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  1. Rush's fans have rights, too .
  2. Contemplating the latest "Progressive" Demand Saying, "Is This a Hill Worth Dying On?
  3. Liberals & Limbaugh [Left Goes Beserk]
  4. Why is the government refusing repayment of TARP money?
  5. "We've all failed if we cannot deliver for the American people," Pelosi said. "
  6. ," Obama said. "The United States is not and never will be at war with Islam.
  7. UK Launches One-Year Program to Archive EVERY E-mail!!
  8. "Slow Joe Biden Throws First Pitch to Thunderous Booing at Orioles-Yankees Game !"
  9. Asking the left hard questions is a right wing attack - life according to Barny Frank
  10. Anti-Pork Computers
  11. Seven Reasons Why the GOP Comeback Will Begin in 2010
  12. Minnesota's Shame: The wholesale disenfranchisement of absentee military voters.
  13. The Pig Book: [$1,117,125 for Mormon crickets, requested by Sen. Harry Reid........]
  14. Jewish Harvard Student Takes On Barney Frank Over Economy, video
  15. Barack Obama Rejects Normandy Trip To Avoid Offending Germany [Is Your Blood Boiling?
  16. " As a Prepared Journalist,msnrc's Schuster Blows an 'F' ."
  17. " Europe had Been "Sucking' on the American Tit for 60 + Years."
  18. Harry Knox,Obama’s Appointee, Says Bible Teaching on Homosexuality Is ‘Not True’
  19. Transparency Killer at HUD: Another Disastrous Obama Nominee,Michelle Malkin
  20. Obama's TV Habits...
  21. Family of Men Slain by Illegal Sue SF Over Sanctuary Law
  22. Gay Groups Invited to (White House) Easter Egg Roll
  23. "Here We Go,China Doesn't Want them So Now they Try To Dump them On Us !"
  24. "No Wonder The Liberals Are Scared Crapless Of This Fine American Lady."
  25. "it Wasn't A Bow It Was Just A Very Deep Lean !"
  26. The Tide Is Turning!
  27. 3 STRIKES AT VATICAN (Vatican keeps rejecting Obama ambassador picks)
  28. Now, hillbillies! Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes.
  29. "Obama's 'Peace Police' to take on Freedon Of Speech !"
  30. U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton resigns
  31. It's Your Country Too, Mr. President
  32. Biden puppy purchase leads to HELL for PA woman
  33. Weekend Opinionator: A Different Sort of Red America,Tobin Harshaw
  34. America’s Not a Christian Nation—and I’m a Fat Black Lesbian Who Hates Hunting
  35. "The Liberal Mind is a thing to behold,Did this Old ACLU Hippie Forget Her pledge ?"
  36. "Queerly Beloved Taxachusetts needs Your Help/Money, Pay Up !"
  37. "We Need to Get the Hot Tar And Feathers Ready For Use Any Day Now !"
  38. "The Natives Are Getting Restless Obama,What Should We Do ?"
  39. Obamas host first White House Gay and Lesbian Egg Roll
  40. "Obamas Adminstration's Attempt to Claim Credit for the Rescue ."
  41. "The 'Boston Swimmer' Endorses Water Dog For Obama ."
  42. Poll: What grade would you give Barack Obama on his presidency so far?
  43. "Obama Lifts Parts of Cuban Ban,travel, cash flow OK !"
  44. "They are Trying To Pull A 'Dan Quayle' on Her !"
  45. Obama staging military gatherings of support.
  46. " Now They Want To Void The Citizens Tax Limits law !"
  47. Why Obama will never show his vault birth certificate.
  48. "Rush Limbaugh Will 'Lead the Way' with Donald Trump,Out of New York State !"
  49. "China Changes its Mind and Slashes New Purchases of US Debt !"
  50. The fact that you called the tail a leg did not make it a leg.
  51. Texas Gov. Back Resolution Affirming Sovereignty
  52. "It's Back ...Virgin Mary statue found without head ."
  53. Tea Parties Gain Steam - MSM Mostly Clueless.
  54. Move Over, MoveOn: Tea Parties Spark Conservative Insurgency Online
  55. DHS Equates 'Abortion Opponents' with White Supremacists.
  56. "DHS Identifies Three Known and Wanted Right Wing Radicals !"
  57. Samuel Adams of Massachusetts
  58. US recession, 1st black president, 'fuel extremism'
  59. Tea Party Streaming Video
  60. Clinton unveils initiative to combat 'scourge of piracy'
  61. Commentary: April 15 is patriots' day
  62. Napolitano stands by 'rightwing extremism' report
  63. "Barney Frank And His 'Butt Buddies' Have been on the the Floor Pads again !"
  64. Asks Santelli to React to Tea Parties: 'I'm Pretty Proud of This'
  65. Obama, Biden Tax Returns Released
  66. "DHS and NSA Is Reading and Listening To You Conservative Traitors !"
  67. Network Accused Of Obama-Bashing (Not Fox)
  68. Quotation On Government By Thomas Jefferson :
  69. Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request
  70. The Federal Government Disregards the Nation's Founding Documents
  71. The Second American Revolution
  72. Gator Bait: Barak urges US for Arrow 3 funding
  73. This American Revolution Has Begun,Watch Who Would Stop it ?"
  74. The Sting, in Four Parts
  75. A brief History Lesson: Prelude to Revolution 1763 to 1775
  76. Obama's stance worries Israelis
  77. Know Your Enemies :The Four Post-Marxist Social Classes
  78. The Origins of Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism .
  79. OBAMA Intimidating Its Ideological Opponents? ...You Must Be Joking
  80. Politically Correct, Morally Depraved
  81. Military Expert Ralph Peters: Fire Napolitano for Smearing Veterans
  82. "The Natives Very Are Restless :Barrett booed at Greenville Tea Party "
  83. Obama, Chavez Shake Hands, Exchange Greetings
  84. Reverse Discrimination Case Could Transform Hiring Procedures Nationwide
  85. Sharpton Slapped With $285k Fine for Election Law Violations
  86. Obama Endures Ortega Diatribe
  87. Why Liberals Despise American Patriots
  88. US Not Alone in Boycott of UN Racism Conference
  89. Palin v. Sebelius? "Team Sarah" Organizes Against Obama Pick
  90. Wake Up, America!
  91. NSA Caught Jane Harman (D-CA), on tape with a suspected Israeli spy.
  92. NY Times Wins Five Pulitzer Prizes
  93. Rahm Emanuel: Obama Laying Down Law To Israeli P.M. Netanyahu
  94. "Axelrod Takes Dim View of "Unhealthy" Anti-Tax Tea Parties"
  95. Some Critics Blame Emanuel for Obama's Cabinet Troubles
  96. Daily Kos Readers Colectively Fellate Rahm Emmanuel
  97. "China Is Trying To Buy US Navy Nuclear Fuel Source !"
  98. An Texan mom speaks: "We're not all hypnotized!"
  99. Feinstein sought $25 billion for agency that awarded contract to spouse
  100. First-Ever Domestic Terrorist among FBI's 'Most Wanted' Terrorists
  101. The CIA's Questioning Worked
  102. "Take a Poll: Florida Redistricting to accommodate Obama."
  103. The Crisis by Thomas Paine
  104. Emanuel’s story line is fishy
  105. "Old Ted Kennedy 'Screws America' One Last Time !"
  106. Thomas Paine - On To Washington!
  107. Kerry aims to rescue newspapers
  108. Napolitano; 9-11 terrorist came to the US from Canada
  109. "Borderline Dummies !"
  110. "When They Think They Can get Away with it, They Will End This System of Government"
  111. MSNBC Live Vote - Hows Obama doing?
  112. Presidential Poison
  113. "Them Libbers Sure are Slick and Full of New Tax Tricks !"
  114. " In Canada You Can Wait forever for Hip or Knee Replacements. !"
  115. "The Big O's Cabinet, the First Presidential Cabinet *ever* That Offers OJT!"
  116. Barney Frank: Marijuana, Internet Gambling O.K., not ‘ Freedom’ in Financial Matters
  117. Shepard Smith, YOU ROCK!!!
  118. Pork-barrel Extreme: $150 Million for Airport Used by 20ppl/day...
  119. 100 Days In: Is Obama Blowing It?
  120. "Take this Orlando Sentinel Poll: Obama - A or F? First 100 days "
  121. "More calls for Dumbo Napolitano to Resign ."
  122. Obama Worship Goes Into Overdrive as 100-Day Mark Approaches
  123. "What is it about socialists, that makes them despise religion?"
  124. Former CIA chief Goss: I can’t believe what a shameless liar Pelos is .
  125. The holy war over Kathleen Sebelius
  126. Obama Supporters Move to use Massachusetts as test case for gun confiscation
  127. "After Obama Our world will never be the same again....... "
  128. 50 Minutes for Email.
  129. Obama's teleprompter fails him
  130. Website lets Users Rate Congress Gradegov.com
  131. "Harvard Don Refused Notre Dame Laetare Medal ."
  132. "First Boxer now Dirty Harry, Thank You Lord Now for Pelosi please !"
  133. "Obama to Wear Notre Dame Robe That Bears Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary ".
  134. "Slobbering Barney Wants this Bill Passed Quickly !"
  135. Considering the SERIOUS problems this country has....
  136. Arlen Specter switching to Dem party
  137. PREZBO on TV
  138. There Is a Major Cultural Schism Developing in America.
  139. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas : Fairness Doctrine 'unconstitutional'
  140. Specter Donors Demand Refund : Party Switch Gets Expensive For RINO
  141. Intelligence Warns Israel is now an ‘Obstacle to Obama'
  142. "What would an American/Communist President be like?"
  143. CNN Anchors Discuss Obama's "Swagga" (Sickening MSM Lovefest Continues!)
  144. "German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Her Purple Knickers."
  145. President Obama’s first 100 days as a world leader have been an overwhelming failure
  146. Senator Bunning Will Not Seek Reelection
  147. "That Sleezy Liar Pelosi Caught Out In Her Bloomers !"
  148. "The LIberals Are Trying To Pulling A 'Dan Quayle' Sliming Sara !"
  149. Billionaire Soros Bankrolling Calls for ‘Torture’ Probe
  150. The Obama Doctrine: The Castrated States of America
  151. Michael Steele: Magically Disappearing
  152. White House Denies Charge By Attorney that Administration Threatened to Destroy
  153. Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind
  154. The things you don’t read about Barack Obama
  155. Andrew McCarthy's Letter to Attorney General Holder
  156. The President Who Hates His Country
  157. Voters take a dim view of governor, Legislature
  158. Obama Bias Stats
  159. "O My GOD, What if These People Were Republicans?"
  160. "100-Day Lurch to the Far Left ."
  161. White House Loves MSNBC
  162. Where is a Thatcher when Britian needs one?
  163. Barack Obama's CHILL Pills!!! (First 100 Days)
  164. "Obama Classifies Top Secret Airforce One New York Buzz Screwup!"
  165. " Hundreds of Thousands with ties to Hamas to Resettle in the U.S. "
  166. " Uproar in D.C.Enraged Black Ministers Stormed D.C. City Council "
  167. "The Political Profiling Scandal At Obama's DHS !"
  168. "The 10th Amendment Keeps the Federal Government in Check ."
  169. Liberty's Crown May Reopen by July 4th
  170. "Hate Crime Perpetrators cross state lines to commit such violence."
  171. Wingnuts of the week
  172. "Pelosi shot twice, Reid and bin Laden strangled to death."
  173. "Pelosi shot twice, Reid and bin Laden strangled to death."
  174. " Jolly Old England Continues to Swirl Down The Drains !"
  175. "If you guys don't raise enough stink there's not a chance of stopping it,"
  176. More confirmation that Pelosi lied
  177. Cheney: Obama endangers the nation
  178. Cheney on Cavuto tomorrow at 5 CST
  179. Are you smarter than a 14 year old?
  180. "Obama Breaks With Gates,Begins Dismantling our Nuclear Arsenal."
  181. Obama does ‘complete 180′ on detainee photos
  182. Obama Considers Detaining Terror Suspects Indefinitely
  183. "Pelosi, Caught in a Lie, Thrashes Like a Dying Fish to Get Off of the Hook !"
  184. Peru Bans Homosexuals from Police Forces
  185. Tonight’s Poll Do you believe Speaker Pelosi is telling the truth...
  186. Obama Says U.S. Long-Term Debt Load ‘Unsustainable’
  187. "Obama Sends Director of Central Intelligence Panetta to Threaten Israel ."
  188. Nancy Pelosi's 15 May Statement
  189. "How Sweet It Is,It's a Good Time to Be George W. Bush !"
  190. "Boy Scout Group Trains to Target Veterans and other Terrosists ."
  191. "Boy Scout Group Trains to Target Veterans and other Terrosists ."
  192. Caucus: Two Groups Plan Dodd Protest: 2 RALLIES IN CONNECTICUT AGAINST DODD TODAY!!
  193. Huntsman (R) named Ambassador to China
  194. FBI Agent: Obama Making Another 9/11 'Inevitable'
  195. Keyes, 78 year old priest arrested at Notre Dame protest.
  196. Netanyahu 'won't back Palestinian state' in US (Bibi KOs Obambi)
  197. Pass The Salt - Priest Arrested at Notre Dame (Full Video Version)
  198. Choose The Date When Pelosi Will Be Forced From Speakership
  199. "The Conservatives Need to Delouse the Party Of RINO'S ."
  200. America is now on a collision course with Israel.
  201. Obama's Graduation Address At ND Sparks Protests
  202. The excommunication imperative
  203. "Hamlet :Something Is Rotton in Notre Dame du Lac !"
  204. "Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him. ...
  205. "Seymour Hersh Loses His Mind Accuses Cheney of Ordering the Hit on Bhutto"
  206. Greta’s husband tried to get Palin to help retire Hillary’s debt
  207. Anti-American Party in Power vs. Whom?
  208. Obama, Cheney plan dueling speeches
  209. Archbishop Chaput: 'Notre Dame, the Issues that Remain'
  210. Poor Bill Ayers.The Distinguished Professor of Education at University of Illinois
  211. Congress Approves Bill Restricting Credit Card Industry, Allowing Guns in Parks
  212. Alan Grayson to introduce Paid Vacation Act
  213. Does the DHS Think ACORN's Home Defenders are Leftwing Extremists?
  214. "All Jerusalem stays Jewish,Netanyahu says all Jerusalem to remain Israeli"
  215. "Obama appoint's Vacuum Cleaner to the Court of St James ."
  216. How to Deprogram a Liberal in One Year Or Less By Robin of Berkeley
  217. "Go Home Biden You Nazi Scum Serbs Tell Smoking Joe Biden !"
  218. No Health Care For Illegals Sez Baucus.
  219. Obama and 'Preventative Detention Camps'
  220. The Bible bill?
  221. Netanyahu Rejects Obama's 'UN Flag at Kotel'; Star of David to Remain
  222. "The Dark Pelosi" (With Waterboarding!)
  223. Environmentalist Economic Strangulation (the Obama/Pelosi/Reid anti-growth troika)
  224. Judge Napolitano: Liberty Under Attack
  225. "Screw You Obama We Don't need Your Stinking Permission !"
  226. "Naval Academy Graduating Midshipmen Told No Swords near Obama!"
  227. Liberals: The Enemy Within by Burt Prelutsky
  228. "Steele :Obama is President Because of the Color of his Skin "
  229. Both Deval Patrick and Barack Obama had the same campaign guru: David Axelrod.
  230. "Here is Pelosi’s winning formula for ignorant twittiness ."
  231. California: Better As 4 States?
  232. " Billboard Campaign, Where's the Birth Certificate?"
  233. "Let's Follow This British Example Here In The USA !"
  234. "He Admits It We Are Out Of Money But It Isn't Their Fault,Right Obama !"
  235. "Lindsey Graham Style Republicans"
  236. "US Voters Are Moving Away From Both National Partys !"
  237. "The Plan Is to Tie The Jews Up Until The Iranians are Ready to Launch ."
  238. "Obama The Liar Blames 7 Straw Men for America Being Broke !"
  239. "Obama = Emperor Nero or King George VI?"
  240. Oy Vey! Blago's Wife to Star on Reality Show
  241. The War on Our Southern Border
  242. Teachers union spends more money for politics than it does on schools
  243. When Government Goes Insane
  244. "Go Sarah Go in 2012 ,Obama's A Pushover !"
  245. "Obama Hates The Jews,they Have to do it Themselves With ADONAI's help !"
  246. "Scratch a Liberal/Progressive/Democrat and Find A Marxist/Communist !"
  247. "It's Nice To Know That Our So Called Government Is On top Of This_Not !"
  248. Film Premier - "O.B.A.M. Nude,"
  249. "More Obama Jerking Israel Around By Delaying The F-35's Deliveries !"
  250. CA Supreme Court Rules on Prop 8