 named in FBI bribery probe
  52. CNN: Obama Advisor Paul Begala Calls Rush A Drug Addict
  53. Steele Focused on 3 Critical Races in Rebuilding GOP
  54. Googles Miserable Failure
  55. Tell us What do you hate about the media?
  56. Chuck The Schmuck Schumer Confident Economic Stimulus Will Pass In Senate
  57. Georgia’s voter ID law upheld in federal appeals court ruling
  58. "Carl Levin (D-Mich)." He Supports Repealing Law that Bans Homosexuals from Military
  59. "on-the-air" Call Between An Unemployed Man And His Congressman
  60. Obama's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad First Ten Days
  61. John McCain will let 'er rip on Obama's stimulus bill.
  62. Rasmussen Poll: Republicans Want Party To Be More Like Sarah Palin
  63. Congress Must Think We're Stupid by Mike Huckabee
  64. If You Had $1 Trillion...Mike Huckabee
  65. 98 Flashback: Daschle Pushes For No Mercy Prosecution Of Tax Cheats
  66. Alinski's "Rules for Radicals": Must Reading In Obama Era
  67. Gallup Poll:Americans Approve of Most Obama Actions to Date
  68. Dodd(D-CT) refinancing 2 personal Countrywide loans
  69. The Signal Corps
  70. Congress: The New Power Class
  71. Another day, another tax-cheating Obama appointee
  72. Is groundwork for 'global governance' with a global IRS being laid?...
  73. Another Obama nominee withdraws due to tax woes
  74. EU Furious Over 'Buy American' Clause; Readies WTO Complaint
  75. Obama: "I screwed up"
  76. Franken Has Tax Problems, Too (The Party of Tax-Cheat )
  77. Obama on a Collision Course over Iraq withdrawal
  78. Just a Thought About Our Elected "Leaders"
  79. Obama staff encouraged defiance of Pelosi
  80. Sliding head-first down a slippery slope
  81. Obama Campaign Manager Getting 7-Figure Book Deal
  82. Kali Counties Bite Back.
  83. Nancy Pelosi: Dumber than a bag of hammers.
  84. Daschle is not only a tax cheat, he's a hypocrite
  85. Stimulus battle make or break moment for Pelosi
  86. (Tax cheat) Rangel’s Financial Disclosures Omitted Data Over 30 Years, a Report Says
  87. Obama signs SCHIP bill - tobacco users screwed
  88. Freedom Works: Speaker Pelosi's Thick as a Brick
  89. On Early Show, O’Reilly Paints Devastating Portrait Of Obama. video
  90. We must pass this stimulus package.....
  91. Obama's Appointees: You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet
  92. Obama's Stimulus: Biggest Rip-off in American History
  93. Hometown boy running for Governor.
  94. Glenn Beck on Obama's 'Change': Socialism
  95. Comptroller blasted for 'plush' office
  96. Bloomberg won't cap campaign spending
  97. UK: Education minister's blog littered with spelling mistakes
  98. Mass Resignations at the RNC
  99. And here comes the "fairness" doctrine
  100. The Fierce Urgency of Pork By Charles Krauthammer
  101. Franken wants to be seated NOW (video)
  102. Democrats' dirty tricks during the Republican convention
  103. Check Out Your State's Porkulus Loot!
  104. And Then There Were Two RINO'S ? (Collins wavering, Snowe & Specter still in)
  105. "Take This TARP And Shove It ,Don't Tell Us What To Do !"
  106. "NowThat That Didn't Take Very Long, a Call To Impeach Obama already"
  107. At Least One American Believed Killed by Freed Gitmo Prisoners
  108. "None of These 'Bums" Pay Their Taxes, Al Franken Admits $50,000 Tax Debt"
  109. "Harry Reid Comes From A Long Line Of Thieving Critters. "
  110. The secret list of Senator staffer emails -
  111. BREAKING: It's A Tentative Deal
  112. $78 billion of Your Money has already been misspent.
  113. A Rather Modest Observation, Really [Victor Davis Hanson]
  114. 55% Say Congress Members Don’t Pay All Their Taxes
  115. Steele's Campaign Spending Questioned
  116. Black Organization's Leader Slams So-Called Stimulus Earmarks
  117. Obama Putting Brakes on Surge in Afghanistan
  118. What Now?
  119. Obama--end of the Magical Mystery Tour by Krauthammer
  120. Reporter "Strong Armed" After Panetta hearing
  121. Liberal Group Praises Crossover Republicans as Minority Leaders Balk at Partisanship
  122. Score One for the Unions
  123. Conyers Proposes Study On Reparations For Blacks.
  124. After a Vigorous Thumping of Executives, Congress Needs to Unwind
  125. Socialize Medicine Bureauocracy on the Menu of the 'Stimulus' Bill
  126. "Soylent Green”? ,How About "Logan's Run" ?
  127. Obama: Civil War Disguised as Politics? - ALAN KEYES
  128. Pelosi, Reid have "failed," Heath Shuler (D-N.C) says
  129. Specter to GOP: Don't push Pelosi too far
  130. ...............Thinking Back.....
  131. Tennessee Republicans throw House speaker Williams out of the party
  132. Senate Cloture motion on $1 Trillion pork bill passes, 61-36
  133. And so It begins....
  134. Mike Pense On Foxnews blowing the lid off secrets in Porkulus!
  135. Just How Low Have Democrats Sunk – Is Killing Seniors Now Not Beyond Limits?
  136. How Your Senator Voted
  137. The Audacity of the 'Stimulus'
  138. "A Rocky First Few Weeks As Obama Stumbles Out of the Gate."
  139. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel a Tax Cheat?
  140. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens plans to revoke more than 400 Gun permits.
  141. Pelosi Fustrated by Senate [Spector, Snowe & Collins threaten to pull out. Kill Porku
  142. "Obama Seeks to Restore Some Stimulus Money The Senate Dumped !"
  143. Hillary’s incredible, shrinking role
  144. Murphy's Law, the Peter Principle and Barack Obama
  145. Alert – Stop Congress From Restricting Your Property Rights.
  146. Welcome to the Obamessiah's America
  147. Obama thinks the New Deal Worked
  148. Trust In Dems Declines On Economic Issues.
  149. Is the Law Finally Closing in on John Murtha?
  150. The Bonfire of the Vanities: Did He Reid Roll Pelosi?
  151. Apparently, Tim Geithner is not yet ready for prime time.
  152. Schumer says We don't care about Pork!
  153. Brothers: Rahm Emanuel and His Family
  154. Fitna
  155. CNN Presents Our Two presidents Abraham And Ismahal,Obamathon on right now!
  156. Obama in Prime Time: 7 Questions Left on Cutting Room Floor
  157. "Dump The Bum ,"Pennsylvania voters divided over Specter reelection
  158. Pelosi concerned about a Murtha probe
  159. Chris Matthews’ Angry Dems Had To Compromise
  160. Banking System Nearly Evaporated Last Fall
  161. Democrats Delay Bill Release to Conceal Details
  162. "First we had Schrödinger's cat now we have Pelosi's Mouse !"
  163. We’ve Heard It, But Do We Believe It...”Trust Us !”
  164. A Few Dem Men: House D's Who Voted "No" to porkulus
  165. No House Republican votes for Porkulus .
  166. The Winners, Losers and Final PORK Bill (It's real bad alert)
  167. Every American will Pay The Price of Gross Ignorance.
  168. -"not One Member Has Read This Bill"
  169. The Senate Ignores The Constitution
  170. Rep Itse HR 45 was rolled into Stimulus Package??
  171. ACORN Gets $2,000,000 from Bailed Out Bank of America
  172. Rahm Emanuel's fingerprints all over package, tactics
  173. So Far, Amateur Hour...
  174. Read the Porkulus Bill for yourself...
  175. The Law Liberals Always Break
  176. The First Principle of People Control Don't Let Them Know You Are Controlling Them.
  177. The 545 People Responsible For All Of America's Woes
  178. “The most transparent piece of legislation in American history”
  179. Phony Obama Coins are Screwing the Public .
  180. Claims no Caterpillar employees want him to support stimulus
  181. FAA: Controversial Cape Wind project could be radar hazard
  182. Loose Lips Sink Ships
  183. NYT Blogger Dreams Of Sex With Obama
  184. SAVED BY GOV'T? ( Christopher Dodd mentioned )
  185. Stimulus in action.
  186. Obama warned over ‘welfare spendathon’
  187. HOUSE OF ILL REPUTE,It's not just Charlie Rangel.
  188. Barack Obama to lift embryonic stem cell research ban
  189. From George Washington To Barack Obama - A Long Way - Original Video
  190. Sorry, America, I'm the bearer of bad news
  191. Leaders of other "Socialist" countries.
  192. Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman: 'Oversight of the Internet is One of His Top Priorities'
  193. Obama,The Prince of Thieves !
  194. Obama The Great and the Pantheon
  195. "Taking America's National Security Apart One Brick At A Time !"
  196. TIME-BOMB: America's Debt Crises, Long Complete Version
  197. Hermanators’ Intelligent Thinkers Movement
  198. The Press is Americas Enemy
  199. President Obama's Picture Removed After Complaints
  200. "The Rats Are Jumping Their Sinking Ships Into Rat Central !"
  201. Obama’s War on Terror May Resemble Bush’s in Some Areas
  202. "Such A Shmuck,They should send him Pickled Foreskins in Chicken Smaltz !"
  203. George Soros: International Man of Misery
  204. Burris Statements to Lawmakers Referred to Prosecutor
  205. American Solutions
  206. Saving that rare bird, the Northeast Republican
  207. "Quick Tell them Not to Eat it, it's Henry Waxman, one of Pelosi's Tour Group !"
  208. NORTHCOM Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise,Guardsmen to conduct urban training
  209. Early Signs of The Rebellion (Sleeping Giant, the Silent Majority, Is Waking Up Angry
  210. Gimme, gimme, gimme: More scenes from the anti-Obama entitlement backlash
  211. Rise of the Pomegranates
  212. "No Pictures Allowed of the Popes meeting with Pelosi !"
  213. Leon Panetta Vows Honesty As DCI .
  214. Bill Clinton: Obama Should Sound More Hopeful
  215. "Now These BungHoles Want To Charge a Tax Paper Handling "Fee" !"
  216. The RAT hiding deep inside the stimulus bill
  217. We Hear Almost Nothing About the Coup D'Etat that is Under Way in The White House.
  218. Barack Obama and Alinsky's Rules for Psychopaths
  219. White House declares war on Santelli
  220. Kennedy Might Not Return to Senate .
  221. Proposed bill would force ISP, WiFi logs for security, criminal investigations
  222. "The Way Things Are Going She's isn't Going To last very long in This Job !"
  223. Catholic Group Petitions Pope to Excommunicate Nancy Pelosi
  224. Treasury Orders Employers To Cut Payroll Taxes
  225. Dodd's big mouth: the senator should keep his big trap shut
  226. New National Anthem
  227. A Massive Rebellion is Spreading...while Obama Announces Socialist Budget Plan
  228. Alan Keyes calls Obama a, "Radical Communist."
  229. Clinton urges China to keep buying Treasury bonds .
  230. POLICE STATE, USA,National Guard scraps plans to invade rural town
  231. Bunning: Justice Ginsberg likely will be dead in 9 months
  232. Obama slams Bush budget 'dishonesty'
  233. "Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending."
  234. I hate to admit it, but I miss Bill Clinton that lecherous old charmer.
  235. Obama to pick Latino Advocate, Tom Perez, to head Immigration Services (Uh-oh!).
  236. Fifteen Reasons I'm Already Tired of the Obama Era
  237. Welcome to 1984 and our new Master of Doublespeak Harry Reid
  238. GOP delegate wants apology for Davis recall
  239. The Obama Show Thread for Tonight!!!!
  240. Obama: A modern-day Julius Caesar?
  241. Major General Commanding General Carroll D. Childers Joins Military Suit
  242. The Congressional Address
  243. FACT CHECK: Obama's words on home aid ring hollow
  244. "Obama's secret defence budget cuts .The New Don't Ask Don't Tell ."
  245. The Congressional vehicle of the future,The Pelosi Mobile
  246. The Citizen And The Media
  247. Byrd is toast
  248. Illinois Governor Looks Into Hiring of Burris' Son
  249. New Republic 'Modest' Proposal: Sen. Michelle Or Sen. Mother-in-law
  250. The traitors are in power!