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  1. Because Clowns Are Racist (Apparently)
  2. The FBI strikes again
  3. Coulter crosses the line.
  4. Once again "Another One Bites the Dust"
  5. History's Going To Ask...
  6. Trump says he is considering putting migrants in sanctuary cities
  7. Mayor Buttigieg Runs for President While His City Bleeds
  8. Mayor Pete Buttigieg sorry for saying "All Lives Matter"
  9. Federal judge compares Trump to KKK ...
  10. CBS Drama ‘The Good Fight’ Tweet with ’Assassinate Trump’ ...
  11. Former Hillary Staffer Working To Shape The News Cycle Over Kavanaugh's 'Misconduct
  12. Second Amendment Is Not an Absolute Right’
  13. Booker Admits Releasing Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Would "Make Us Less Safe"
  14. 'Closed-Door' Meeting Between Rep. Ilhan Omar and Turkish President Erdogan
  15. Hypocrite mush
  16. ‘Sanctuary city’ mayors say they want asylum seekers
  17. Master Beto Hits North Carolina with ‘Bathroom Bill’ Memories
  18. Yuma Mayor Declares Emergency Because Of Illegal Aliens
  19. Mayor Butthead Will Make You Bake the Cake
  20. On The Issues
  21. Democrats outraged as Trump team shapes Mueller report rollout
  22. The Latest: Barr: Trump not invoking executive privilege
  23. Today's Beto ravings
  24. Former Al Gore Chief of Staff: ‘Mueller Wimped Out’
  25. CNN: Mueller Found ‘a Ton of Collusion,’ Only ‘Sophisticated’ People See It
  26. Lara Logan on the lame street media
  27. GOP Fears Mueller's Collusion Bias Lives On in Final Report
  28. Joe DiGenova rips this FakeNews bitch a new asshole!
  29. Mike Huckabee rips Romney--well deserved
  30. Who is the most disgusting politician in DC?
  31. Watch: 8-Year-Old Girl Skewers Ocasio-Cortez with Perfect Impression
  32. The Mueller Report: Read it for yourself
  33. We are pleased to announce a new conservative social network under construction: Hard
  34. Second Scope Memo – Rosenstein Authorizes Mueller to Target Michael Flynn Jr…
  35. Pete Butthead Serious about Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change
  36. Mueller footnote #1991?
  37. These people make AOC look like a rocket scientist
  38. Hairass on Allowing Boston Marathon Bomber to Vote from Prison
  39. Iowa's longest-serving GOP lawmaker joins the Democrats because of Trump
  40. Connolly threatens to jail Trump officials who won't comply with subpoenas
  41. FBI raids Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's City Hall office
  42. Anita Hill Says ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Not Enough
  43. Glass Housewife
  44. Illinois Gov. Pritzker Under Federal Investigation for Property Tax Appeals
  45. Rod Rosenstein Rips Obama Administration for Hiding ‘Full Story’ of Russia Meddling
  46. Opinion Rhapsody
  47. O'Rourke calls for ethical farm-to-table restaurants in every community
  48. O’Rourke Likens U.S. Immigration Laws to Slavery
  50. Single Greatest Twitter Burn Ever
  51. Pete Buttigieg Sexually Assaulted Me
  52. Rosenstein resigns effective 5/11
  53. Trump Organization and Trump family sue Deutsche Bank to prevent it from complying wi
  54. Censorship much
  55. Activists Pressure Mastercard Stockholders to Censor ‘Far Right’
  56. Gov. Recall Petition Approved, Hundreds Mobilized to Get Signatures
  57. Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down, Says VA Problems Are a ‘Myth’
  58. Pelosi accuses Barr of committing a crime by lying to Congress
  59. Solomon: Nellie Ohr Has Been Referred to DOJ for Criminal Prosecution….
  60. New Details Emerge About Connection Of Bidens To Ukrainian Corruption Scandal
  61. NY Times admits that FBI spied on Trump
  62. BREAKING: Special Counsel Mueller “deeply disturbed” by Pelosi accusations
  63. Facebook bans 'dangerous individuals'
  64. A "Must Watch" Dan Bongino podcast
  65. 'Stop, hey...what's that sound? All the fetuses are in the ground!' ...
  66. So it wasn't the Russian's fault hillary lost afterall...
  67. High School History Book Teaches Kids That ‘Mentally Unstable’ Trump
  68. Alabama Democrat on Fetuses: ‘Kill Them Now or You Kill Them Later’
  69. Blaming America First: Omar claims the US, not socialism, caused Venezuela's 'devasta
  70. Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Resigns In Aftermath Of Children's Book Scandal
  71. Cohen: If Barr Doesn’t Comply, ‘No Other Alternative’ But Using Sergeant at Arms
  72. Dems Ask Question on Supreme Court. Instantly Regret it.
  73. This is who is in charge in Washington DC?!?
  74. Trump asserts executive privilege to keep full Mueller report SECRET from Congress..
  75. CO Students Walk Out of 'Vigil' for Classmate After Dems Turn It into Gun-Control...
  76. The strange greatness of Donald Trump
  77. Washington Post Falsely Calls Terrorist Supporter a "Human Rights Activist
  78. Mueller report contains claim Russia taped Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica
  79. I Will Take health Care $$ From Citizens/Give Them to Illegal Aliens
  80. Should President Trump be impeached???
  81. Mike Huckabee on Twitter mentions sending rumors of using Gitmo for Deepstate
  82. IG Horowitz Has 'Concluded that the Final Three FISA Extensions Were Illegally...
  83. Joe Biden: Immigration hardliner
  84. Rat bastard Ds and NeverTrump Rs endanger National Security
  85. A female president is coming soon, just not in 2020
  86. Barr Appoints U.S. Attorney To Investigate Russia Probe Origins
  87. Mike Gravel declares
  88. Why the origins of the (fake) dossier need to be investigated
  89. Trump to announce huge merit-based immigration overhaul Thursday
  90. Coup Leader Barack “Milhous” Obama makes Nixon look like an amateur
  91. Bombshell: Media Blackout As DOJ Announces Obama Accepted At Least $21.6 Million ...
  92. FBI-CIA Dispute Erupts Over Whether Comey Or Brennan Pushed Steele Dossier
  93. GOP Rep. Amash becomes first Republican to call for Trump's impeachment
  94. The left's newest icon
  95. The democrats approach to "get" President Trump in a picture...
  96. Trump Thumps Wallace & Fox
  97. Rep. Elijah Cummings Accused of Pay to Play
  98. Loretta Lynch denies telling James Comey to call Clinton email probe a 'matter'
  99. McCabe: You’re darned right I ordered the Code Red on Strzok
  100. Rod Rosenstein Coins James Comey as a ‘Partisan Pundit’
  101. Breaking. Declassifying Documents.Trump sends out memo
  102. Terrible economic news
  103. The hammer’ surveillance system whistleblower, became the deep state’s enemy ..
  104. EU results coming in ...
  105. St. Comey would never do this
  106. Mueller speaks about the Russia investigation
  107. 4 Factors Why The Uranium One Investigation Has Gone Nowhere
  108. Hillary Clinton to serve as keynote speaker at cyber defense summit
  109. Confirmed: U.S. Attorney John Huber NEVER started the ‘Spygate’ probe ...
  110. Donald Trump is like a 20th-century fascist, says Sadiq Khan
  111. Why the UK Suddenly Is Suffering from a Physician Shortage
  112. How Did Russiagate Begin?
  113. Beyond Jussie Smollett: Police Union Rep Condemns the 'Obscene' Anti-Police Corruptio
  115. ISIS plotted to smuggle terrorists into the US over the Mexico border to launch terro
  116. Fox News crosses the line on Joe Biden
  117. Italians out Joseph Mifsud as intelligence asset of CIA, FBI and British. Heads roll.
  118. White House Invokes Executive Privilege In Census Fight With House Democrats
  119. POTUS points out that Warner and Schiff did not report foreign info to the FBI
  120. Texas town "Sanctuary City of the Unborn"
  121. Victor Davis Hanson: Why Are the Western Middle Classes So Angry?
  122. Gibson's Bakery awarded 33 million in damages against Oberlin College: Tucker Carlson
  123. Flashback: Jerry Brown, Biden and other Dems refused to accept Vietnamese refugees
  124. Migrants complain of poor conditions at US holding centers
  125. Race, The Jury And The Harsh Verdict Against Oberlin College
  126. Why 33 Million wasn’t enough for Oberlin
  127. Check me on this
  128. Stolen from another obscure source
  129. Man nabbed for Bronx rape allegedly said she ‘deserved it’ for ‘slavery’
  130. Liberal citizen journalist finds ‘thousands’ of fake Twitter accounts for Biden
  131. Warren, Clyburn to Introduce Bill to Forgive Billions in Student Loan Debt
  132. " Calling All Cars... ! "
  133. Pete Butthead Endorses Federal ID for Illegal Immigrants
  134. Kevin McAleenan DHS secretary who dined with Fake Jake Tapper leaked ICE raids
  135. Google exec: We are aimed at 'preventing the next Trump situation'
  136. Cali's Gov. Newsom puts out a video for illegals on how to obstruct ICE
  137. School Officials - Trump’s Migration Reforms Redirect Funds to American Chidren
  138. Beto to black leaders: We need to protect 'people from their country'
  139. Joe Biden Links Trump Presidency to Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  140. Tlaib Says Her Constituents Want to See 'Direct Payment' as Reparations
  141. Mueller to testify publicly on July 17 following a subpoen
  143. 'Unmasker in Chief' Samantha Power spewed anti-Trump bias in government emails
  144. Inventing Victimhood: Universities too often serve as “hate-crime hoax” mills
  145. 'He lost the election': Jimmy Carter says Trump an illegitimate president
  146. Dr. Dobson's Visit to the Border
  147. Rep. Matt Gaetz will press charges in ‘milkshaking’ incident
  148. Pat Sajak Strikes Again: Demolishes Dem Debate With One Tweet
  149. Canadian cartoonist loses job after illustration of Trump went viral
  150. Lawmakers, including Ocasio-Cortez, lash out over conditions following border facilit
  151. House Democrats file lawsuit to obtain Trump tax returns
  152. Hispanic pastors tour border facilities,
  153. Red Hen Owner Sides with Server Who Spit on Eric Trump
  154. Cory Booker brazenly escorts 5 migrants across U.S. border
  155. Biden expresses skepticism of Democrats' leftward tilt and AOC's mass appeal
  156. Obamacare lets insurers hide abortion charges
  157. Planet Earth: The Swamp
  158. MSNBC and CNN Are Trying to Spin the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal Against Trump
  159. Megan Rapinoe to Trump: 'Your message is excluding people'
  160. AOC is a moron
  161. Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?
  162. Iranian boats attempted to seize British tanker
  163. Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It With Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility
  164. Mississippi Politician Refuses To Be Alone With Women Not His Wife. Why That's Smart
  165. AOC surprised to learn that being a congresswoman involves work
  166. Omar’s in charge, tells press: We will no longer ‘allow’ you to asks Muslims...
  167. “F*ck Them”: Fox 10 Host Responds to Bosses Who Asked Her to Hide Her “Right-Wing” ..
  168. New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar's marriage history
  169. Rep. Gaetz speaks out after receiving threatening messages
  170. Feds end investigation into Trump Org and hush money payments
  171. House bucks Trump’s transgender troop policy in defense spending vote
  172. Obama Said Crime And Poverty Are Not Qualifiers For Asylum
  173. In Trump’s First Two Years, Border Deaths Declined
  174. Rural White Americans’ Are Bigoted, Not Grateful Enough
  175. Viodeo: Send Nikki Haley "Back where she came from"
  176. Miss Michigan stripped of title over 'offensive' social media posts
  177. Flashback: Nancy Pelosi in 2008
  178. Trump was right all along about Puerto Rico,
  179. Our database of police officers who shoot citizens reveals who’s most likely to shoot
  180. We don't need no stinkin' truth
  181. Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters 'on a Massive Scale'
  182. The Mueller Circus thread
  183. Michael Moore to Democrats that said trust Mueller: 'STFU'
  184. Andy McCarthy's biggest takeaway from Mueller: 'Inconceivable' he ran the investigati
  185. Police witness: Georgia legislator is the one who told man to “go back”
  186. NYT Hints: Mueller Aide Aaron Zebley Was Actually Running The Russiagate Probe
  187. Google Punishes Whistleblowing Engineer with Administrative Leave
  188. ABC’s Holstein: ‘Who Cares’ About Trump Voters
  189. Supreme Court rules Trump can use military funds for border wall construction
  190. Willy Brown's Little Whore is at it again....
  191. Dem senator makes big announcement he’ll unfollow Trump on Twitter
  192. Gavin Newsom - calling Trump's wall wasteful
  193. Rat Photo-Bombs Reporter's Live Coverage of Baltimore's Decay
  194. ACLJ Obtains Obama DOJ’s Immunity Agreements with Hillary Lawyers Cheryl Mills and...
  195. No Joke: Babylon Bee Sics Lawyers On Snopes Over “Fact Checks”
  196. Baltimore Ranked in Top 10 ‘Rattiest Cities’ by Pest Control Experts
  197. Rep. Cummings In 1999: Baltimore A ‘Drug-Infested Area’
  198. Joe diGenova: “Declassified documents will be released
  199. Hillary supporter warns Congress Google manipulated millions of votes
  200. Former Baltimore Mayor You Can Smell the Rats’
  201. Solomon On Hannity Radio Show: It appears Comey is going to walk for leaking
  202. The Disappearing Texans
  203. Iraq war vet Chris Kelley challenges Ilhan Omar for seat in Congress
  204. Guess who?
  205. Court rules - law enforcement CANNOT enforce immigration laws
  206. Do not condemn the phantom "white surpremacy"
  207. Nicolle Wallace: Trump Is 'Talking About Exterminating Latinos'
  208. Rep. Joaquin Castro tweets names, employers of Trump donors in San Antonio
  209. CNN can't help itself
  210. Typical union these days
  211. Nadler presses ahead with impeachment probe as Pelosi keeps door open
  212. HURRY! See This Before Twitter Removes It!
  213. List Of Clinton Associates Who Died Under Mysterious Circumstances
  214. More mentally deranged democrats
  215. Newark’s Water In Crisis: Officials Claim Former Mayor Cory Booker ‘Left A Mess’
  216. Hillary Clinton’s emails were sent to a cryptically named Gmail address
  217. Huge!… mueller team lied!
  218. No big deal, just a simulated assassination of President Trump ..
  219. Recent Mass Shootings And Attempted Mass Shootings
  220. Bill Maher has principles
  221. Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Middle America
  222. Beto: ‘We’ll Lose America’ If Trump Stays in Office
  223. FBI Blocking Release of Unredacted Text Messages Between LPage and Strzok
  224. RBG Underwent Cancer Treatment 3 weeks ago.
  225. David Axelrod warns Supreme Court vacancy fight could 'tear this country apart'
  226. Now it's Trump's fault that he's not aging like the other presidents.
  227. Taylor Swift’s Father Deactivates Facebook Account ...
  228. Another RINO scheme
  229. Court declares Obama’s EPA “Waters of the United States Rule” unlawful
  230. Search: Carter Heavy Industry
  231. Google Buried True Meaning of Covfefe
  232. Butthead: Boasts of ‘More Executive Experience than Trump or Pence
  233. More Beano blathering
  234. Beto's Campaign Claims Breitbart Reporter Ejected to Protect Black Students
  235. Catalina Lauf
  236. Beto: If Elected, I Am Going To Confiscate Your Semi-Auto Firearms
  237. Why This Christian T-Shirt Printer Has Unlikely LGBT Allies
  238. Fired top FBI official Andrew McCabe to headline Pa. Democrats’ fund-raiser
  239. South Dakota Democratic Party closing all remaining offices
  240. Chris Hayes Constitutional Scholar
  241. Straight pride struggles to catch on
  242. Rep. Jordan Demands DOJ Inspector General Testifies About Comey’
  243. Unable To Find A Buyer, Think Progress Shuts Down
  244. Lee, Romney Propose Legislation to Prevent Trump from Diverting Funds to Border Wall
  245. Bernie Sanders’ Population Control Will Target Black Communities
  246. Where Are Rosenstein’s Scope Memos to Robert Mueller?…
  247. Obama Failed to Respond to Iran Bomb Plot on U.S. Soil
  248. WaPo, NYT: Contra CNN, Trump Was Not The Reason CIA Exfiltrated Asset From Russia
  249. California Judge Puts National Block on Donald Trump’s Asylum Reform
  250. The U.N. is flying and busing migrants through Mexico back to Central America