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  1. US Ambassador breaks ranks with Trump to PRAISE Mayor Sadiq Khan
  2. Putin Dismisses Claims He Has Damaging Information on Trump as 'Nonsense'
  3. Poor Victimized Kathy Griffin Retains Lawyer After Accusing Trump Family of Bullying
  4. CNN’s Sally Kohn Wants To Fight Terrorism With ‘Tolerance’ And ‘Political Correctness
  5. Kathy Griffin memories
  6. Feds Arrest Woman Who Leaked Classified Information To The Media
  7. President Clinton Repeatedly Rebukes 'Illegal Aliens' in Call to Secure Border
  8. Sadiq Khan: ‘Cancel President Donald Trump’s State Visit’
  9. Dems want Hillary Clinton to leave spotlight
  10. AG Jeff Sessions offered to quit during exchange with Trump
  11. Comey Told Sessions: Don’t Leave Me Alone With Trump
  12. Betsy DeVos appoints campus free speech advocate. Liberals are flipping out
  14. 6 Insane Statements That Didn’t Stop Reality Winner from Getting Top-Secret Clearance
  15. Donald Trump Cuts Consumer Spending by Illegal Immigrants, Laments Federal Reserve
  16. Interesting View on Trump
  17. News of Clinton Using Prison Labor as First Lady of Arkansas -Social Media Erupts
  18. Jeff Sessions Kills DOJ Settlement Practice That Funded Community Organizations
  19. RNC to lead 'war room' to defend White House
  20. Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China
  21. Media pounce on White House for nomination delays but miss glaring error by Schumer
  22. The Democratic Party Is in Worse Shape Than You Thought
  23. NY Daily News Cover Tomorrow
  24. Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theory 'came apart' with Comey testimony
  25. Rep. Gohmert Slams Comey: 'Thank God Trump Fired Him!' - 'Turns Out HE Was a Leaker-i
  26. Comey Accuses Trump of ‘Hoping’ - But, Admits No One’s Ever Been Charged for It
  27. Deep State Gone Wild: Comey Asserts Unprecedented FBI Supremacy
  28. Lawmakers Demand WH Tapes, If They Exist: ‘Lordy, I Hope There Are Tapes,’ Said Comey
  29. Lindsey Graham Demands that Leaks of Classified Material be Investigated
  30. Sanders Viciously Attacks Trump Nominee's Devout Christian Faith
  31. NYT Scrambles To Fix ‘Almost Entirely Wrong’ Russia Scoop After Comey Testimony
  32. Markey Called Out for Not Answering CNN’s Questions
  33. The... Tapes
  34. Next Friday, Liberal Heads To Explode Again
  35. Trump committed no crime. Democrats need to get over it.
  36. OPINION: The damaging case against James Comey
  37. On Display In Russia Hearings, Democrats' Trump-Hatred Is Worthy Of Captain Ahab
  38. Van jones: Clinton campaign set a billion dollars 'on fire'
  39. Dems Calling For Investigation Into Loretta Lynch
  40. Group with Reid, Clinton Ties Accused of Faking Voter Registration Forms
  41. Dem Rep Ted Lieu: Trump’s Tweets Could Be Obstruction of Justice
  42. Trump-Like ‘Julius Caesar’
  43. McCain says American leadership was better under Obama:
  44. Dem Rep. Introduces COVFEFE Act
  45. James Comey broke his FBI Employment Agreement when he leaked.
  46. SCOTUS Could Rule This Is A Right to Work Nation
  47. Shooting At GOP Baseball Practice Latest In Pattern Of Violence Against Republicans
  48. Hillary Clinton compares herself to Wonder Woman
  49. Australian PM reportedly heard mocking Trump in leaked audio tape
  50. Comey on cover of new magazine
  51. Media To America: Don’t Politicize An Obvious Act Of Political Violence
  52. HuffPo Writer: F*ck Steve Scalise
  53. Marco Rubio Pushes Left-Wing Conspiracy Theory About Trump Advancing Russian Interest
  54. Alex Jones Info Wars Releases Part 1 of Tapes of Megyn Kelly
  55. Indian Lawmakers Demand Trump Reverse H-1B Crackdown
  56. Did James Comey Cover Up a Massive and Illegal FBI-CIA Spying Operation?
  57. 3 Members of Special Counsel Mueller’s Team Donated to Dems, Including Hillary, Obama
  58. FBI Acting Director Andrew Mccabe Also Being Investigated Over Clinton Emails
  59. So that’s why so many Trump allies have called for firing Mueller this week
  60. Dem Strategist James Devine Launches Hashtag #HuntRepublicanCongressmen
  61. Rick ‘Put a Bullet in Trump’ Wilson: POTUS Supporters - Scalise Shooting as ‘Blessing
  62. Nebraska Democratic Party Official Who Said “So Funny” About GOP Shooting
  63. She’s Not Mean. She’s Just Being Kamala.’
  64. Harvard Analyst Accuses The Clintons of 'Largest Charity Fraud in History'
  65. In Near-Unanimous Vote, Senate Passes Iran Sanctions Bill That Kerry Opposed
  66. Christian schools banned from using PA system to pray before game
  67. Democrats Block Witnesses from Testifying in House Intel Probe
  68. Judicial Watch: Susan Rice ‘Unmasking’ Documents Moved from NSC to Obama Library
  69. Hillary could lose security clearance
  70. Donald Trump’s state visit to UK cancelled, Queen's Speech reveals
  71. Sad CNN’ Meme Storms the Internet as Karen Handel Wins Georgia Special Election
  72. Jeh Johnson Testifies: Russians Did Not Alter Ballot Counts
  73. McCain: No American has seen healthcare bill, but I'm sure Russia has
  74. Soros, Clinton-Linked Teneo Among Donors to McCain Institute
  75. NYPD Unveils it's New "Pride" Police Cars
  76. Democrats’ Lessons from Jon Ossoff Loss: Move Left, Forget Civility
  77. Nebraska Democrat Phil Montag glad Republican Senator Scalise was shot; wish he was d
  78. Perez Blames Democratic Loss in Georgia’s Special Election on Gerrymandering
  79. Sen. Murphy on Dem's Georgia loss: Russia has been a distraction
  80. True Political Brilliance in Three Parts
  81. Former gov’t contractor sues James Comey, alleges over 20 million America unmasked
  82. Debbie the Carp Accuses Jeh Johnson of Lying Over DNC Hack Fiasco
  83. Warren Responds to Veteran Group’s Letter After 113 Days Doesn’t Answer Main Question
  84. Bernie Sanders Wife Facing Bank Fraud Charges
  85. CNN Retracts Hit Piece Attacking Trump, Associates Over Russian Fund
  86. CNN Accuses Jill Stein Of Colluding With Russia To Steal Election From Hillary
  87. Very Fake News Scandal Consumes CNN
  88. Clinton Foundation took $1 million from Qatar and forgot to tell the government
  89. SCOTUS To Hear Cake Baker Vs Gay Rights
  90. Sally Yates Shows Political Colors: Slams Sessions DOJ in Op-Ed
  91. Dems give politically connected judge six-figure gig she’s too obese to do
  92. Supreme Court: Immigrants Who Lie to Feds to Become Citizens May Lose Citizenship
  93. Public Accounts by Friends Show James Comey Leaked While FBI Director
  94. Levin: 'Now We Have Collusion - Democrats Should Be Excited'
  95. Obamas under fire from the left for never ending, sizzling ultra-luxury vacations
  96. Chaffetz calls for $2,500 legislator housing stipend
  97. House Dems Hired A Fired McDonald’s Worker As Their IT Guy
  98. Student Sentenced to Prison for Registering Dead Voters as Democrats
  99. Obama Administration Made Very Serious Mistake in Not Revealing Russian Interference
  100. Democratic Rep: Citing Uncomfortable Data Is White Privilege
  101. White house economists overestimated annual economic growth by about 80 percent
  102. Study: Broadcast Networks Obsessed With Russia
  103. Flashback: Clinton White House said on-camera briefings weren't 'necessary'
  104. The FBI's boss is under investigation for possible Hatch Act violations
  105. Sketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators
  106. Puerto Rico's statehood win was a ruse
  107. Another Major Publication Retracts Two Anti-Trump Stories
  108. Democrat Witch Hunters Now Targeting Trump’s Bodyguard
  109. MSNBC Contributor: Clinton Lost, In Part, Because Obama Is Black
  110. GOP Senators Request FBI’s Surveillance Warrants from ‘Russia Interference’ Probe
  111. Morning Joe Nuttyness
  112. Who knew that two WB cartoons from the 50s would predict what's happening today....
  113. Levin to the Media: Want Trump to Act Presidential? Then Have Respect for the Office
  114. Never Trumper’ John Podhoretz Defends CNN: ‘Unfair’ to Yell ‘Fake News’
  115. Forgotten Americans on H-1B: ‘This Is Complete Treason’
  116. McCaskill Admits Donation to Foundation Connected to Russian Ambassador
  117. Susan Rice Blames Racism, Sexism for Unmasking Backlash
  118. James O’Keefe Video: CNN Associate Producer Calls Voters ‘Stupid as Sh*t’
  119. People Will Die
  120. Project Veritas Releases More Video From CNN Investigative Series…
  121. Eric Holder Sends Out Ominous Midnight Tweet to ‘Career FBI/DOJ Employees’
  122. Watch Sean Hannity's Montage of 'Morning Joe' Meltdowns Over Trump, 6-22-17
  123. Trump’s right: It’s not a Muslim ban, it’s a screening process to protect us
  124. The Nuclear Option — Donald Trump: Mad Genius
  125. Two dozen Democrats get behind bill to lay foundation for removing Trump for...
  126. Greta Van Susteren Out At MSNBC
  127. Elizabeth Warren Birthday Gift
  128. Rep. Justin Amash Only Republican to Vote Against Kate’s Law
  129. Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents
  130. Christie lounging at N.J. state beach closed due to government shutdown
  131. Another Kennedy Speaks -(Another idiot speaks)
  132. Associated Press Admits It Published Fake News About President Trump and Russian Ties
  133. How the Left Lost Its Mind
  134. Miami judge rules Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law unconstitutional
  135. Dana Loesch's "Controversial" NRA Ad
  136. AntiFA Listed As Terrorist Group In One State
  137. Clash looms as Puerto Rico prepares to send reps to Washington, after statehood vote
  138. HSI along with DEA to arrest dozens of convenience store owners across 4 states
  139. Dem IT Suspects Wanted Untraceable Payments — And Sure Enough, Millions Disappear
  140. Threat and arrest at Senator Flake's office in Tucson
  141. Maxine Waters: I’m Going To Tear Ben Carson’s Ass Apart!
  142. CNN has a new name
  143. The return of Diamond and Silk!!!!!
  144. More fake news (Yawn)
  145. Maxine Waters: ‘I’m taking the gloves off’ on Trump
  146. Rubio Ridicules Trump’s Proposed ‘Cyber Security Unit’ With Putin
  147. Nikki Haley Sides with Democrats on Russian Election Meddling
  148. Lindsey Graham: Trump Is Empowering Putin, Potentially ‘Betraying Democracy’
  149. Comey memos reportedly had classified info; Trump says ‘That is so illegal’
  150. De Blasio skips slain NYPD cop’s vigil to praise police in Germany
  151. Rick ‘Put a Bullet in Trump’ Wilson: POTUS Not ‘Pro-American’
  152. Claire McCaskill’s Russia Hypocrisy Prompts ‘Comrade Claire’ Taunts from GOP
  153. McAuliffe’s Former Electric Car Company Audited for $6.4M in Repayment to Mississippi
  154. Clinton camp colluding with Ukraine against Trump
  155. Manchin Says He Has ‘No Idea’ Who Top Donors Are Despite Mylan Contributions,
  156. Grand jury convened in Burlington College investigation
  157. CONEST: Name that Loon (prizes!)
  158. No one can describe "Russiagate" LOL
  159. 'Morning Joe' host is leaving the GOP
  160. CNN Providing Good Coverage !
  161. Acting Directior of ICE oversaw release of Criminal Aliens
  162. NY Times Questions Statistic Provided by Trump, Admits He Was Right a Paragraph Later
  163. Maine Democrat Threatens Trump in Profanity-Laced Facebook Comment
  164. Colorado nonprofit sue to overturn special election results in Georgia's 6th Congress
  165. Al Green fulfilling his promise
  166. Obama Holdover Ethics Chief Resigns, Joins Soros-Funded NGO
  167. Computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of Russia investigation
  168. White House goes on offense, slams DNC, Clintons for ‘collusion
  169. Revealed: 'Ordinary 'citizen' John McCain dispatched a trusted aide across...
  170. Clinton Campaign ‘Killed’ Bloomberg Story Linking $500k Moscow Speech To Russia
  171. Hundreds of Colorado Voters Withdraw Registrations
  172. The American media is collapsing right in front of us
  173. The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas
  174. Chicago Teamsters leader John T. Coli Sr. charged in extortion scheme
  175. Why the Supreme Court May Deliver a Pyrrhic Victory on Travel Ban
  176. Head of Firm Behind Dirty Dossier Refuses to Appear Before Senate
  177. arrested for filming muslims who raped a kid
  178. Dem Rep Paid Sister’s Law Firm $80,000 from Campaign Funds this Year
  179. Republican Congress Putting Pork Back in Trump’s Budget
  180. Former Trump Aide Tears Apart House Committee
  181. FEC Rejects Democrats' Plan To Target Drudge, Breitbart
  182. 24 Republicans Vote To Preserve Transgender Ideology in Military
  183. Jane Sanders cries sexism in bank-fraud accusations as GOP hits back
  184. Another One (Clinton witness) Bites the Dust
  185. Hillary Clinton sided with Russia on sanctions as Bill made $500G on Moscow Speech
  186. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused foster son, child-welfare investigator found
  187. State GOP urges 'civil disobedience' over new Seattle tax, says residents should not
  188. Kamala Harris ‘Absolutely’ Running For President in 2020
  189. From the Polymouth politican files
  190. Immigration Hard-Liners Blast Trump Guest Worker Expansion
  191. After Stalling for Months, Wasserman Schultz to Cooperate With Investigators
  192. Senate Obamacare repeal bill
  193. CNN’s Cillizza’s Latest Attack on Trump Debunked by His Own Network
  194. Kasich: Fix Obamacare with more spending
  195. State Dept. Blames Israel for Terrorism, Claims Palestinians Rarely Incite Attacks
  196. FBI Turns Over 7,000 New Documents From Weiner’s Computer to State Department
  197. Justice Department Confirms Comey Violated FBI Policy by Leaking Memos
  198. GOP Reps Plan To Remove Rule Giving Gov’t Jobs to Illegals
  199. GOP, Dems Plotting ‘DREAM Act’ for Illegal Aliens
  200. Judicial Watch Statement on IRS Records Scandal
  201. Cruz stalker arrested
  202. Dems Release Their Latest Slogan
  203. Tim Gill, Gay Megadonor, Aims to Punish Christians and Conservatives
  204. Liberals have changed election reactions forever
  205. Graham: If You Don't Back DREAM Act, 'I Don't Want You to Vote for Me'
  206. Clinton Campaign Broke Promise to Buy Offsets for Carbon Emissions
  207. Mitch McConnell Slips More Kickbacks into Senate Healthcare Bill
  208. Ex-Goldman Partner: Globalist Gary Cohn Vowed to Block Trump’s Nationalist Agenda
  209. Wall Street Journal Editorial Writer Is Found Dead Arkacide again?
  210. Man Behind Trump "Dossier" Subpoenaed After Refusing To Testify, Will Plead The Fifth
  211. House Conservatives Target $100 Million in Funding for Globalist Organization
  212. Manchin Opponent ‘Sick and Tired’ of Him Pretending He Cares About West Virginians
  213. Jeb Bush calls out Republicans silent on Trump's Russia probe
  214. Hillary Clinton Told FBI's Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009
  215. When bigger idiots are made Connecticut will elect them.
  216. DNC Lags Behind RNC in June, Brings in $5.5 Million
  217. Watchdog Uncovers New Evidence of Quid Pro Quo at Hillary State Dept.
  218. White House Meeting With Challengers of Arizona GOP Sen. Jeff Flake
  219. Teachers Union Pres: DeVos Policies Are ‘Polite Cousins of Segregation’
  220. There Was No Readout of Obama's Conversations at G20 Dinner Either
  221. FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home
  222. NYPD Ordered To Clear Subway Of Homeless During Mayor Bill de Blasio’s PR Ride
  223. Mass. Supreme Court Rules State Officers Can’t Hold People on ICE Detainers
  224. Kushner: Media elites "ridicule" Trump supporters questioning his legitimacy
  225. ​Exclusive: Trump ponders Rudy Giuliani for attorney general
  226. Christie Signs Transgender Bill Into Law
  227. Boehner Says He Used to ‘Sneak Into’ White House to See Obama
  228. We Have These Regulatory Agencies in Place’ Because ‘Rising Stock Market doesn't Help
  229. Ex-Obama Official Evelyn Farkas Urges Intel Community to Compromise Sources, Methods
  230. Video Of Hillary Clinton Saying She Had Been Contacted By Foreign Leaders To Help Her
  231. Feds arrest IT staffer for Wasserman Schultz trying to leave country
  232. "Not a republican in CA!"
  233. House Conservatives Demand DOJ Turn Over Documents Linked to Leaker James Comey
  234. WikiLeaks Email Connects Nancy Pelosi to Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer Imran Awan
  235. Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez Has Paid His Wife More Than $400,000 From His Campaign Funds
  236. Senate Democrats Protest Obamacare Repeal, Block Key Witness in Russia Probe
  237. The Gangster Government of Barack Obama
  238. Dems roll out big gun to protect top suspect in hacking scandal
  239. Shady Research Firm Fusion GPSWAS BEING PAID BY DNC AND RUSSIA
  240. Ronna Romney McDaniel: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Must Testify Before Congress
  241. The Six Senate Republicans Who Flip-flopped in Favor of Obamacare
  242. Anthony Scaramucci uses vulgar language to lash out at Priebus, make fun of Bannon in
  243. Did anyone get one of these emails today---from the Daily Kos?
  244. Avik Roy: Conservatives Should Embrace Reagan's View on Healthcare
  245. Using the Military for Transgender Experiments Undermines Combat Readiness
  246. GOP Obamacare repeal bill fails in dramatic late-night vote
  247. Man Who Raped Mentally Retarded Teen Only Gets 180 Days from Liberal Judge
  248. 'A 'For Sale' Sign at City Hall': FBI Indicts 2 PA Dem Mayors in Pay-to-Play Probe
  249. Top FBI Lawyer & “Close Confidant” of Comey Allegedly Under Investigation
  250. Imran Awan Had Access to ‘All the Communication of the Foreign Affairs Committee’