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  1. Gillette Parody (staring Covington kids)
  2. Pelosi To Block Trump's SOTU Address Despite Government Reopening
  3. The National Review and the LSM
  4. An interesting tweet from POTUS
  5. Texas finds 95,000 non-citizen registrations and 58,000 illegal votes.
  6. Meghan McCain: I Hate America Without My Father’s Leadership
  7. Two Marches, Two Americas
  8. Today's polemic from Zero cubed
  9. Jeff Flake Lands Job as CBS News Contributor, Won’t Run in 2020
  10. FBI Ignored Major Lead on Clinton Emails, Closed-Door Testimonies Suggest
  11. They Democrats were probably cheering for the Illegal Aliens
  12. Pa. Dem governor accused of blocking bombshell report over 11,000 illegal immigrants
  13. Fusion GPS Had Nellie Ohr Digging for Dirt on Trump Kids in 2016
  14. Rep. Ilhan Omar calls for sharp tax increases on the wealthy...
  15. Clinton Foundation behind recent ABORTION legislation in NY, VA and elsewhere
  16. YEARBOOK: Ralph Northam In Blackface & KKK Photo
  17. More strange doings at the DOJ
  18. Clown News Network identifies Democrat racist governor as a Republican!
  19. FOX News Contributor Dan Bongino: I Was Sent Northam Blackface Pics in October 2018
  20. VA delegate Kathy Tran cancels NoVA appearance amid infanticide, KKK scandals
  21. What's Wrong With This Picture?
  22. Nick Sandmann: The Truth in 15 Minutes
  23. Woman accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax of sexual assault...
  24. It seems that WaPo lied about Ruthie Ginsberg being out on the town
  25. Melania Trump Invites Kid Who Is Being Bullied Because His Last Name Is Trump
  26. Neo Cons at work
  27. Gov. Cuomo Falsely Blames Trump for New York’s $2.3 Billion Budget Shortfall
  28. Congress Votes To Secure Borders For NATO Countries
  29. CNN Anchors Demand Americans Stop Wearing MAGA Hats
  30. 2020 Dem candidate Marianne Williamson floats $100 BILLION for reparations
  31. Democrats block Senate bill requiring medical care for babies that survive abortion
  32. Virginia Democrat Government: Two men in blackface and a sexual abuser
  33. A closer look at Dem reactions to the SOTU--with sound effects
  34. Washington Post Deliberately Buried Its Own Elizabeth Warren Bombshell
  35. CNN Had A Copy Of Stone’s “SEALED” Indictment Before Him Or His Lawyers
  36. Joe Biden 1975 Flashback: Segregation Is Better for ‘Black Pride’
  37. Flashback: Jimmy Kimmel In Black Face (Video)
  38. Louie Gohmert rule
  39. Spartacus: Compares the Green New Deal to Fighting Nazis, Moon Landing,
  40. Second woman accuses Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault
  41. The second Fairfax accuser told her friends when the alleged rape happened
  42. ICE agents arrest at least 30 at Sanford manufacturing plant
  43. VA election Feb 19th: VA Democrat Ibraheem Samirah Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Posts
  44. 2019 NFL Draft First Offensive Line pick criticizes Jared and Ivanka
  45. democrat freshmen gone wild
  46. Pelosi's Brother-in-Law Received $737m Taxpayer Money for Failed 'Green' Project
  47. Antifa Thug On Trial for Attacking Marines Has Connections to Washington Democrats
  48. William Barr, from unanimous Democratic support to none
  49. Ninth Circuit Sides With Trump on Border Wall
  50. People in NM are getting really mad now
  51. Negotiators say they reached an agreement in principle to avert shutdown
  52. Trump's approval rating among likely voters soars to his best in 23 MONTHS at 52%
  53. Kamala Harris says she listened to Snoop Dogg, Tupac while smoking weed in college
  54. More collusion ?
  55. The New Green Deal is here
  56. BETO O’Rourke ‘Really Excited’ About Green New Deal
  57. Ocasio-Cortez Disavows the Green New Deal’s FAQ After It Becomes a Mockery
  58. Sen. Bennet, Worth Millions, Says Income Inequality Most Pressing Issue in America
  59. There. Was. No. Russian. Collusion.........PERIOD.
  60. Why Mitch McConnell holding a vote on the Green New Deal.
  61. Wither Minnesota?
  62. Ocasio-Cortez Living in Luxury Navy Yard Apartment Building
  63. Decepticon McConnell Caucus Presents Trump the Take-It or Leave-It Border Compromise
  64. California kills 73% of bullet train, keeps 100% of taxes
  65. Gavin Newsom Cuts Jerry Brown’s Twin Tunnels to One
  66. Deported Sex Offenders Continue to Exploit Incomplete Border Walls
  67. Unfortunately this will never happen
  68. Klobuchar: Unemployment Is Too Low, Government Should Import More Workers
  69. Dem Who Grilled Whitaker on Gambling Backed by Lobbyists Tied to Internet Gambling
  70. Comey’s excusing himself again for refusing to prosecute an obviously guilty Hillary
  71. So where is Pelosi's 'speedy' teen-molestation investigation of Rep. Tony Cardenas
  72. NY’s Cuomo Meets With Trump to Whine About New Yorkers Moving to FL
  73. McCabe says he ordered obstruction probe on Trump in order to preserve Russia...
  74. Legal Immigrant Angel Mom in Pelosi’s Office: Why Are Illegal Aliens ‘Placed in Front
  75. Democrats Slip “Poison Pill” into Border Security Plan
  76. Trump will sign funding bill, declare a national emergency, McConnell says
  77. William Barr confirmed as attorney general
  78. Here are the Republicans who voted to gut interior enforcement...
  79. Twitter Bans User Who Claims Ocasio-Cortez Hired Boyfriend As Congressional Staffer
  80. How Congress and President Obama Made Trump’s Wall Possible
  81. Maxine Waters Calls for Rallies Across America to Send Trump a Message...
  82. McCabe can’t back-pedal fast enough from bombshell ‘coup’ comments
  83. Cuomo blames other NY Dems for Amazon exit as AOC celebrates
  84. Nancy Pelosi wishes reporters 'Happy Thanksgiving' -- on Valentine's Day!
  86. Democrats vote against notifying ICE when immigrants fail firearm background checks
  87. Worse than Amazon: Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion just went bust
  88. Schiff Mueller Findings Won’t Be Enough
  89. Ocasio-Cortez Delivers ‘Inaugural Address’: ‘Right to Migrate’ Not Negotiable
  90. Another skeleton crawls out of Ilhan Omar's closet
  91. Quote of the Day :D
  92. For the Record, Obama Made Mincemeat of the Constitution
  93. Latest Photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg From Last Week Was Actually Taken in November
  94. Reporter Andy Ngo: The List Of Fake Hate Crimes Is Pretty Long
  95. Andrew McCabe Claims He Told ‘Gang of 8’ About FBI Trump Probe, None Objected
  96. Billboard in Times Square just for Ocasio-Cortez,
  97. Coast Guard officer accused of wanting to kill Democrats and journalists...
  98. sell ‘useless’ Montana to Canada
  99. The Smollett Family Business: Acting and Activism
  100. Elizabeth Warren’s Comments On Racism, Oddly Underreported, Fail Again
  101. Smollett indictment has Dems suddenly supporting 'presumption of innocence'
  102. Sanders: Breadlines Are ‘A Good Thing’
  103. IRS Analyst Charged for Leaking Michael Cohen’s Bank Records
  104. Elizabeth Warren Backs Slavery Reparations
  105. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caught in SLEAZY sex and money scandal
  106. Larry Hogen to Take on Trump in 2020?
  107. George W. Bush Center Slams Trump’s Plan to Boost Jobs for U.S. Graduates
  108. Anti-Trump letter’s 58 ‘bipartisan’ signers are mostly Obama officials
  109. Is this legal
  110. Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, team detained in Venezuela
  111. Senate fails to pass bill protecting infants surviving abortion
  112. United Methodist Church Delegates Defeat Bid To Ease LGBT Bans
  113. Michael Cohen will testify that Trump knew Roger Stone talked with WikiLeaks...
  114. Trump ‘More Time in Vietnam’ than ‘Da Nang Dick’ Blumenthal
  115. Candace Owens Drops Bomb – Michael Cohen Approached Her to Lie About ‘Racist Trump’
  116. The Mind Of Jamal
  117. CPAC 2019 - Fight On
  118. List Of The Eight Republicans Who Voted For Gun Control
  119. Lynne Patton: Michael Cohen turned on POTUS because Mueller threatened his wife
  120. Trump’s DHS Extends ‘Temporary’ Amnesty for 300K Foreign Nationals
  121. Democrats wheel out an 'Illegal Immigration Stimulus Act' for 2019
  122. NBC Admits Hillary Clinton Protected pedophiles and sexual abusers as Secretary ...
  123. WaPo publishes op-ed defending socialism written by Barnard College Professorette
  124. The REAL story behind AOC, Tlaib and Omar
  125. Newsom’s shorter California bullet train plan likely to run out of money
  126. Kamala Harris: I Forgot My AG Deputy Abused Women
  127. More GOP Dirtbags Plan to Vote Against Trump’s Border-Wall Emergency
  128. House Democrats announce broad probe into allegations of obstruction of justice
  129. Former FEC Commissioner Says Ocasio-Cortez And Chief Of Staff Could Face Jail
  130. Well, If That’s What Her Constituents Want
  131. AOC syndrome
  132. Thomas Sowell warns U.S. may not resist siren song of socialism
  133. The Russian fairy continues
  134. Nancy Pelosi Defends Ilhan Omar: Not ‘Intentionally Antisemitic’
  135. Today's Vidkun Quisling Award Winner
  136. Ocasio-Cortez Says Dozens of Her Dem Colleagues Are Racists, None Push Back
  137. Not even a good excuse
  138. Leftists rage when judge hands down ‘light’ Manafort sentence...
  139. House votes in favor of illegal immigrant voting
  140. Ilhan Omar: Obama’s a ‘pretty face’ who got ‘away with murder’
  141. Lying from The FBI - say it ain't so
  142. Fusion GPS
  143. Trump Climate Panel Could Expose Huge Fraud, Hence the Hysteria
  144. The New Davos Gospel, Democratic Socialism Rescues Capitalism
  145. Ocasio-Cortez: State Of America Is 'Garbage,' Reagan Pitted Whites Against Minorities
  146. Hickenlooper: Capitalist or Socialist Labels Are ‘Silly’
  147. Ocasio-Cortez’s failed company is a tax deadbeat
  148. Say it ain't so
  149. DNCC Chooses Milwaukee For Party Convention.
  150. ‘I’m not for impeachment,’ Pelosi says, potentially roiling fellow Democrats
  151. Rep. Rashida Tlaib at a Cair, fund raising banquet
  152. Gov. Gavin Newsom to stop death penalty in California
  153. Lisa Page: Obama DOJ Ordered FBI Not to Prosecute Hillary Clinton
  154. White House: No TPS Asylum Relief for Venezuelans
  156. Representative Doug Collins Releases Congressional Transcript of Peter Strzok…
  157. Bruce Ohr I Told FBI Chris Steele Was ‘Biased,’ ‘Desperate’ to Defeat Trump
  158. President Donald Trump: Paul Ryan Blocked Subpoenas of Democrats
  159. Dirty Dozen Repubs Stab Trump in Back
  160. AOC style logic is spreading
  161. Sanders cuts head on shower door, receives 7 stitches
  162. AG Barr Defends Trump in Oval Office ...
  163. Pelosi: Border emergency fight is about Trump, not presidential powers
  164. Steele admits he used posts from random individuals on CNN website for Trump dossier
  165. Court files reveal role of McCain, associate in spreading anti-Trump dossier
  166. Jeb Bush says a Republican should challenge Trump in 2020
  167. Backstory: How Reuters uncovered Beto O'Rourke's teenage hacking days
  168. The Democratic Party’s Anti-Semitism Problem Is Obama’s Legacy
  169. Bruce Ohr Revealed Political Operatives Got The FBI To Investigate The NRA
  170. WHOA! Obama’s Brother Questions Michelle Obama’s Gender – “Is Michelle Michael?”
  171. ‘Beto' was born to run -- as whatever you want him to be
  172. The Boy Who Inflated the Concept of ‘Wolf’
  173. Washington state will keep Trump off the ballot unless he releases tax returns
  174. Trump Should Be Giving Public Speeches Defending Muslims
  175. Usual Suspects Crybaby over GOP’s ‘Racist’ O’Rourke Mugshot Tweet
  176. Biden Opposed Quotas in 1975—and He Was Right
  178. Baltimore Mayor Resigns From Board That Paid $500K For Her Books
  179. Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attack
  180. Tennessee Democratic Party chair apologizes after calling state racist
  181. Fact-Checker Who Falsely Accused Disabled Veteran Of Being Nazi Hired By NYU J-School
  182. Gillibrand’s Plan to Give Social Security Benefits to Illegal Immigrants
  183. Judge says Trump cannot implement transgender military policy
  184. Omar Voted Against Bill to Let Insurance Companies Deny Payouts to Terrorists
  185. Nunes Defends $250 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter First of Many'
  186. Trump orders alien biometric IDs, dump 466,000 Obama green cards
  188. FBI Was Able to Recover Some of Hillary's emails
  189. Samantha Bee Ranks Dems Running in 2020
  190. Mueller report is just the start of a new Russia showdown
  191. Democrats holding a post-Mueller Conference Call today
  192. Foxtrot FOX
  193. Joe DiGenova on the Mueller Report
  194. Judge Tosses Gun Control Law, Rules That Town Cannot Enact Ban
  195. SPLC Implodes: President And Legal Director Resign
  196. Southern Poverty Law Center ‘Ripping Off Donors,’ Former Staffer Says
  197. Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone
  198. A New Mental Illness, Collusion Delusion
  199. We should all be celebrating the collapse of Hillary’s big lie
  200. LGBTQ groups: Student vets 'jeopardize' well-being of students
  201. Paul Joesph Watson on the Media after the Mueller Report
  202. Dershowitz On Obstruction of Justice (short video)
  203. I found this strange.
  204. Freshmen House Democrats departed the Capitol on buses moments ago ..(Obama Involved)
  205. McConnell blocks resolution calling for Mueller report to be released publicly
  206. Mueller Madness: The media pundits who got it most wrong
  207. And so it begins
  208. Trump Stops Taxpayer-Backed Mortgages for Illegal Aliens
  209. DOJ Concludes Obamacare Unconstitutional
  210. Fourteen Republicans voted with Democrats to end Presidents national emergency
  211. Biden criticizes 'white man's culture' as he talks violence against women
  212. DOJ LEAK Reveals Mueller Finished Trump-Russia Probe MONTHS BEFORE 2018 Elections
  213. Trump: I Plan To Declassify And Release All FISA Docs
  214. U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens to Population this Year
  215. Hannity, Don Jr., and RUSH!
  216. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested members of Congress should get paid more
  217. Black Candidate Bans White Reporters From Covering Event
  218. Emanuel: Smollett hoax is Trump's fault
  219. Hitler finds out the Mueller Investigation is Over
  220. White House in disarray: Trump's victory lap clouded by chaos
  221. Flake: Better for a Dem to win in 2020 than Trump
  222. Obama Judge Decrees That Obama’s Decisions Are Permanent
  223. Fox hosts respond to AOC likening 911 deaths to hurricane Maria
  224. Federal Judge Rules on Comey Memos – Release Clean and Unredacted
  225. Journalism Dies in Self-Importance
  226. Democrats Begin Subpoena Process for Mueller Report, Trump Aides
  227. Berkeley law school dean: Trump's free speech executive order is 'unconstitutional'
  228. Remember how McCain denied anyone on his staff distributed the dossier to media?
  229. Jeh Johnson on the Border: ‘We Are Truly in a Crisis’
  230. Omar blames flow of illegals on 'white nationalism'
  231. AP Claims Beto Spoke to Crowd in ‘His Native Spanish’
  232. Mike Lee's Velociraptor Machine Gun Reagan Speech
  233. Behind and beyond the Mueller Investigation
  234. Comey says he fears possible counterinvestigation after Mueller report
  235. Beto: As President I Would ‘Absolutely’ Sign Slavery Reparations Bill into Law
  236. Beto reveals what His First Order As President Would Be
  237. Inslee Calls Parts of the Country ‘Non-Enlightened’
  238. FEC Complaint Filed Against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  239. NYT Has a New Way of Describing Inappropriate Touching,
  240. Just the FBI being the FBI
  241. Michael Cohen offers Democrats new evidence against Trump in bid to delay prison
  242. The New Yorker "How Climate Change Is Fuelling the U.S. Border Crisis"
  243. White House Says Mueller Report Must Be Kept Private Because It’s So Exonerating It W
  244. A Democrat who actually thinks?
  245. Is Colorado only about getting high and skiing now?
  246. In Iowa, Bernie Sanders says states should allow felons to vote from behind bars
  247. THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL – The Truth About The Invasion of America
  248. How to have a controversial speaker on a college campus.
  249. California Judge Blocks White House Plan To Return Some Asylum Seekers To Mexico
  250. FISA Abuses to Spy on Trump Campaign Being Investigated – Report Out in May or June