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  1. Trouble in Paradise?
  2. GOP wants Obama to veto omnibus
  3. Videos of all speeches at CPAC
  4. Truth Be Told, Obama too Often Isn't Telling the Truth ,Oliver North
  5. St. Louis riverfront draws rally against Obama stimulus plan
  6. How to be a Progressive/Democrat in 3 easy steps!
  7. Anti-stimulus tea parties light up Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and social media
  8. “What ACORN is trying to do is change the very core of what America is
  9. "It's About Time To 'Retire' The Old RINOs !"
  10. Where the $200,000+ Crowd Lives-- The liberal states most affected by the tax hike
  11. Secret Bush memos made public by Obama
  12. "None Of These Liberal Bums Pay Their Taxes, Just The 'Little' People !"
  13. Rush v. Steele - Cagematch!
  14. Blago Can't Stay Out of the Limelight: Signs Six-Figure Book Deal
  15. Frigid Temps, Six Inches of Snow Meet Global Warming Protestors at Capitol
  16. High income taxpayers cut back production
  17. Is America Being Deliberately Destroyed,Is it deliberate? Yes, of course, it is!
  18. Penn - Imbecile on Politics
  19. Russia will not abandon Iran for missile defense
  20. A note to lurking Liberals regarding Gary Condit...
  21. Geithner: Obama to fight international tax dodgers
  22. Democratic Revolt May Slow Obama Agenda
  23. MPs' fury as U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy gets honorary knighthood
  25. "Kathleen Sebelius Queen Of The Pro-Abortion Catholics.
  26. Do you know how your congressional representatives are voting?
  27. Dem Proposes Barbie Ban.
  28. 22 Georgis legislators fail to pay taxes.
  29. Obama Gifts Brit PM With Cheapo DVD Movies.
  30. Obama Intel Chief Has Troubling Foreign Ties
  31. "Honk if you're paying my mortgage"
  32. N Korean missile could reach Hawaii, Alaska
  33. What are “the People” Thinking As 546 Political Pigs Destroy their Nation?
  34. Omnibus still one vote short
  35. The Great Non Sequitur... Charles Krauthammer
  36. White House Census plan gets counted out
  37. Two US Treasury candidates withdraw: report
  38. Obama lied and the market died!
  39. Clinton Flubs Russian Gift.
  40. Don Siegelman "disappointed, but not discouraged"
  41. Pennsylvania CUers. Pat Toomey for Senate in 2010.
  42. $410B budget pulled off floor,$200,000 for a tattoo removal program
  43. Civil Rights Lawsuit on Behalf of "Joe the Plumber"
  44. "The Rats are in a Rage, 'Rush Slurs Canonized Saint Ted Kennedy ' "!
  45. Smarter Than Any Democrat
  46. Democrats nearly double Limbaugh's audience
  47. Did you feel it? The political ground shifting beneath President Barack Obama
  48. Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown
  49. Obama, Un Oeuf De Oie, is Just Not that into Governing
  50. " Shummer Refuses To Support School Voucher Program For School Kids !"
  51. "It's Getting Very Dangerous For Cops Or Federal Troops In Mexico ."
  52. Why does Smart Grid need to be implemented within 60 days
  53. Great news: Obama fumbled Brown visit because he’s in over his head (The Messiah)
  54. Republican Assemblyman Faces Intimidation Via Dead Goat
  55. Obama hints at talks with Taliban!!!
  56. Is Kim Jong il gonna do it?
  57. "Our New Amateurs In the Department of State and The White House !"
  58. “Why don’t you mind your goddamned business?” Michelle Malkin
  59. Florida lawmakers ask: Can we tap prepaid college tuition fund?
  60. Tired, Frustrated Obama Inspires Zero Confidence, Scares Millions Rush Limbaugh
  61. "China Is Testing Obama To see how far it Can go With This America ?"
  62. Who Leads the Democrat Party: Rushbo
  63. Dealing with Obama regime ‘unbelievably hard’ says mandarin
  64. Obama to Sign Spending Bill, Plans Earmark Reforms
  65. Pelosi One.
  66. N.J. Governor Corzine to middle class: Drop Dead
  67. Mr. President, Time to Rein In The Chaos
  68. Clearwater, Florida combats constitutional rights and fish
  69. Obama, Geithner Receive Failing Grades From Economists in Survey
  70. "Just Who in Hell Does this Old Broad Think that She is The POTUS ?"
  71. Margaret Hamburg to head the FDA (Her picture tells all )
  72. We never saw THIS coming....!
  73. China Shoves - And Bam Blinks
  74. U.N. Secretary-General Calls U.S. a ‘Deadbeat’ Donor, Sparking Republican Complaints
  75. Wikileaks: A New George Soros Funded Enterprise !
  76. A North Carolina judge has over stepped his bounds.
  77. FBI searches DC government office, arrests 2
  78. Racial-profiling inquiry stems from immigration sweeps
  79. Senators slam plan for wounded vets to use private insurance
  80. The White House Misfires on Limbaugh by teh Rove
  81. Obama's new computer chief, Vivek Kundra on leave after FBI raids
  82. Obama's speaks again of a National Civilian Security Force
  83. Israel agrees to free all 450 Hamas prisoners for Shalit
  84. Europeans wanted Barack Obama. They may have got more than they bargained for.
  85. "Another Bama Nomination Backs-Off If a Flurry Shakey Vetting Problems !"
  86. The Freeman Appointment and the Israel Lobby
  87. Geithner-Obama Economics: A Joke That's Not Funny
  88. California's Wet Dream
  89. If this be treason, make the most of it.Channeling the Young Patrick Henry
  90. D.C. archdiocese hedges on Communion for Sebelius
  91. The Pleasures Of Reading Words From a First Class Mind
  92. 10 biggest RINOs
  93. Bolton: Obama Turns on Israel, Hillarys State Department :A Gift For the Mullahs !
  94. Paying the Chinese Piper .
  95. News Bulletin: Obama, Biden,Pelosi and Reid were recalled and sent packing.
  96. I'm depressed … but preparing,13.6 percent
  97. Lawmakers trash the Constitution's Fourth Amendment .
  98. More than a bad day: Worries grow that Barack Obama & Co. have a competence problem
  99. The Next Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu envisions 'major' war in coming months
  100. Two months into his presidency and it's the End of the Honeymoon
  101. Manchurian Candidate Wasting America
  102. [Vice President] Cheney dismisses idea that Limbaugh is bad for GOP
  103. Oberkle
  104. Is Obama stupid or just evil?
  105. Pelosi goes to bat to keep Bay Area papers alive
  106. “We’re the owner of the company" said House Committee Chairman Barney Frank
  107. My Weekly Date with a Liberal - Date #2
  108. This Is Downright Comical, And Infuriating.
  109. 6,000 Angry Letters Delivered to Congress and White House.
  110. New Illinois Governor proposes raising state income tax by 50%
  111. "We want an enumeration. We don't want to have any false numbers."
  112. Do You Want These Men As Your New Neighbors?
  113. Obama Was AIG's Friend Before He Was Their Enemy
  114. Pelosi Ricks Rolls Self Or Cats In Bizarre Video.
  115. Third Party Supporters Eyed As Subversives.
  116. Drunk in PUB-LIC
  117. Watch this video, Heed his advice
  118. We The People . . . Stimulus Package
  119. Light shed on AIG as a political cash cow ,Outrage over bonuses puts focus on senator
  120. Video - Jon Stewart rips Obama on wounded-vet policy
  121. Pelosi: Enforcing American immigration law is un-American (with video)
  122. Dodd facing fresh political firestorm
  123. "Resolution Authority" To Seize Businesses.
  124. The Knock On The Door - Lona Manning
  125. Soros, Dell Join Flowers in Purchase of IndyMac
  126. Pelosi Pushes 90% Tax...And I Actually Agree With It!
  127. Merged thread: Leftists are hypocrites? Say it isn't so!!
  128. Obama's Peace Offering To Iran
  129. Will The Dollar Vanish?
  130. Deval Patrick slams ‘trivial’ pursuits: Dismisses attacks over hires, raises
  131. Letter: Mission to dumb down nation accomplished
  132. RNC outraises DNC in campaign contributions.
  133. 2012 Election: Sarah Palin Crushed by Barack Obama
  134. Banker fury over tax “a McCarthy witch-hunt”will send us back to the stone age .
  135. Barney Frank is a Homo: Antonin Scalia is a ‘Homophobe’
  136. Kerry seeks asylum for gay man wed in Mass
  137. Are Congress and Obama Deliberately Inciting a New US Civil War?
  138. Barack Obama’s micromanaging of banks, businesses and governors alarms
  139. ACORNS largest voter fraud in American History,Hired by Department of Commerce
  140. "Lets see If We Can Shut This Guy Up With The U.S Marshals ?"
  141. 'WE will hunt you down!" thundered Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.)
  142. Pro-Life Leader to Notre Dame: Cancel Pro-Death Obama
  143. Spread of swearing video caps Rangel's tough week
  144. A Presidential Wake-Up Call
  145. Phone Numbers
  146. Administration Seeks Increase in Oversight of Executive Pay
  147. Ramos, Compean Say Prayers Held Them Up
  148. Anger and Panic At Goldman Sachs Over 90% Tax
  149. Welcome to Green Hell, Where You’re All a Bunch of Slaves
  150. Obama says treasury secretary's job is secure
  151. Is this the end of America?World watches, the circus-like U.S. political system
  152. Who's 'Hitler' now?
  153. "Dodd Says He isn't Going No Matter What They Say !"
  154. "Sen. Dodd's Re Election Troubles Have The Progressives In Congress Very Nervous !"
  155. "The Congress Has The AIG'S Virus !"
  156. Every day more Republicans say they'll run against U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter
  157. "Congress Totally At Odds With The U.S. Financial Sector,Open Revolt Next !"
  158. Demand Obama, Pelosi, Dodd and Schumer Give Back their AIG Bonus
  159. Queerly Beloved:Frank: Retention Bonuses Are Extortion .
  160. A class-warfare crazed government mob is running amok
  161. Friendly Fire: NYT Hits Obama
  162. GOP-led House defeats resolution honoring Obama (Georgia)
  163. Charlie Rangel ,Tax Cheat in Even More Tax Trouble
  164. Cracking Down on Tax Cheats
  165. "If Sebeliusas Defies the Archbishop and continues to receive Holy Communion ?"
  166. First Step Towards Hyperinflation in the US...
  167. Geithner Wants Power, Power, Power!
  168. News flash! Embryos Aren't Fertilized!
  169. Obama defends budget as essential to recovery
  170. Anybody watch Obama's press conference???
  171. The Devalued Prime Minister of a Devalued Government (great video)
  172. Obama's Treasury's Top Candidate to Run TARP Drops Out
  173. Those Republicans Running Congress
  174. Make Celebutards Share The Wealth!
  175. Obama's pick for No. 2 spot at EPA withdraws "'Nobody wants to work with this bum ."
  176. Time For The Supreme Court To Overturn McCain-Feingold.
  177. "Murtha's Getting "Hammered' on Blackfive.net ."
  178. OPEC Engineered Obama’s Harvard Admission
  179. Geithner wants control of even those unregulated companies
  180. Do you know the real Rahm?
  181. Pelosi House Health Plan will Include Government-Run Option (Update2)
  182. "Why Isn't This Turd In Jail With the Rest of the Tax Dodging Liberals ?"
  183. Simple Solution for Mexico Border Violence: Send in the Military.
  184. Demonizing Individual Republicans: First Limbaugh, Now Rove
  185. "The Liberal Voice of The Obamatrons,Stop Saving Now !"
  186. “Just as Powerful, Just as Strong, Just as Well-Funded” as the U.S. Military."
  187. Report: Reid Says Roberts 'Didn't Tell Us the Truth'
  188. George Soros,“I’m an expert in crises,” he says.
  189. State Senator Erik Wells took on the state's two teacher unions
  190. JCS Chairman: North Korean Rocket Could Reach Hawaii .
  191. The Obama-Matic (TM) Content-Free Euphemism Generator
  192. Cardinal Nicholas DiNardo Condemns Notre Dame Scandal !
  193. "Here we Go Again,How Many of This Crew Owe Back Taxes ?"
  194. "This Guy is a certifiable moron why not find Osama bin Laden and offer him a job ?"
  195. Russia plans military force to patrol Arctic as 'cold rush' intensifies•
  196. Watching For Supreme Surprises [Obama's Final Act of Socialism Awaits]
  197. How/Why Geithner Became Secretary of the Treasury
  198. The AfPaki Attack: Will Political Correctness Castrate it Before it Begins?
  199. .......................
  200. Obama - Top Secret
  201. The 19th Amendment, An Emotional Outburst that Melted the Brains of Logic.
  202. White House entourage of 500+ staff to Europe... Developing...
  203. Congress Forced To Watch Training Video
  204. Obama,From Catastrophe to Not so Bad? [Victor Davis Hanson]
  205. A Digital War has Broken Out, and the Conservative Movement is Losing.
  206. McCain Supports Palin For President
  207. Soros the Billionaire, Obama the Hypocrite
  208. Who 'Works' Obama the Puppet? Follow the Money
  209. A Single electromagnetic pulse (EMP) Nuke Could Destroy America
  210. Obama’s False Choice
  211. Look who crawled out from under his rock.
  212. AFL-CIO pledges votes for Specter
  213. Follow the Bailout Cash
  214. Did They Think We Wouldn't Notice?
  215. Glenn Beck Slams Connecticut AG on Fox News
  216. Government bailout explained in pictures
  217. Hillary, Sharp As a Banana, and God in Mexico City
  218. Wall Street Bets Obama Will Fire Bank CEOs Next (video)
  219. Jimmy Carter's Spirit of Notre Dame. May, 1977.
  220. "The Connection Between ACORN and AmeriCorps ."
  221. Conservatives Are Terrorists!
  222. " Congress Has Lost It's Mind .Barney Fag's On A Roll !"
  223. "If I'm corrupt, it's because I take care of my district."
  224. "All Hail the Imperial Federal Government of the United States."
  225. A Rookie President
  226. Let’s Nip The Liberal Talking Points On This In The Bud!
  227. Liberal/Progressive Talking Points 1960 to Present
  228. Another tax cheat
  229. Where is our next Thomas Jefferson ?
  230. Sen. Chuckles (The Smuck) Schumer’s Economic Crisis Hypocrisy
  231. Obama's 18 Auto Task Force Members Own TWO American Cars!!
  232. Hundreds of Iowans thrown out of public hearing
  233. Obama is right: It's time for change
  234. "The U.S. Schleps Along With Barney Towards Socialism "
  235. Senate Legislation Would Federalize Cybersecurity
  236. Victor Davis Hanson: President Obama’s First 70 Days. It really does all make sense
  237. The Shut Up and Swallow Congress
  238. Federal Case Dropped Against Ted Stevens
  239. Video,Taxpayers Kicked Out of (Iowa) Capitol During Tax Debate
  240. Tobacco regulation bill up for vote Thursday
  241. Obama Gives Queen Of England iPod.
  242. Tim Tebow To Head The Republican Party?
  243. Obama bows down to Saudi King
  244. Reporters Call Clinton, Reach Phone Sex Line Instead
  245. Earmark computer overloads
  246. So How Does the Great One do Without his Beloved Teleprompter?
  247. The Difference Between Obama's greeting to an Episcopalian and to a Muslim.
  248. They called it the "Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act."
  249. Obama's Political Attack Machine:
  250. RNC targets GOP senators