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  1. ACLU Uncovers Memos Showing Obama Admin’s Spying Violated Civil Liberties
  2. BIG SURPRISE: Paul Ryan Has Mueller’s Back, Not President Trump’s
  3. John McCain Backs Transgender Ideology, Slams Donald Trump’s Policy
  4. Republicans call for second special counsel to probe Clinton, Lynch and more
  5. John Kelly replaces Priebus as chief of staff
  6. 73 Percent of CBO's 'Lost Coverage' Estimate Comes From Individual Mandate Repeal
  7. Conservative Grass-Roots Critics Begin Calling for McConnell to Resign
  8. Guess who is overseeing the Awan Family Investigation ??
  9. Fake "Islamophobia" claims block the truth
  10. Could Jeff Sessions be moved to the Department of Homeland Security?
  11. Trump threatens to cancel some health care benefits for lawmakers
  12. Tillerson Standing Between Muslim Brotherhood and Terror Designation
  13. McCain Repeatedly Called for Obamacare's Repeal
  14. U.S. House of Representatives Backs Enhanced Security For Lawmakers
  15. Tweet sent by Susan Collins about Obamacare in 2013 comes back to HAUNT her, badly
  16. Trump Removes Muslim Federal Judge For Allowing Sharia In America
  17. Democrat-Aligned ‘Disinformation Firm’ Fusion GPS Took Money from Russian Official
  18. Trump targets Congress members' own health plans after ObamaCare repeal falls flat
  19. Cheap-Labor Lobby Gears Up to Capture DHS from John Kelly
  20. 'Obama holdovers' in D.C. scrubbing 'ISIS genocide against Christians'
  21. Senators to Mattis: Don't ban transgender troops
  22. Trump Fighting MS-13 Gang to Appeal to ‘White Nationalists’
  23. Chicago Tribune Offended by DOJ’s Use of Term ‘Illegal Alien’
  24. Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer "Frantically" Liquidating $2 Million Real Estate Assets
  25. To Defend Public Schools, the Hard Left Puts On the Tinfoil Hat
  26. Senator Jeff Flake Tries to Flip Republicans Against Trump
  27. We Should Just Leave:’ Trump Takes A Look At Pulling Troops Out Of Afghanistan
  28. Venezuela Pulls Opposition Party Members From Their Homes
  29. Dem Fla. Senator Helps Pass Bill to Give Her Charity $1.5 Mil, GOP Gov. Approves it
  30. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Declares America ‘Irrelevant’
  31. Guess who’s defending North Korea now…
  32. McCain criticizes Trump over Afghanistan strategy amid cancer treatment
  33. A timeline of the explosive lawsuit alleging a White House link
  34. 19 MASSIVE Democrat Scandals the MSM Is Covering Up
  35. Tillerson says talks with North Korea are possible if it abandons nuclear program
  36. New FBI Director
  37. Democrats Announce New Platform
  38. Half of Detroit’s Mayoral Candidates are Convicted Felons
  39. AP smears Stephen Miller after his CNN takedown
  40. Trump's immigration reform is just common sense, so natch the left goes bonkers
  41. H.R. McMaster Promised Susan Rice She Could Keep Security Clearance
  42. McCain Wants Congress to Pass ‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty Bill When He Returns
  43. Meet America’s newest wall-building border-enforcing hardass: Paul Ryan
  44. German Mayor Furious After Sudanese Migrant Molests Ten-Year-Old Girl
  45. Boss tells state workers: Kick ICE out of California labor offices
  46. 'The Comey FBI lied to us'
  47. McMaster, On ‘Warpath,’ Purges Key Trump Allies From White House NSC
  48. Utah State Republican to Introduce Resolution Supporting California Secession
  49. Loretta Lynch Used Her Grandmother’s Name as Alias to Communicate with DOJ Officials
  50. Both James Clapper Says He and Susan Rice Did Unmaskings’
  51. Everything The President Wants To Do, McMaster Opposes,’ Former NSC Officials Say
  52. California: 11 Counties Have More Voters than Voting-Age Citizens
  53. Paul Ryan Opposes Trump’s Immigration Cuts, Wants Struggling Americans
  54. McConnell to consider bipartisan plan to pay health insurers
  55. McCain Keeps Pouring It on Trump, Blasts President’s ‘Weakness’ to New York Times
  56. John Kelly Pushed Obama’s Jihad Policy Chief Out of DHS
  57. Another DOJ Program Barred to Sanctuary Cities
  58. California Bans ICE Agents from State Labor Offices to Protect illegal Workers
  59. DHS provides Minneapolis airport security tours for Somalis only
  60. Today's tweetstorm...
  61. DOJ Releases 400-Plus Pages of Lynch-Clinton Meeting Emails
  62. McMaster Worked at Think Tank Backed by Soros-Funded Group
  63. Liberal Anti-Trump Media Matters Goes All In for Embattled Gen. McMaster
  64. Trump retweeted a Twitter bot — then it got suspended
  65. Pence 2020?
  66. Twins, brother and sister, or genetic aberation (the one on the left
  67. Maryland City to Consider Letting Illegals Vote
  68. TRUMP EFFECT: 1.1 Million Drop Off Trump Food Stamp Lists — Mostly Illegal Aliens
  69. Marco Rubio Joins McCain to Oppose Trump Immigration Policy
  70. North Korean crisis is inevitable outcome of Neville Chamberlain-like appeasement
  71. Trump’s statement is distinctly similar to that of former President Harry Truman
  72. FBI: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Pressured Congressional Bank
  73. John McCain Criticizes Trump’s Hawkish Line on North Korea
  74. Democrat Congresswoman Accuses U.S. Army of Encouraging White Supremacy
  75. DHS: 23% of all federal prisoners are illegals,
  76. ICE Busts 36 Sex Offender Criminal Aliens in Sanctuary City
  77. FLASHBACK – President Clinton Threatens North Korea: ‘
  78. Susan Rice Urges Donald Trump to ‘Tolerate Nuclear Weapons in North Korea’
  79. Sex, Politics, Meth and Death in West Hollywood
  80. The Democratic Way
  81. Newsweek Backs North Korea Over Trump In Latest MSM Embarrassment
  82. THE NATION goes off the reservation
  83. Powell Said NK Began Cheating on Clinton-Era Nuclear Deal ‘Before The Ink Was Dry’
  84. John McCain Unveils Plan for Afghanistan Surge After Trump Rejects McMaster’s Plan
  85. CAIR Defends H.R. McMaster
  86. Judge Orders State Department to Search Again for Clinton Benghazi Emails
  87. Ed Klein: Hillary's Plea Bargain
  88. Sen. Manchin doesn’t ‘give a s**t’ about getting reelected
  89. Trump backer to donate six figures to super PAC backing Jeff Flake challenger
  90. Guam Governor Says Trump Called
  91. Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice Admits U.S. Strategy on North Korea Nukes
  92. Baltimore Mayor Offers Solution To "Out Of Control" Homicides -Free Community College
  93. Street Artist's Facebook Page Shut Down as "Hate Speech" After Zuckerberg Stunt
  94. The Elephant in the News Rooms
  95. Charlottesville Violence Only The Beginning Unless We End Identity Politics
  96. McMaster ‘Detonated’ Over Memo that Warned of Political Warfare Effort Against Trump
  97. Google needs a new CEO, but dumping Sundar Pichai is not enough
  98. Merck CEO quits Trump advisory panel over Charlottesville response
  99. Anti-Trump rally draws thousands for President's return to NYC
  100. Not So Long Ago, Democrats Favored Immigration Curbs
  101. UN to Trump: Stop Detaining Illegal Aliens
  102. Niger Innis: Pinning Charlottesville on Trump Is ‘Pure Partisan Politics,’
  103. John Kerry ’16: ‘every one of Iran’s pathways to a bomb is blocked’;
  104. Iranian president threatens to revitalize nuclear program
  105. Durham PD admits standing down and watching statue get destroyed
  106. Durham protester charged in Confederate statue vandalism
  107. Palin is right about Iceland's ghoulish laws culling unborn Downs' babies
  108. Fox Hits New Low--Perino Establishment Mouthpiece
  109. Maryland Governor Orders Removal of Chief Justice Taney Statue
  110. Mueller's Russia probe loses top FBI investigator
  111. Gotta Love this guy
  112. Typical New York
  113. Obama team was warned in 2014 about Russian interference
  114. On Liberals’ List for Destruction: Confederate Carvings at Stone Mountain Memorial
  115. Audio Emerges of When Paul Ryan Abandoned Donald Trump
  116. Mitt Romney Defends Peaceful Antifa Terrorists – Gets Schooled by Twitter
  117. Gov. Cuomo uses Charlottesville march to push legislation in New York: '
  118. Ann Coulter: When Liberals Club People, It’s with Love in Their Hearts
  119. Trump supporters should always be on the attack...ALWAYS!
  120. Another walking and talking Hollywood illiterati
  121. U.S. Hiding Key Details of Mystery Attacks on American Diplomats in Cuba
  122. Georgia judge suspended for comparing anti-Confederate protesters to ISIS:
  123. DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses Of Visitors To Antifa Website
  124. President Trump Bitch Slaps Prissy Palmetto State Princess Lindsey Graham
  125. Another Reason To Admire Democrat's Loyalty
  126. Apple funds left-wing hate group
  127. That's "Six flags over Texas", not five.
  128. Trump DOJ ends Obama-era 'Operation Choke Point'
  129. Dead Presidents
  130. Woman Who Destroyed Durham Confederate Statue Is A Pro-North Korea Marxist
  131. Today in Bulletmore
  132. Charlottesville Police Come Forward: We Were Told to “STAND DOWN” to Ignite Race War
  133. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Demands Removal of Confederate Names, Busts
  134. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Ex-IT Aide Indicted on 4 Counts
  135. 90-Year-Old Bust of Abe Lincoln Destroyed in Chicago Neighborhood
  136. McAuliffe "Shut things down"
  137. Thousands march in Boston in protest of controversial rally
  138. CNN Publishes Fake Hate List – Targeting Well-Known Christian Groups
  139. CAIR: Remove All Confederate Memorials, Flags, Street Names
  140. State Department Confirms It Welcomed Visit from Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Group
  141. H.R. McMaster-Endorsed Book Calls Jihad Peaceful, Al-Qaida Terrorism ‘Resistance’
  142. Colorado man attacked because of his haircut.
  143. Source: McMaster Fails to Brief Trump Before ‘That’s Too Bad’ Error
  144. During the Campaign, Paul Ryan Told Us to 'Keep President Hillary Clinton Accountable
  145. Trump is not afraid of the sun!
  146. First the history erasers came for Confederate monuments...
  147. Migrants fleeing from US to Canada are being led by fools
  148. Polls Show Trump Cratering?
  149. Trumps AZ rally/speech
  150. Dems want Trump to see a psychiatrist
  151. Dems threaten Bannon over publishing classified info
  152. Republican Senator Lobbied for Mexican Foreign Workers on Friend’s Behalf
  153. Waiting Longer for an Ambulance When Seconds Count? Blame Obamacare
  154. Zombie Hillary Says that Trump Made Her Skin Crawl During Debates
  155. Paul Ryan on Trump’s Speech on Afghanistan Strategy We Can Negotiate with the Taliban
  156. Give up your home (YTs only)
  157. You FUNNY.’ Tweet Obama sent in 2013 about Afghanistan comes back to haunt him hilari
  158. Hilary Clinton’s Pastor Compares Her To Jesus
  159. Rick Perry Wanted to Prove the Obama Administration Killed Coal
  160. Here Are Some Key Ways the Mainstream Media Distorts the Truth
  162. Trump pardons ex-Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
  163. Sebastian Gorka Resigns From Trump Administration
  164. ‘White supremacists by default’: How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible
  165. College Professor Wants to Limit Free Speech - for One Side - Writes in WaPo
  166. Dripping Partisanship at the New York Times. Proven.
  167. Armed Antifa Group Hosts “Our Enemies in Blue” Anti-Police Workshop
  168. ACLU Wants Border Patrol to Stand-Down During Hurricane Harvey
  169. Newspeak marches on.
  170. Paul Ryan Throws in with Leftists to Attack President Trump’s Pardon
  171. Never Trump’ Ex-Bush Adviser Wehner Calls for ‘Shadow Government’ to Undermine Trump
  172. California (or you own description) - the state that keeps on giving
  173. Indiana Teacher Demands Parents Tell Kids to Stop Talking About God in Class
  174. McConnell on Lack of Accomplishments: ‘Welcome to the Democratic Process’
  175. Iran Slaps Down Haley: No One Sees Military Sites Without Ayatollah’s Permission
  176. The future of energy is still coal
  177. FBI says lack of public interest in Hillary emails justifies withholding documents
  178. Illinois Republican Governor Signs Sanctuary State Law
  179. Whose side is the New York Times on?
  180. Proud to be an American!
  181. Report from Houston: FEMA doesn’t want volunteer airboat rescue crews?!
  182. IT Staffer Banned From House Network Months Ago Still Has Active Account
  183. Archbishop Smacks SPLC for Falsely Labelling Alliance Defending Freedom ‘Hate Group
  184. Lawmaker calls out Justice Department on far-left ally
  185. Jeb Bush Begs Donald Trump: ‘Come to DACA’s Defense’
  186. When Obama Monitored Storm Flooding from Martha’s Vineyard
  187. Meet The Wonderful Antifa Members Arrested In Berkeley
  188. Cato Decries Trump’s Extreme Vetting: ‘Will Cost Immigrants Thousands’
  189. Conservatives Blast GOP Plans for Obamacare ‘Bailout’
  190. Justice Stephen Breyer: Second Amendment Not About Keeping a Gun by Your Bed
  191. Obama DHS Secretary Caught Discussing Donald Trump, Visa Case
  192. Why the Media are in a Never-ending Hunt for Right-wing Violence
  193. I saw this on the People's Cube
  194. China accuses mogul of rape in quest to get him out of U.S.
  195. Comey Drafted Statement Clearing Hillary Before Interviewing Key Witnesses
  196. Arizona State Senator: ‘Hypocrisy from the Left’ on Arpaio
  197. The Wisconsin Snake Strikes Again
  198. Awan Asks Judge To Remove GPS, Citing Possible Emergency With Kids In Pakistan
  199. Federal Court Dismisses Entire Justice Department Mosque Case
  200. Judge Smacks Down Menendez Request Halt Criminal Trial During ‘Critical’ Senate Vote
  201. Democratic Lawyers: The crap that keeps on giving
  202. Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Says ‘Maine’s Whiteness Is Bad News’
  203. Is the tide turning just a little ?
  204. Comey takes lecture post at Howard University
  205. Judge Orders FBI To Make Details Of Clinton Email Probe Public
  206. Hundreds Rally in Pennsylvania to Protest GOP Rep. Charlie Dent
  207. Sen. Tillis Pushes ‘Conservative’ Amnesty Bill as DACA Solution
  208. Microsoft Discloses DREAMer Employees in Plea for DACA Continuance
  209. DOJ Looks to Punish Looting, Other Post-Harvey Crime
  210. Trudeau Rows Back on ‘Refugees Welcome’ Quebec Hands Migrants $2.6 Million a Month
  211. Judge orders feds to release details of Clinton email probe after FBI refused request
  212. Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit for Records on FBI Deputy Director, Gov. McAuliffe,
  213. Democrats Who Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline Own Shares in Competing Companies
  214. Tennessee Attorney General Caves on Lawsuit Against DACA, Asks Congress to Pass Amnes
  215. Liberal Parent Bullies Principal into Canceling GOP Congressman’s Visit
  216. Human Rights Watch Director Calls Zionism, White Supremacy ‘Birds of a feather
  217. Jesus was not a Socialist!
  218. California authorities consider classifying Antifa as a street gang
  219. Obama used #DACA applicants to energize special interests, set them up to FAIL
  220. Hillary To Charge Toronto Residents $2,400 To Meet Her On Her Book Tour
  221. Left-Wing Outlets Spread False Story Claiming GOP Official Turned Down Disaster Aid
  222. Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group
  223. Silicon Valley ‘On Edge’ as ‘Lawmakers Target Online Sex Trafficking’
  224. Clinton Health Initiative Spent Only a Fraction of Expenditures Directly on Programs
  225. Kasich offers home for Dreamers in Ohio
  226. Another Rino on DACA
  227. Planned Parenthood Makes DACA Repeal All About Abortion
  228. RINO II
  229. UN Criticizes the United States (Again)
  230. Trump’s DACA move puts Democrats on the spot
  231. Democrats Sick And Tired Of Hillary Clinton's Excuses
  232. Fusion GPS Boss Refused to Answer Basic Questions About Anti-Trump Dossier
  233. Fmr. USCIS Investigator: There’s a ‘Huge’ Amount of Fraud in DACA
  234. Pakistani Gang’s Rape of White Girls Was Not Racist, Says Sentencing Judge
  235. Renowned climate scientist jailed for fraud
  236. Catholic League to Durbin: Ever Questioned Faith of Non-Catholic Nominees?
  237. Texas voter ID law OK for now; appeals court blocks injunction
  238. Kushner Behind DACA Deal
  239. Democrat Bob Menendez Says Corruption Charges Against Him Are Anti-Hispanic Racism
  240. The FBI Has 1,475 Page File on Conservative Site Breitbart
  241. AG Sessions Refuses to Charge Lois Lerner In IRS Scandal
  242. More Than 5,000 Out-of-State Voters May have Tipped New Hampshire Against Trump
  243. Poll Reveals Why Many Students Deserve No Sympathy on Student Debt
  244. Recorded Phone Calls and FOIA Documents Show UVA Police Ignored Call fro assistance
  245. Antifa Has Backed Its Message With Violence for Decades in Europe
  246. Hillary Blames Obama’s Climate Change Rules For Her Campaign’s ‘Biggest Gaffe’
  247. Trump Should Be Concerned": Mueller Partners With "Elite" IRS Investigations Unit
  248. Jared Kushner Helped Top Democratic Senator Lobby WH For DACA Amnesty
  249. Menendez ‘Supporters’ At Corruption Trial Have Undisclosed Ties To Embattled Senator
  250. New York Mayor to Property Owners: Drop Dead