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  1. Remove ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ as national anthem says NAACP
  2. Looking thru the telescope 20 years from now
  3. Sessions to testify before House Judiciary Committee next week
  4. Most Wikileaks Emails Weren’t Even Written Until AFTER DNC Knew It Was Hacked
  5. FBI Provides Necessary Documents to Prosecute Crooked Hillary Clinton
  6. Trump’s DHS Pick Deter Illegal Immigration by Bettering Foreign Countries Economies
  7. Homeland Security Nominee: No Full Wall at the Border
  8. Fusion GPS exec strikes deal to talk about Trump dossier
  9. Donald Trump’s DHS Nominee: Americans ‘Owe’ Amnesty to DACA Illegals
  10. I am Donald Trump and I approve this message
  11. More rights than free speech need protection
  12. Roy Moore’s Accuser Worked for Democratic Leaders
  13. Romney mulling Senate bid: report
  14. Good Grief, Top Senate Democrat Now Accuses Trump of Colluding With China
  15. Dem Rep Accused of Referring to Trump-Voting Constituents as Supporting ‘Bigotry"
  16. Accuser Deletes Anti-Moore Postings from Facebook
  17. Long knives coming for Marine Le Pen
  18. Lawsuit Launched Against Justice Department As Comey’s Testimony Wanted
  19. Obama-Appointed Judge Removed from Russian Investigation Case
  20. Moore Accuser ‘Claimed Several Pastors Made Sexual Advances At Her’
  21. California Gov. Jerry Brown Threatens Protesters With A Dirt Nap
  22. New Report Paints Podesta Poorly As Fusion GPS & Trump Document Involved
  23. America Requires a Better Media
  25. Mueller Investigating Mike Flynn for Alleged Plot to Kidnap Muslim Cleric
  26. Lindsey Graham Calls for Roy Moore to Step Aside but Defends Bob Menendez
  27. Lawmakers give Sessions ultimatum on Clinton-Comey
  28. Judge Roy Moore
  29. Hillary PERSONALLY Overturned Visa Ban for Islamist Figure Now Accused of Rape
  30. Sessions: 'Looks Like' Is Not Enough Basis to Appoint a Special Counsel
  31. Biden: Man Who Shot Texas Terrorist ‘Shouldn’t Be Carrying’ That Gun
  32. Former Biden Secret Service Agent: We Had to Protect Women From Him, ‘Weinstein Level
  33. Establishment Leaders Urge Rush to Huge, Expensive, Open-Ended Amnesty
  34. Mandatory Sex Harassment Training Reveals a Basic Lack of Morals
  35. What do you read? Where do you get your information?
  36. Hillary Clinton Calls Any Attempt To Investigate Her An Abuse Of Power
  37. Flashback Video Shows Dianne Feinstein Railing Against Illegal Immigration
  38. Fusion GPS Co-Founder Leaked Dossier in Retaliation for Comey Reopening Clinton Case
  39. DHS Reverses, Will Accept Some Mail-Delayed DACA Applications
  40. Mitch McConnell Calls for Ethics Review of Franken-No Call Yet for His Removal
  41. Here Are Some Revelations From New Book About The Steele Dossier
  42. Special Counsel Takes Aim, Dozen Trump Officials Targeted As Probe Rages
  43. Judicial Watch: New Clinton Classified Emails Discovered
  44. Green Beret officer - Obama, Hillary, Panetta ordered Benghazi rescuers to stand down
  45. GQ Laughed Off Ted Kennedy’s Sexual Harassment
  46. Fusion GPS Founder Told Congress He Regrets His Research Ended Up In Kremlin Hands
  47. Illegal Alien Not Prosecuted for Assaulting Border Patrol Agent, Says CBP
  48. Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter on North Korea: Obama ‘Could Have Done More’
  49. Panetta: Bill Clinton ‘More Than Paid the Price’ for Lewinsky Affair
  50. The Democreatic spinmeisters are working overtine
  51. Tax Cut Bill to Stop Cash Payments to Illegal Immigrants
  52. Democratic Rep. John Conyers denies wrongdoing after report of sexual harassment...
  53. Oh-Oh... Brady Bribed His Primary-Challenger
  54. Feminists hang themselves on their own words
  55. Conservatives Blast IRS Request to Keep Tea Party Targeting Testimony Secret
  56. Judicial Watch files FOIA lawsuit for Podesta Group records
  57. Bill Clinton Facing Fresh Accusations of Sexual Assault
  58. Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm
  59. Feast on the real reasons for Thanksgiving
  60. Journalist Slams DOJ Attempt To Discredit Informant to Stonewall Uranium Investigatio
  61. Sebelius on Clintons over Sexual Misconduct, ‘Absolutely’Fair to Criticize hillary
  62. Obama Donor Judge: No Sanctuary for American Victims
  63. Democrat Who Accused Trump Of Harassment Now Resigning Over Sexual Harassment Charges
  64. FBI Investigates Democrat Congressman “Falsification” And “Several” Payoffs
  65. John McCain: Illegal immigrants are intentionally causing car accidents (2010)
  66. New Undercover O’Keefe Video ‘Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda’
  67. Who created the Millennial snowflake generation?
  68. Former DNI Director Clapper: Trump's 'Assaults' on Media Are 'Very Dangerous
  69. Hillary: Trump, China should soften up on North Korea
  70. As he investigates Trump's aides, Robert Mueller's record shows surprising flaws
  71. Claire McCaskill Took Action to Hide Travel on Private Plane From Public
  72. Group demands list of lawmakers linked to $17M hush money fund
  73. Is Pocahontas, a racial slur - it depends
  74. Police Departments Are Applying for More Power to Assist ICE with Deportations
  75. 'Blowback': Clinton campaign planned to fire me over email probe, Obama intel
  76. Dem Rep. John Conyers Won’t Seek Re-Election & Hospitalized
  77. Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case
  78. Dem Rep Clyburn Next Up on Sexual Misconduct?
  79. I am a Cherokee woman. Elizabeth Warren is not.
  80. Cop Accuser Implodes in Breitbart Interview, Admits to Making Unsupported Claims Abou
  81. Thousands of Alabama felons register to vote in last-minute push
  82. We Need To Find That Guy": New Docs Reveal FBI Focus On Leaker In Clinton-Lynch Tarma
  83. Clinton Suggests Lauer Scandal ‘Karma’ for Tough Questioning of Her During Campaign
  84. Obama DOJ Lawyer Guilty As Taped Negotiations Show Illegal Sale Of Sealed Intel
  85. White House claims Obama admin approved Flynn calls with Russian ambassador
  86. Flashback January 13, 2017
  87. Jeff Sessions Just Now Realizes Mueller Team Full of Liberal Hacks
  88. Ted Kennedy Made Secret Overtures to Russia to Prevent Ronald Reagan’s Re-Election
  89. Progressives Sound Alarm on Voter Fraud
  90. Emails from key Trump transition team member leaked to press raise more questions
  91. Anti-Trump FBI Agent Fired From Mueller Probe Relied On Russian Dossier
  92. Corrine Brown will be sentenced this morning
  93. Mueller Yanks Comey’s Immunity Deal; Bosses Puts Comey in Danger
  94. Dershowitz: Flynn Plea Is ‘A Show of Weakness’ For Mueller
  95. Alan Dershowitz: Why did Flynn lie and why did Mueller charge him with lying?
  96. Top Clinton Aides Face No Charges After Making False Statements To FBI
  97. Pentagon preparing for transgender recruiting on Jan. 1
  98. Al Franken To Make Major Announcement Thursday
  99. House Intelligence Committee Begins Writing Contempt Resolution for FBI DOJ Officials
  100. Mitt Romney: Roy Moore Would Be a ‘STAIN’ on the Nation
  101. Does William Wilberforce Make the Case for Roy Moore?
  102. John Conyers’ Son Arrested in February, Accused of Stabbing Girlfriend
  103. Special Counsel Member Jeannie Rhee Once Represented Obama Aide Ben Rhodes
  104. GOP lawmakers cite new allegations of political bias in FBI
  105. 'Over 10,000 texts' between ex-Mueller team officials found
  106. President Trump Seizes Even MORE GUNS
  107. House Blocks Obama’s $700 MILLION Annual Terror Support As “Martyr Payments” End
  108. Shock Doug Jones Ad Targeting Roy Moore Slammed as ‘Racist’
  109. Doug Jones Is Done, Guess Why.
  110. POTUS 2020
  111. GOP 34 Demand Christmas ‘Gift’ For 800,000, “Kate’s List” Campaign Answers Back
  112. Justice Department STUNS, Hits Liberal Stronghold With Papers As Investigation Launch
  113. Retiring Dem was funneling campaign funds to his wife
  114. Judge Presiding Over Michael Flynn’s Case Abruptly Recuses Himself
  115. The media's Russia probe meltdown: 3 screw-ups in one week
  116. Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Attended Clinton’s Election Night Party
  117. Former Jeb Bush Staffer Planted Anti-Roy Moore Coverage in Washington Post
  118. 100-page indictment filed against former Dem. senator
  119. FBI Whistleblower: Mueller Lied To Senate Intelligence Committee
  120. Evan McMullin Group Spends $500,000 Against Roy Moore for Making Republicans Look Bad
  121. Democrats Turn On Each Other As Liberal From Nevada Drops BOMBSHELL On Pelosi
  122. Washington Post reporter apologizes for 'bad tweet' after Trump calls him out
  123. GOP Rep. Newhouse on Amnesty: ‘We Owe it To These Young People’
  124. Italian Populists Slam Joe Biden For Claiming Russia Tries To Help Them Win Elections
  125. Mueller's 'Right-Hand Man' on Russia Probe Represented Clinton IT Aide
  126. Justice Official Demoted Investigators Subpoena Records of His Fusion GPS Meetings
  127. How the Deep State is Undermining Trump and the Nation
  128. Bernie Sanders' wife's land deal still under FBI probe; witness recently questioned
  129. Cuomo takes questions by phone as staff tries to plant queries
  130. Judicial Watch ‘I Have Reason to Believe Chairman Nunes Has Been Lied To
  131. Dem Rep’s Former Campaign Aide Pleads Guilty to Paying Opponent to Drop Out
  132. Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for FUSION GPS
  133. McCabe Cancels Testimony, Something "Far More Sinister" With Fusion GPS
  134. Hey! Hey! Apocalypse ...
  135. I know you'll find this weird
  136. Congress Expands Uranium One Probe After Senator Claims Obama Admin Misled Him
  137. Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In 'Deep State' Intelligence War On Trump
  138. FBI Agents Texted About Protecting Country Against Trump
  139. Fusion GPS Confirms Hiring DOJ Official’s Wife To Investigate Trump
  140. The Upside of Moore's Loss for Trump and Republicans
  141. ‘Thousands’ Voted For Doug Jones In Alabama Town With Population Of 2,256
  142. Ladies! What say you here?
  143. GOP Gov. DEMANDS Answers As Liberal Prosecutor Ignores Justice, Criminal Celebrates
  144. Deputy AG Won’t Say Whether The FBI Paid For Dossier
  145. Horrible’ that accuser Paula Jones was able to sue Bill Clinton
  146. Eric Holder Warns Removal of Mueller ‘Will NOT Be Tolerated’
  147. MSNBC Analyst Says It’s ‘Unfortunate’ Voters Shape Public Policy
  148. FBI Edits To Clinton Exoneration Go Far Beyond What Was Previously Known; Comey, McCa
  149. Dem Lawmakers LIVID Over Unauthorized Release of Damning FBI Texts
  150. State Department Made Deal with Hillary Clinton to Keep Call Log, Schedules Secret
  151. A controversial NSA surveillance program used to monitor foreigners was also being us
  152. Feminist Lawyer Lisa Bloom Promised Cash To Trump Sexual Harassment Accusers
  153. Mueller Requests EXPOSED, Investigators Demanded Secrecy As Data Firm Speaks Out
  154. Paul Ryan Sees His Wild Washington Journey Coming to An End
  155. Republicans have votes to pass tax plan
  156. Political Journalists Have Themselves to Blame for Sinking Credibility
  157. Government Shutdown
  158. Group Files Lawsuit Against State As Counties Refuse To Submit, Rolls ‘Questionable’
  159. FBI Releases SECRET EMAILS Showing FALL OUT After Clinton-Lynch Meeting
  160. GOP Rep Dent: DOJ Should Review Evidence on Trump Sex Assaults If It’s Submitted
  161. Rep. Jim Jordan Reveals McCabe, Strzok, Page And Ohr Family Will Be Subpoenaed
  162. Sessions Balks At Second Special Counsel: Says Recent Bombshell May be "Innocent"
  163. Sanders: Corporate Tax Rate Will ‘Absolutely’ Go Up If Democrats Take Back Control
  164. Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents that were already public
  165. Eric Holder Now Calling for National Insurrection if ABSOLUTE RED LINE is Crossed
  166. Another Democrat Congressman Accused Of Sexual Harassment
  167. Modern Feminism is a Disease, and It's Spreading
  168. Wikileaks Comes Short of Saying Seth Rich Was Leaker
  169. FBI And DNC “Lie” Outed As Substitute Provides ZERO Evidence Despite Clinton Plot
  170. Putin 'Knows How to Handle an Asset, and That's What He's Doing' with Trump
  171. GOP tax plan: Senate to vote Tuesday night, House to revote Wednesday
  172. House GOP Establishment, Democrats Rush to Unveil DACA Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
  173. House GOP chairmen ask DOJ to make FBI officials available for interviews
  174. Alabama Secretary of State Investigates Possible Democrat Voter Fraud
  175. CBS Suggests Trump Administration Is to Blame for Deadly Amtrak Derailment
  176. Amtrak line lacked Positive Train Control safety system, official says
  177. Railroad Progress on Positive Train Control Implementation
  178. Rail experts ask why new track in Washington have speed contrtol
  179. Ex-FBI Assistant Director: Strzok Fabricated Information And "Belongs In Leavenworth"
  180. Nikki Haley a fearless and marvelous force at the UN
  181. Democrats Offer ‘License Plate Readers’ in Exchange for Huge DREAM Amnesty
  182. McCabe draws blank on Democrats’ funding of Trump dossier, new subpoenas planned
  183. Congress to Investigate Obama Scheme to Nix Investigation into Hezbollah Terrorists
  184. Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed
  185. A Great Week for President Trump, Utter Failure for the United Nations
  186. 2017 was Trumpism's last gasp
  187. Reinstate the DRAFT
  188. 'This stuff makes my head hurt'
  189. We are alive
  190. Email Evidence From McCabe Indicates Hillary Clinton Was Going to Get an 'HQ Special
  191. Why Christmas Matters
  192. Trannys and courts want it both ways
  193. NBC Tightens Sexual Harassment Rules Following Matt Lauer Mess
  194. Susan Rice Unwittingly Makes the Case Against Globalism
  195. Impeachment of Trump
  196. GOP Senators Press Trump’s Trade Rep. for More Free-Trade-Friendly Directionn
  197. Anti-Gun HuffPo Is Mad That Gun Control Is So Racist
  198. CNN Reporter Falsely Claims Republicans Funded Trump-Russia Dossier
  200. America's Most Amazing Year
  202. House Intel panel subpoenas McCain associate over Trump dossier
  203. Mueller and Comey Held Secret Meeting Before Comey Testified to Congress
  204. Blue-state governors gear up for possible legal fight over GOP tax law
  205. Did Awans Cut A Deal? January Court Date Mysteriously Disappears From Docket
  206. Jailed pervert Anthony Weiner had CLASSIFIED emails belonging to wife Huma Abedin
  207. Deep State Hacks at FBI Executed Search Warrant of Sheriff David Clarke
  208. Take this vid viral!!!
  209. Trump Agenda for 2018
  210. Congressional investigators find irregularities in FBIs handling of Clinton email cas
  211. House expands Russia probe to FBI, Justice use of unconfirmed dossier to snare Trump
  212. Bannon's Bolero
  213. Judge allows House panel to subpoena Fusion GPS's financial records
  214. DOJ gives Nunes access to 'all' documents, sought in Russia probe,
  215. FBI Chief FOIA Officer: "Every Single Memo Comey Leaked Was Classified
  216. Sessions to review practice of immigration judges to set aside cases indefinitely
  217. Jeb Eddy still.... yeah, you know
  218. Minnesota's very own version of Jeb Eddy!
  219. Mueller calls back at least one person in key meeting with Russians at Trump Tower
  220. Shutdown Showdown
  221. Entitlement Kicks in Over Oregon Self-Service Gas Pumping
  222. Oprah would make an exceptional president
  223. Investigators Examining FBI's Strzok and Page Improperly Leaked to Media
  224. DOJ official who hid meetings with dossier figures loses another job title
  225. Huma Abedin backed up her emails to Anthony Weiner's laptop
  226. Government Employees Use Encrypted Messaging On Work Phones
  227. Walls Are Racist: Nancy Pelosi Has Spoken
  228. Fusion GPS Seeks Recusal Of Judge Who Served On Trump Transition
  229. Van Jones: If Oprah runs, ‘she will destroy anybody in front of her’
  230. Fusion GPS Admits They Used John McCain
  231. Joe Arpaio, Ex-Sheriff Pardoned by Trump, Announces Senate Run in Arizona
  232. Jeb! Bush Rallies for President Trump’s DACA ‘Bill of Love’
  233. Rep DeSantis Demands Declassification of All DOJ Docs Related to Russia Dossier
  234. Trump Uses the Media to Bypass the Media, Outs Democrat’s on Immigration
  235. DoD Finds $800 Million In Helicopters, As First-Ever Full-Scale Audit Starts
  236. Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Sworn in Before Her Interview with the FBI
  237. The Liberal Abandonment of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  238. Companies Giving Bonuses After Tax Cut ‘Pathetic,’ ‘Insignificant’
  239. Democrats Expand ‘Dreamer’ Amnesty Plan to Include Millions of Parents
  240. Testimony Reveals Fusion GPS Tried to Kill FBI Clinton Investigation
  241. President Trump is in ‘excellent health,’ examination went ‘exceptionally well'
  242. Dick Durbin wanted to End ‘Chain Migration’ in 2010, Now Says its Racist
  243. Lindsey Graham to Americans: Your Country Belongs to the World
  244. New Department of Justice Release
  245. Starving People in Socialist Sh*thole Attack and Kill Cow in Field and Eat It
  246. GOP Congresswoman Tells Republicans to ‘Grow a Pair
  247. Nunes charges 'abuse' of government surveillance by FBI and Justice officials
  248. Flashback: That Time Dick Durbin Made Up A Story About A GOP Leader Insulting Preside
  249. FBI aware of Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved nuclear deal
  250. Obama called this African nation a “sh*t show”