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  1. Dimbulb Democrat Dick Durbin Once Compared U.S. Soldiers to Nazis
  2. Retired SEAL Erik Prince: ‘Some Places Are S***holes. Literally’
  3. An Open Letter to President Trump
  4. The Full Transcript: Ben Rhodes and Samantha Power
  5. From Resistance to Nullification to What Next?
  6. Twitter Suspends Ohio Republican Congressional Candidate –
  7. When Durbin Asked the IRS to Silence Karl Rove
  8. Trump dossier probes now include possible State Department involvement
  9. FBI Probe Into Uranium Bribes Concealed By Obama DOJ; Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein
  10. The Immigration Plan Congress *Should* Send to Trump
  11. "OUT!"
  12. Sen. Dick Durbin: I’m Working ‘Full Time’ for DACA Illegal Aliens
  13. Lawmakers wanted Clapper prosecuted … now
  14. Bannon will do interview with special counsel, avoiding grand jury...
  15. President Trump Announces Winners of ‘Fake News’ Awards – (FULL LIST)
  16. Of Crudeness and Truth
  17. Fusion GPS Founder Admits He Didn’t Believe Trump Was ‘Suitable’
  18. FBI investigating whether Russian money went to NRA to help Trump
  19. House Intel Panel Votes To Release Proof of FISA Program Abuse
  20. Comey to take position at college teaching ethics class
  21. Mindless Moonbat Democratic Governor
  22. McCain Associate Who Handled Dossier Asks Judge To Seal Deposition
  23. Comey Desperately Tries to Distract From Damning FISA Memo –
  24. Firm Behind Trump Hoax Dossier: We Generate a ‘Solution’
  25. Comey Desperately Tries to Distract From Damning FISA Memo
  26. White House targets filibuster, calls for 'nuclear option' as shutdown enters day 2
  27. More texts turned over from FBI agent taken off Mueller team
  28. Senior Democratic Staffer: ‘We Do Not Care About Anti-Semitism’
  29. McCain Throws Republicans Under the Bus on Government Shutdown
  30. Women's Marches draw large crowds on second day
  31. Lindsey Graham just learned the hard way never to mess with Tom Cotton
  32. George P. Bush: Confederate Heroes Day Should Not Be a Texas Holiday
  33. Newly released texts between ex-Mueller team members suggest they knew outcome
  34. Never Trumper Think Tank Blames Russian Bots for #SchumerShutdown Hashtag
  35. Schumer: Deal reached to reopen government
  36. The Beginning of the End of the Progressive Democratic Party?
  37. Mueller interviews Sessions, why now?
  38. FBI Director Chris Wray replaces James Rybicki, Comey-era chief of staff
  39. Dem Rep Himes - Evidence-Less Conspiracy’ to ‘Fuel Mouth-Breathers Like Sean Hannity’
  40. American Accounts — Not Russian ‘Bots’ — Behind #ReleaseTheMemo Trending
  41. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wants McCabe Gone at FBI, but Director Wray Is Resisti
  42. JUDICIAL WATCH: ‘FBI Director Mueller Helped Cover Up Fla. 9/11 Probe’
  43. Trump says he wants to talk to Mueller, would do so under oath
  44. Kerry to Abbas confidante: 'Stay strong and do not give in to Trump'
  45. Keep The Filibuster, Limit The Damage Congress Does To Americans
  46. California: A Growing Threat to the American Republic
  47. Pelosi Proves She Wants To Pay As Little As Possible In Taxes
  48. Missing Text's "Found"
  49. Grade School Promotes Gender Confusion with Unicorn,and PORN for children at age 4
  50. Schumer, Pelosi Ask Americans to Defer Their Dreams for Those of Illegals
  51. CIA Dir. Says Trump Understands Briefings Better Than 25-Year Intel Vets
  52. Hillary Clinton: #MeToo, meet #SoWhat
  53. Photographer Admits Burying Picture He Took of Obama With Farrakhan
  54. Obama’s DOD Gave Security Clearances to Contractors Charged with Felonies,
  55. Jeb Bush: Trump's 's---hole countries' remark is 'racist'
  56. Justice Department withholds majority of FBI texts
  57. Wynn resigns as RNC's finance chairman
  58. Media Ignorance on Capitalism Hurts Low-Wage American Workers
  59. Mueller's staff reportedly interviewed at least one Facebook worker in Trump probe
  60. the ‘James Bond’ behind the dossier let a Putin pawn do all the work
  61. FBI chief has stepped down
  62. Graham: FISA memo should not be released now
  63. Obama’s Intelligence Director TURNS ON HIM
  64. Nancy Pelosi’s backstabbing plan for the State of the Union
  65. One year GLOATFEST
  66. This Bothers Me
  67. You Don’t Need $25 Billion For a Wall,’ ‘We’re Not Going to Build a 1,900-Mile Wall’
  68. The Justice Department working hard for the american people
  69. Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns Democrats Set To Wage “Scorched Earth Campaign
  70. Liberals Brand NY Times a ‘White Supremacist Paper’
  71. More "justice" from the justice dept
  72. 2018 SOTU Thread
  73. Asian republicans attend the Safari Night Ball
  74. State of the Union Unveiled the Democrats Last Night, the Media Today
  75. Fitness app's location data unveils secret American military bases around the world
  76. Trey Gowdy Leaving
  77. Ambitious Shrew Kirsten Gillibrand Claims Term ‘Chain Migration’ is RACIST Slur
  78. Morning Joe's Rant
  79. Cory Booker: Releasing the Nunes Memo Could Be ‘Treasonous’
  80. FBI Director Wray "Shocked To His Core" By FISA Memo, McCabe 'Removed' Next Day,
  81. The State of the Union stats don’t lie: Americans are turning against Trump-hating ce
  82. Tomi Lahren apologizes after calling Joe Kennedy 'little limp dick'
  83. Church, Military and National Anthem Are Part of a “Bygone” Era
  84. Claire McCaskill Declares That The Country Is In A ‘Constitutional Crisis’
  85. After Obama-Farrakhan Photo New Footage Emerges Of Democrats Hugging Farrakan
  86. Photo catches Dem playing Candy Crush during State of the Union
  87. Trump's Genius Strategy - Extreme Slogans Set Agenda and Debase Opposition
  88. Here it is, GroundHog Day
  89. Intelligence memo released: What it says
  90. James Clapper States “Clinton-Steele Dossier” Was Used for FISA Surveillance
  91. Robert Mueller Requests Postponement of Gen. Michael Flynn’s Sentencing
  92. Questions About 'Rights' of Not Citizens
  93. Media Spins Damning House Memo Away From the CONTENT
  94. Judicial Watch Sues for Russia Collusion FISA Documents
  95. NO BIAS: PolitiFact Hires Fully Insane Former Congressman To Help Fact-Check
  96. John McCain releases statement shredding GOP for release of FISA abuse memo
  97. Anti-Trump FBI officials sought 'to get around' rule to keep texts
  98. IRS finally admits it targeted Israel-related groups, apologizes
  99. Steve King’s Memo Warning: ‘Watch Closely for Barack Obama’s Fingerprints’
  100. Judicial Watch Sues for Russia Collusion FISA Documents
  101. Fmr. Mueller-appointed FBI bigshot vows ‘ticked’ FBI will get revenge on Trump
  102. Rating Politifact Objectivity: Pants on Fire False
  103. Another boost for the released memo
  104. Sen. Grassley BUSTS the FBI Trying to Suppress Release of New Steele Dossier
  105. More words of wisdom from Adam Schiff
  106. John McCain is at it again
  107. Another memo! Clinton to Shearer to Winer (Dept. State) to Christopher Steele
  108. Fewer Americans support the LGBT agenda, survey shows
  109. Christopher Steele fails to show up in British court
  110. Documents Reveal Obama State Department Provided Classified Records
  111. Hillary: 2016 Defeat aCombination of ‘Misogyny’ Caused by Globalization, Sexism
  112. Help Me Figure Out This Cake Case
  113. FBI Director Chris Wray Declassifies Large Portions of Grassley Memo (Link to Memo)
  114. President wants a massive military parade in Washington
  115. Congress has a racism problem
  116. Carter Page was a member of the Clinton administration Transition Team 1992-1993
  117. Inspector General Sent Lost Strzok-Page Text Messages BACK TO DOJ –
  118. The Fusion GPS-baby body parts connection
  119. Name The One Law You'd Change or Add.
  120. Dear Mrs. Pelosi: Let Me Tell You About The Crumbs I Get Thanks To The New Tax Cuts
  121. FBI - Sharp as a beachball
  122. Uranium One informant makes Clinton allegations to Congress
  123. DOJ Official Who Worked On Clinton, Russia Investigations Steps Down
  124. John McCain Got His Copy Of Anti-Trump Dossier Directly From Fusion GPS
  125. The second shutdown is over
  126. WSJ Columnist: Why is the Media Ignoring the Real Bombshell FISA Memo?
  127. White Privilege
  128. Democrats Are Desperate For Win In Florida Special Election
  129. Comey FORCED to tell Congress about Weiner emails because DOj found them
  130. More hot water for Peter Strzok and Lisa Page
  131. Black lil girls hacked up by DACA MS13 Democrats mad Trump is trying to stop it
  132. Black lil girls hacked up by DACA MS13 Democrats mad Trump is trying to stop it
  133. John Podesta's Cure for Climate Change: Government in Charge of Your 'Family Planning
  134. Name an Issue You DON'T care about (That Most people do).
  135. Fusion GPS in the West Wing--Incestuous
  136. Mike” is Out – Michael P Kortan Quits FBI…
  137. I Fed Oppo Research from Sidney Blumenthal to Christopher Steele
  138. U.S. Spies, Seeking to Retrieve Cyberweapons, Paid Russian Peddling Trump Secrets
  139. CNN: DACA Illegal Aliens Promising to Self-Deport if Amnesty Fails
  140. John McCain Associate Received Trump Hoax Dossier Directly from Fusion GPS
  141. Rachel Brand, No. 3 Justice Dept. Official, Stepping Down
  142. Former GOP lawmaker: Time to get rid of Jeff Sessions (video)
  143. GOP Ignores Scandals, Keeps Funding U.S. Citizenship-for-Investment Visa
  144. New App for special people
  145. "Boycott the Republican Party"
  146. Devin Nunes: WE KNOW AG Lynch and Secretary of State Kerry Were Aware of Dossier
  147. How Come It Wasn’t Fascist When Chuck Schumer Wanted A Military Parade?
  148. Barack the Brick-Thrower
  149. Rather Not Have A Paper Trail” Top Dem Texted Russian Oligarch Lobbyist
  150. DACA Recipient Slams Dems Using ‘Dreamers’ As ‘Pawns’
  151. Take the 'Racist Xenophobe' Quiz
  152. Liberal Groups Mobilize Against Trump’s First 9th Circuit Nominee Photo of Kevin Dale
  153. Former Top State Department Official Implicated in Conspiracy to Oust Trump
  154. Ex-Obama Official Marie Harf on Trump Dossier: ‘We Thought It Was a Funny Salacious
  155. FBI’s Lisa Page to Peter Strzok: ‘I Truly Hate’ Pro-Lifers
  156. CIA Laundered Clinton-DNC Dossier Into White House Intel Briefing
  157. Democrats Defended Sen. Sherrod Brown Against Wife Abuse Claims
  158. Six Ways the GOP Is Trying to Lose the Amnesty and Immigration Fight
  159. Michael Savage: Pelosi and Democrats Are Saying ‘Whiteness Is a Crime’
  160. Uncovering Collectivism
  161. Hello Blue Florida
  162. Judge Jeannine Knows the Jig is Up
  163. Susan Rice Sent An Email To Herself
  164. Hillary-Obama connection
  165. More than a third of all US ex-cons who can’t vote live in Florida. Why?
  166. The democrat 2020 bench - JV team?
  167. Obaba official porrait "artist" - Warning disturbing images
  168. Justice Ginsburg: ‘Macho Atmosphere’ and ‘Sexism’ Caused Hillary Clinton to Lose 2016
  169. Senior Obama Adviser Convicted of Sex Crimes Took Photos, Videos Up Women’s Skirts
  170. Mueller Hired Yet Another Democratic Donor - A Former HuffPost Contributor
  171. Comey Held Secret Obama White House Meeting Before The Inauguration
  172. DHS Debunks NBC Fake News Claiming Russia ‘Penetrated’ Election
  173. Chinese New Year Celebration with Elaine Chao
  174. California School Bans “Racially Insensitive” National Anthem at Assemblies
  175. Democrats’ Filibuster Blocks Senate Immigration Debate
  176. DHS slams McCain-Coons ‘skinny’ immigration deal for major flaws
  177. Eric Boehlert After Florida School Shooting: How Much Money Did NRA Take from Russia
  178. Future and Current Illegals Get Amnesty Via Bill Backed By Schumer, 8 GOP Senators
  179. Jeff Sessions ‘Outright Racist’ for Praising ‘Anglo-American’ Legal Traditions
  180. DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife’s Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials
  181. 18 School Shootings in 2018!!!!!!
  182. Peace Cops Official annd steered contracts
  183. Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Andrew Weissmann Busted for Withholding Evidence
  184. Utah GOP chairman takes a jab at Romney's ability to represent the state
  185. Mueller Indictment Shows Russian Trolls Also Promoted Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein
  186. Comstock’s Dem Challenger Raised Nearly Half Her $1 Million War Chest in California
  187. All 4 DACA bills fail in senate
  188. Lindsey Graham Lashes Out at DHS Criticism
  189. Mueller’s Investigation A Farce: Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls
  190. Ted Cruz Did Interview With CNN – Aired None, Then Attacked Him For Not coming on
  191. Sen. Chuck Grassley Folds Again: Open to Gun Control Discussion
  192. Paul Ryan ‘Couldn’t Be Happier’ Mitt Romney Is Running for U.S. Senate
  193. Indictment: Russians also tried to help Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein presidential campa
  194. Judge Jeanine Piro
  195. Alan Dershowitz Just Claimed Unchecked Liberals Pose ‘Far Greatest Danger
  196. Here's The Truth About Trump Revoking Gun Checks On The 'Mentally Ill'
  197. Jill Stein Says Media And Democrats Were The Real Meddlers In 2016 Election
  198. President Trump endorses Mitt Romney for Senate
  200. Global Progressives Pushing “Assault-on-Marriage” Bill In Florida
  201. Media Start To Second-Guess Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’ Conspiracy Theory
  202. Trigger warning! Political commentary and controversy inside.
  203. CNN’s Chris Cuomo Melts Down After Spreading Fake News About AR-15 Purchase
  204. Mother of Exploited Shooting Survivor Turns Out to Be A CNN VIP & Anti-Trump Activist
  205. Florida Scuttles Legislation That Could Actually Stop School Shootings
  206. CNN Srikes Back
  207. REPORT: Mike Flynn Moving To Withdraw Guilty Plea. Here's Why
  208. Trump Threat: ‘I Am Thinking About’ Pulling ICE out of California
  209. John McCain Associate Invokes the Fifth to Avoid Testifying on Trump Hoax Dossier
  210. Planned Parenthood Targets Minors For Transgender Treatment
  211. DOJ Says Atty. Gen. Used Alias to Conduct Official Business to Protect Security,
  212. What The Democrats Left Out Of Their Memo
  213. Axios: Trump pushing to have personal pilot run FAA
  214. the truth about Florida
  215. Billionaire Steyer Complains American Politics Corrupted by ‘Dollars and Donors’
  216. Gotta Love Those Lawyers
  217. His Repugnancy (Malloy) has more wisdom from the mount
  218. Dianne Feinstein Claims Getting Shot By A Handgun Is Like Being Stabbed By A Nail
  219. Nothing to see - just another possible anti-Trump snake
  220. Obama-Appointed DOI Official on Leave After Probe of Grants Tampering
  221. CPAC Panelist Booed: ‘Mexicans Coming Across Border’ Are ‘Conservatives’
  222. So now we know for sure
  223. The poinsettia pansey talks about DACA
  224. Donald Trump Frustrated with ‘Disgraceful’ Jeff Sessions Decision on FISA
  225. Texas Dems to DC “Keep your paws off”
  226. Will John Kasich Sell Out the Second Amendment and Ban ‘Assault Weapons'?
  227. : Ingraham Blasts Durbin for 'Tired Trope' About Jobs Americans Won't Do
  228. Doing Jobs that Americans Don't Want To Do
  229. Trump's Tariff On Steel
  230. Inspector General Horowitz to Accuse Andrew McCabe of Improper Leaks to Media,
  231. It was the Russians
  232. More cover-up questions
  233. Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case
  234. Conservative GOP Faction in Utah Affirms Rule that Could Disqualify Mitt Romney
  235. Bernie Sanders Fined For Illegally Coordinating With Australian Labor Party
  236. Mueller’s Focus on Adviser to Emirates Suggests Broader Investigation
  237. Trump Targets MS-13, a Violent Menace, if Not the One He Portrays
  238. DOJ Investigating Illegal Leak of Michael Flynn’s Phone Call
  239. Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons, votes to arm teachers
  240. Italy Votes Populist, Anti-Immigration
  241. Gary Cohn and Paul Ryan Leading Last Ditch Campaigns Against Trump Tariffs
  242. Anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok Ignored Evidence of Hillary Server Hack
  243. OSU prof goes on anti-Republican tirade in class
  244. Why did Trump Win?
  245. Conundrum
  246. Democrat Governor Calls NRA a ‘Terrorist Organization’
  247. Pelosi slams California ICE raid as 'unjust and cruel,'
  248. House Investigators - 112 Bank Transactions And Records Were Withheld From Them
  249. State pot laws vs fed pot laws
  250. Top State Official: Taliban Jihadists Have ‘Legitimate Grievances’