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  1. Bush Jokes Okay, Obama Jokes - Not So Much.
  2. Israel, Obama, Iran, and (Obama Ignores Israeli Intel on Iran,"CIA "Frusterated"")
  3. Homosexuals to finally destroy Arnold Schwarzenegger as politician (PRAVDA)
  4. RED ALERT: Did anti-Obama campaign contributions dictate which Chrysler dealers were
  5. "New we will see if Obama Has the Balls to Respond if they attack us !"
  6. Obama's brother-in-law to run for MP in Bracknell
  7. " Dodd Out If Elections Were Today !"
  8. Bill Clinton threatens to attack North Korea
  9. When Democrats derailed a GOP Latino nominee
  10. "'Mess'With Us And We'll Restart The Korean War !"
  11. "Great, Now we'll Have a Shrieking, Maoist, Feminazi On The SCOTUS !"
  12. " Left-Wing Groups in Washington, D.C., are Panicked."
  13. "The Obama administration will "Force" Israel ."
  14. "Obama's New Cyber Cops Clamp Down On Internet Free Speach !"
  15. "Obama's DOJ Protecting The Black Ku Klux Klan !"
  16. "Obama: Critics of court nominee Sonia Sotomayor twisting her words ."
  17. Ted Rall: It’s increasingly evident that Obama should resign
  18. "The American Decent into Marxism is Happening with Breath Taking Speed ."
  19. Deputy FM: Iran's missiles can reach US' East Coast
  20. May Posterity Forget You Were Our Countrymen
  21. "Obama blocks 6 AH-64D to Israel -12 to Egypt,Hamas is Next !"
  22. Cheney on gay marriage: 'Freedom for everyone'
  23. "More Political Payoffs.Obama Marks LGBT Pride Month"
  25. "Obama the Arabic President ,ratings up in Arab countries ahead of visit."
  26. "When The French Republic Thinks your President is a Joke on National Security !"
  27. "Nazism It is not a government structure. Fascism is a government structure."
  28. Nebraska physician vows to keep Tiller clinic open
  29. GOP Rep. tapped as Secretary of the Army
  30. Barack Obama's health plan takes shape
  31. US Embassies Abroad to Invite Iranian Diplomats to July 4 Events
  32. " In Barney Franks Twisted World:"Sexual Racism as thoughtcrime ."
  33. "North Korea is detonating nukes, Iran is building nukes, Saudi Arabia Shipping Hate.
  34. "Do Any of These Freaking Liberals Ever Pay Any of Their Taxes ?"
  35. "Obama Declares June National Homosexuality and Transgender Month ."
  36. Obama’s DOJ opens the door to the sort of vote fraud that has made ACORN Famous.
  37. "One Of The Biggest Muslim Countries" Remark Backfires.
  38. "FUN WITH TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States)!"
  39. Obama tells yet another lie
  40. "Obama Hilltop," or "Givat Obama" in Hebrew"
  41. "The president's ratings have slipped since General Motors filed for bankruptcy"
  42. Socialist/Fascist Health Care Bill Released
  43. Schwarzenegger suggests state consider flat tax
  44. "Once Upon a Time There Came a Make Believe President ."
  45. Why Obama's Elementary Queering Must Be Stopped
  46. EU Voters Slam Left-Wing Politicians in Sunday's EU Parliament Elections
  47. "Israelis Fear Obama Could/Will Cut Financial Support."
  48. "He's Made Extreme Promises to The Homosexual Activist Movement !"
  49. "She's Mad That She Got Caught At Treason And Seeks Revenge !"
  50. U.S. Supreme Court lets voter ID law stand
  51. "Yet Another Overflowing 'PorkPot' From our 'Runaway' Congress !"
  52. "Obama's Legal Weasel Words From a Cliinton Spin Doctor ."
  53. "While Obama is Killing Israel: AmJews Love Liberal/Socialism More than Israel ."
  54. Gingrich Tells GOP Obama Has 'Already Failed'
  55. Poll: 53% think Obama's policies bad for Israel
  56. The Obama Numbers Are Pure Fiction.
  57. Republicans snatch control of NY state senate...
  58. Microsoft tells Obama "we're leaving US"
  59. Obama ‘a sort of god’
  60. Obama Proposes PAYGO Law
  61. "Angelina's Daddy Unloads On Obamadama !"
  62. Obama move would eliminate 8 of 10 pocketknives
  63. An Open Letter to Obama from VP of Proctor and Gamble Co
  64. A tough sanction is needed
  65. "Israel Is Building Up A Great Hatred For Obama !"
  66. 44% Believe Constitution Doesn’t Restrict Government Enough
  67. 'Them Jews Aren't Going to Let Him Talk'
  68. "Barack Hussein Obama And The Jews !"
  69. "Forgotten Document Found,Basis for Destruction of The Kingdom of Obama."
  70. Federal Deficit Soars to May Record of $189.7B (Obama working OT in destroying Americ
  71. Welcome Back, Carter by Ann Coulter
  72. "The English Press Don't Seem To Like MamaObama Much !"
  73. Unions In Debt,'We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama,"
  74. El Rushbo: What's the difference between God and Obama?
  75. Palin Phobia causing Letterman's Demise
  76. Ziegler, Brewer tangle over Letterman attack on Palin
  77. Dems Attack Dems On Health Care.
  78. The most Socialist administration I can recall.
  79. Watch John Ziegler defend Sarah Palin..
  80. ''Some Jews May be Naïve, But We Are Not Stupid.''
  81. Business Groups Dare Obama To Limit Pay for Union Bosses
  82. "Barney The Gay Butt Commando Loses His cool ."
  83. "Obama Wouldn’t be President if it Wasn’t for The Liberal Jewish Vote"
  84. Iran election may decide war or peace for Middle East
  85. Rep. Patrick Kennedy Returns to Treatment for Substance Abuse
  86. Reuters/CNBC: Nutjob Loses Election in Iran
  87. IMUS, OFF THE AIR,Letterman's Contract Renewed!"
  88. "Calling Jimmah Carter :Iran election rivals both declare victory."
  89. "Obamas Imperial Stormtroopers Maul NY State Senator ."
  90. "I repeat, will not — include monitoring private sector networks or Internet traffic.
  91. The Letterman Joke deception, Smears and Cynicism of Sarah Palin
  92. "Saul Alinsky taught two generations of American leftists ".
  93. "WE Who Speakes For The Baby Killers: Round Up Hate-Promoters Now !"
  94. "Obama's Gitmo Grads Open Chinese Restaurant in Millionaires' Paradise !"
  95. Renegade Dems buck Barack Obama
  96. WHY OBAMA SCARES ME TOO Chuck Norris !
  97. GOP Activist Uses Facebook to Compare First lady to Gorilla
  98. 600 protest Pelosi in Houston ,“Less 1984 — More 1776.”
  99. Obama Is Pressed to Tax Health Benefits
  100. "Netanyahu's Demand that Palestinians Recognize Israel as the Jewish State."
  101. "Here again we hear the Liberal Call. Lock Up Those Right Winger Pro Life Extremists
  102. VIDEO: CNN Airs Gruesome Image Of Dead Iranian
  103. 'Wife of Fred Thompson Jeri Thompson On Palin vs. Letterman."
  104. "Now We Hear From Obama's Real Daddy !"
  105. "You Had Better Be Sh**ting Me !"
  106. "PC has Destroyed America's Schools Now It Is Destroying Our Military Academy's !"
  107. Obama blocks access to White House visitor lists... Developing... [Drudge]
  108. Obama Booed by doctors
  109. Obama's Real Agenda: Israel's Dimona Nuclear Facility
  110. Carter to Obama: Remove Hamas From Terror List
  111. Lawmakers Question Obama's Missile Defense Cuts
  112. Minn. lawmaker vows not to complete Census
  113. Jefferson: The MAN set me up!
  114. Obama defies the law - does what he wants.
  115. Sign the Petition: Stop ACORN from Accessing Taxpayer Dollars
  116. Obama’s AmeriCrooks and cronies scandal By Michelle Malkin
  117. Rep Mike Pence Urges Support for Iranian Dissidents
  118. "Hillary Clinton Breaks Her Elbow in Fall ."
  119. "Take The Poll ,Express your opinion !Thanks for your vote."
  120. Federal gay marriage challenge has Hollywood style
  121. Obama's Bad News Thursday
  122. "First Carter and Now Mitchell .Obamas Shills Everywhere !"
  123. Senators hit at core of Obama financial reforms
  124. 62 percent support new health care legislation, not Barack Obama's particular plan
  125. "Most transparent administration" won't let public see White House visitors list
  127. Judge Questions Justice Dept. Effort to Keep Cheney Remarks Secret
  128. Coulter called Sen. Boxer's remark arrogant and ignorant.
  129. "Take the Poll ,Liberal MSNBC Attack On The Conservative Justices At SCOTUS !"
  130. New JibJab: Barack Obama, superhero !
  131. A Father’s Day Salute to Obama’s Four-Fathers: Marx, Alinsky, Wright & Ayers
  132. ACORN Obama Ally Tries To Squelch Another Whistleblower
  133. A rally in Washington DC against Ahmadi Najad (YouTube video)
  134. Teddy Kennedy cut a 30-second spot for his old friend Chris Dodd,
  135. Obama: "the Great Pretender"
  136. Presidential Approval Index negative
  137. Did obama enjoy the Ice Cream Cone?
  138. Sarkozy-No Burqas in France
  139. France Moves to Impose Ban on Burqa
  140. Guardian Council: Over 100% voted in 50 cities
  141. Sanford, missing since Thursday, supposedly located
  142. ACORN International Changes Its Name. Why?
  143. "The Barney Frank Watch ."
  144. Approval Ratings for Pelosi Hit a New Low
  145. "Big O, U.S. Ambassadors to Syria, Venezuela ( also to Hamas?)"
  146. Seems Sanford has an "Ensign" problem...
  147. Obama’s “Jewish Experts”
  148. The Obama Infomercial Thread!
  149. Ahmadinejad wants an apology from Obama
  150. Help Needed--Stop Cap and Trade
  151. Video Comparison: Obama on Iran versus Reagan On Poland
  152. Pro-Life Democrats Tell Nancy Pelosi: No Health Care Reform With Abortion
  153. Inhofe predicted this (6/3/09-says only 34 Senators will vote for this monstrosity)
  154. (Video)Sanford's mistress as TV reporter covering 911 in NYC in 2001!
  155. "Mr. Obama, show us your birth certificate! :Pat Boone ."
  156. Talk Show Hosts May Be Accomplices Under Hate Bill
  157. Obama revelling in U.S. power unseen in decades
  158. Agencies Clash on Military's Border Role
  159. John Edwards sex tape.
  160. LEAHY'S HATE BILL HEARING A SHAM (only certain people are covered by hate crime law)
  161. Going Green With Cap and Trade
  162. Revolution
  163. Obama heath reform designed to eliminate less "valuable" citizens? Disturbing video
  164. Obama's may not live up to the big campaign promsime for those making $250K or less
  165. Betraying the nation.
  166. Court rules for white firefighters over promotions
  167. Obama tells Jews to stop building homes – in Israel !
  168. Historic moment in Iraq marked with street festival
  169. Obama to gays: I’m totally going to help you out, just not right now (with video)
  170. Supreme Court reconsiders McCain-Feingold
  171. VIDEO: Ad Takes On Obama Administration's "Inexcusable Conduct"
  172. 6 Mousavi Supporters Reportedly Hanged
  173. The Wages of Chavismo
  174. Chavez's into the politics of Honduras, Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas
  175. Why taxes will need to go up
  176. White House Reporters Grill Gibbs Over ‘Prepackaged’ Questions for Obama
  177. Sleaze' undergirds passage of cap and trade
  178. This explains everything.
  179. "Finding the way out of Americas darkness on July 4th 2009 ."
  180. Congress Retirement Plan
  181. Has Barack Obama become the bane of Israeli Jews?
  182. Creepy, revealing quote from White House staffer
  183. Why They Hate Her, the Angelina Jolie of Politics
  184. Health overhaul in Senate bill imposes penalty on those refusing medical coverage
  185. Israel’s Options on Iran
  186. Obama's Selective Meddling
  187. Obama's Biggest Character Flaw ["Obama's Biggest Audience Is Himself"]
  188. "Negotiating with Terrorists,Prepare to be infuriated."
  189. The fear of fireworks, Not having the freedom to celebrate freedom
  190. Obama’s Census Will Forever Change The Course And Complexion Of Modern America
  191. Court winks at basic-rights assault; who's next?
  192. Prayer rejected for citing Jesus
  193. Putin urges Obama to scrap shield (another test for Barky to fail)
  194. Close friend of Palin’s: She’ll seriously consider running for president
  195. Mark Levin compares Obama to Bernie Madoff: ' taking a wrecking ball to this society'
  196. Shocking video of NY Democrats sitting through the Pledge of Allegiance (Happy 4th of
  197. WSJ: Franken Stole the Election
  198. Palin is one respectable politican.
  199. Iranian clerical group says the election was rigged.
  200. California’s Nightmare Will Kill Obamanomics
  201. Medvedev says U.S. missile shield must balance others' interests
  202. FNC Contributor on Palin
  203. Obama: 'I am not naïve'
  204. " Remember What Happened The Last Time Medvedev Had a Meeting With a U.S. President"
  205. Senator Alec Baldwin?
  206. Dumbing-Down the U.S. Navy
  207. Colin Powell Gets A Clue.
  208. Assigned Reading: I Still Hate You, Sarah Palin
  209. Obama offers to scrap missile shield in return for help from Russia with Iran
  210. Passing unread laws
  211. Kahane imitates a Democrat on Palin
  212. "Hoyer Laughs at Idea That House Members Would Actually Read Health-Care Bill "
  213. Federal Government Was Culprit in Housing and Economic Crisis, Says Congressional Rep
  214. NEA leader: Conservative b@$+@%&s picking on us'
  215. 40 Acres and a President
  216. VIDEO: Letterman Calls Palin The Next "Octomom"
  217. Bombshell- documents show Obama received foreign citizen scholarship
  218. On Site Report From Honduras (MSM Lying Scum Alert)
  219. Lisa Madigan (IL) Not Running for U.S. Senate or Governor
  220. No He Can't
  221. Alcee Hastings Paves the Way for Concentration Camps
  222. Huge CO2 Emissions Disagreement Between EPA and Energy Dept. Ignored by MSM
  223. In Moscow-if Iran stops nuke dev, US should stop missile defense development
  224. DeMint amendment to audit the Federal Reserve blocked by Senate Leadership
  225. Obama's hand over heart for Russian national anthem, not US?
  226. Ohio’s Ominous Political Storm Clouds
  227. he Far Left On the Cusp of Total Success
  228. LeBlanc funeral puts Harper in communion controversy
  229. Ginsburg: I thought Roe was to rid undesirables
  230. Politician's paychecks withheld . . . .
  231. Budget Nightmare: 10 Most Broke States
  232. VIDEO: Rep. Waxman Apologizes For Claiming GOP Roots "Against" US
  233. $500 Account at Birth? Oh Baby! (Schumer wants taxpayers to give $ to newborns)
  234. Public hearing July 14th on extremely oppressive "transgender rights and hate crimes"
  235. North Korea missile launch in the form of a cyber attack?
  236. VIDEO: Biden To "Bomb" Throwing Stimulus Critics: "What Would You Have Done?"
  237. G-8 gives Iran its really, really, really last chance!!!
  238. Without a Doubt: Why Barack Obama represents American Catholics better than the pope
  239. White People Are Going to Riot... Pastor Manning Gets It!!
  240. Fleming Urges Dems To Enroll In Proposed "Public Option"
  241. Does Barack have a problem with Angela (or she with him)? [Photo]
  242. Reporter: 'We Took Sides, Straight and Simple' Against Palin
  243. N.Korea's Kim has 'serious' pancreas disorder: report
  244. Krauthammer: Obama is an idiot, the world knows it
  245. Another photo of Obama checking a girl out surfaces
  246. Medvedev threatens U.S. over missile shield
  247. Call the President
  248. "Obama, Like All Presidents, Tries To Manage The News" [WARNING: HORRIFIC IMAGES]
  249. Do you want Sotomayor to be confirmed? (Yahoo poll)
  250. White House cuts funding for (Soldier) gear (Armored vests & armored vehicles)