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  1. Obama delivers letter from (Ted) Kennedy to Pope
  2. Ginsberg says abortion was supposed to kill undesirables
  3. Obama on the flying trapeze The dazzling hubris of the U.S. President
  4. Obama’s First Military Order: Don’t shoot back!
  5. Palin to stump for conservative Democrats
  6. For Liberal Jews, Obama Is the Messiah
  7. Palin Hints At Independent Conservative Movement
  8. Israel: Iran Will Be Destroyed If It Launches Nuclear Attack
  9. Voters Trust GOP More than Democrats on Eight of 10 Key Issues
  10. Senate postpones cap-and-trade vote
  11. New poll not good news for Sotomayor or Obama
  12. Patriotic Statement
  13. Licking the hand that feeds you
  14. PROTESTS IN DOWNTOWN CHICAGO ~ NOT on the Controlled News Media !
  15. Justice, Obama/Holder Style
  16. Timing of focus on Cheney, CIA 'very suspect' Matalin says (with video)
  17. Federal vs. states’ rights issue picking up steam again (Go Florida!)
  18. Kim Jong Il Has Pancreatic Cancer: Reuters / Fox
  19. Ideology divides tax panel
  20. CIA chief nixed plan to kill Al-Qaeda targets: report (Thanks, (D)Leon Panetta!)
  21. McCain looks to cut funding for more F-22 jets
  22. Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project. poll
  23. YOU DECIDE: Is Judge Sotomayor Out of Step With Mainstream America?
  24. Down the Mississippi: Barack Obama effect ends white rule in Deep South town
  25. Democrats reward key staff with up to $32,000 while hitting GOP
  26. SHOCKER! - An ethical question for leading Pa. Democrat
  27. Senates Slobbering Love Affair With Sotomayor
  28. 2010 - (When adults again take over)
  29. "No Controlling Legal Authority" to Self Defense -- Sotomayer
  30. The Democrat Health plan....in one chart
  31. Police Seal Off Part of Capitol After Reports of Gunfire
  32. Govt. Spends $700,000 For Lavish Employee Retreat
  33. Bill Clinton Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage
  34. Albert -- the Not-So Great -- Gore
  35. Sonia Sotomayor's Troubled Eyes
  36. Enough Is Enough
  37. “It’s Not Iran - It’s Obama’s Administration Here in America” (video)
  38. Obama creates a deadly power vacuum By Spengler
  39. Robert Bork: Sotomayor Unqualified, Isn't 'Entirely Governed by Law'
  40. The Threat of Totalitarianism
  41. Sen Roberts: Obamacare Bill includes the end of Medicare and TRICARE
  42. Obama’s Version of Cold War ‘Simply Untrue,’ Says Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese
  43. ‘it Was Vile Jim Crow’: Black Business Leader Insulted By Sen. Boxer
  44. Delegate Candidate: Fight Dems With Ballots Before It Comes to Bullets
  45. House health care bill 'outlaws private insurance'
  46. Obama's war for socialism. Yes, for socialism
  47. Jackie Mason Explains Palin Derangement Syndrome, Bashes Obama
  48. Pelosi On Health Care: We Have The "Support Of The American People"
  49. POTUS: 'Everybody Just Step Back for a Moment'
  50. When the cat barks, pay attention
  51. Senate vote for 'hate crimes' sparks warning'The people will not remain silent foreve
  52. McCaskill's Office Locks Doors, Pull Blinds & Calls Cops on Tea Party Protesters
  53. Mandatory End of Life Counseling for Seniors
  54. Hussein's Deathcare™ take on those pesky, expensive old people
  55. Holder: 'Gays' protected, ministers not
  56. Notice to Obama, Democrats and any Republicans foolish enough to vote for ObamaCare!
  57. ATF to Tennessee: We're Above Your Law
  58. Philadelphia Stops Paying Vendors In Cash Crisis
  59. Mass 2010 – No Hope, Only Change Coming For Deval Patrick
  60. Yet another Obama spending program is failing miserably
  61. Key Democrats Flee Obama on Healthcare, Economy
  62. Glenn Beck Mocks Senators Al Franken & Chuck Schumer At Sotomayor Hearing
  63. We Now Have A Total Gangster Government(Chicago Gangstas on da Hill)
  64. Obama Loses His Cool
  65. FEMA - "Founding Fathers were Terrorists"
  66. Tax-Funded D.C. Abortions
  67. Shut Up And Sing
  68. Do YOU Fear Obama?
  69. It's a party in crisis...I'm talking, of course, about the Democrats...
  70. .....................
  71. What the other obits won't tell you about Cronkite
  72. Obama's Joke of the week.
  73. WARNING - this may overwhelm you or piss you off.
  74. Obama Justice Department Decision Will Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in Georgia
  75. Barack Obama feels the heat, changes the play
  76. Obama's real agenda
  77. Paulson reveals US concerns of breakdown in law and order
  78. VIDEO: Congressman's town hall erupts over Obama birth certificate...
  79. Senators prefer the insurance they have
  80. Obama Rejects Claim That Health Care Defeat Could Mark His 'Waterloo'
  81. "American capitalism gone with a whimper" (Let's prove him wrong!)
  82. VIDEO: Gingrich At Heritage: Country Is On "Edge of Catastrophe"
  83. Hillary Clinton: US to build nuclear plants in India
  84. Enemy Of God. Enemy Of Man.
  85. Meet White House's science fiction czar
  86. Repealing ERISA
  87. Obama: In Some Ways African Americans ‘More Fundamentally Rooted in the American
  88. Top lawmakers getting big bucks from health-care industry — while “reforming” it
  89. Health Care Bill In Trouble
  90. Spies, lies and Pelosi
  91. Why Should WE Pay For Free Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens?
  92. ACORN Involvement Undermines Confidence in Census
  93. Convicted Pimp Wants Your Vote
  94. Obama's top secret service agent fired
  95. Are You Willing to Die for Obama's Healthcare Plan?"
  96. Shooting Down The Raptor
  97. All Private Guns Will Be Confiscated By September 2009, US Tells Russia
  98. Top 10 Most Outrageous Taxes Proposed (or Publicly Floated by Obama)
  100. Dems Start To Push Back Hard To Prevent A 'Waterloo': Healthcare
  101. ERA Reintroduced.
  102. How to Make Health-Care Reform Bipartisan
  103. Voting trends maps
  104. Contact your senators about Health Care
  105. Boehner Refutes Rahm Emanuel's Claim that "We've Rescued the Economy" - Video
  106. Obama Eyes The Purse Strings for Medicare
  107. Magician-in-chief
  108. Obama prepares to throw Israel under the bus
  109. Obama and ACORN GPS Marking EVERY Front Door in America?
  110. David Kellerman, Acting CFO of Freddie Mac, found dead in apparent suicide.
  111. Are You on the President’s Enemies List?
  112. Obama's Mass Amnesty of 35 Million Democrat-Voting Welfare Recipients (Video)
  113. AOL Obama Poll
  114. The Blue-State Meltdown and the Collapse of the Chicago Model
  115. Henry Louis Gates arrested and alleges racism. But read the police report
  116. Health Commisioner Would Answer Only to Obama, Otherwise Unchecked
  117. How the 17th Amendment Has Stolen Your Freedom
  118. At the NAACP, Obama Removes His Mask of The Great Unifier
  119. Petition: No Health Benefits Tax
  120. Pelosi on Health Care Bill: ‘We Will Win’ (video)
  121. Help Defeat Obama's Health Care Bill
  122. Dobbs Tells Roland Martin To Pipe Down During Obama Birth Debate
  123. Obama Pushes Anti Gun Treaty!!! Alert
  124. At Treasury, Big White House Role
  125. Obama might have just killed Obamacare
  126. The Most Dangerous Man In America
  127. Rep. Tonko Aide — “. . . Solve the Prolonging of Life Issue”
  128. Showdown: Texas May Reject Nationalized Healthcare...
  129. VIDEO: CNN Anchor Calls Police News Conference "Incendiary"
  130. I love it!!11!
  131. Police unions call for apology from Obama, Patrick
  132. "Government Run Health Care" Phrase Censored!
  133. EXCLUSIVE: Price says Pelosi ready for 'power play'
  134. Obama irkssome in his own party
  135. This may make Satanica suicidal....
  136. I wouldn't sell you a car I wouldn't drive myself, but Obama would.
  137. United Socialist States of America - a song
  138. Awesomely awesome: War breaking out among Democrats over ObamaCare
  139. The Obamacare horror story you won’t hear By Michelle Malkin
  140. Gates accepts White House Meeting Offer
  141. MSNBC Panel Gets into Heated Discussion Over Arrest of Harvard Professor - Video
  142. 10 Reasons Why We Fight Against Obama (Excellent Summary)
  143. Caption This Photo Of Sarah (hint...look in her hand)
  144. Al Qaeda Ratchets Up Rhetoric in Response to Obama's Outreach to Muslim World
  145. Reid amends disclosure reports
  146. LaRouche calls for Obama’s impeachment
  147. 6th months in: Obama now showing a -11 "strongly approve" number
  148. News Alert: More Outsourcing
  149. Why Aren't Americans Obeying Obama?
  150. President Obama, Talking Crap
  151. Palin: 'never Apologize For Our Country'...
  152. Government Spending May Lead US into a Double dip Recession
  153. Zogby shows Obama at 48% Job Aproval!
  154. Obama’s half sister, born in Indonesia, has a Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth
  155. Huge Majority Want Obama's Birth Certificate Revealed
  156. Rep. Jan Schakowsky Obama Healthcare Will Destroy Insurance Industry (VIDEO)
  157. US Announces $200M to Palestinians
  158. Obama's Depopulation Policy Exposed (Video confrontation of Rahm Emanuel's brother)
  159. Critical condition (Jaw dropping details of health care scheme)
  160. Nancy Pelosi on being unpopular: 'I don't care'
  161. You guys won't believe this one-it's criminal!!
  162. Five Reasons Why ‘Gates-Gate’ Matters
  163. Cambridge releases Gates arrest 911 tapes
  164. Pelosi vows to rein in Democrats on healthcare
  165. VIDEO: Pelosi: We Will Hold "Insurance Companies Accountable ."
  166. Peterson (D-MN): I don’t talk to my constituents because they’re nuts
  167. Obamacare Would Have Killed Sen. Teddy Kennedy Months Ago !
  168. John Conyers on Reading the Healthcare Bill
  169. Job creation per president....
  170. Gates. Tax Cheat?
  171. China's national flag to go up in White House on Sept 20
  172. "Ho,Ho,Ho" Foundation Run by Harvard’s Gates Is Revising Tax Return
  173. Gates Arrest a Delicate Matter To Hash Out Over Beer
  174. Welcome to the Obama Forum ( NO WHITES ALLOWED )
  175. ACORN Affilliate Shows Its Hatred for Dissent
  176. Prez And Pals Are In The Best Of Health Care
  177. Cambridge Police Officer Says She Voted for Obama but "I Will Not Again" - Video
  178. Ohio Moving To Re-assert State Sovereignty
  179. Fox News: The ACORN Thugocracy
  180. Biden's gaffes undercut Obama
  181. Claire McCaskill's Office Holds Town Hall-- Tea Party Breaks Out
  182. Anti-obama March In Jerusalem...
  183. Obama refunding illegal campaign contributions
  184. Obama: Existing health system threatens Medicare
  185. Take This Poll in Hawaii
  186. The 10th Amendment/State's Rights movement continues to grow....
  187. Is health care back on??!!
  188. Are you ready for mandatory "Swine Flu" shots?
  189. Obama's tanking polls. Is it the Econ. or is it him?
  190. nationwide Recess Rally - 08/22/09
  191. When a Little ‘Profiling’ Might Be a Good Thing
  192. Backlash against Dims coming in 2010!
  193. Will Florida ban National Health Care?
  194. Obama: Sell B-2 Bomber blueprints to China for debt relief!
  195. Poll: Obama loses ground on health care
  196. Vanished: Obama exposer disappears off Net
  197. Malkin Stuns ‘Today Show’ Host With Comments About Obamas (Woohoo! Alert!)
  198. Rep Marshall Proposes Nuclear Power For Military Bases ( Awesome! )
  199. The Beer Summit
  200. Pelosi goes nuts
  201. We the People are Coming !!
  202. Town halls gone wild
  203. HuffPo Writer Wants To See Birth Certificate.
  204. "Cash for clunkers"...or a taxpayer ripoff?
  205. The "Beer Summit": Obama's deflection from health-care & the "stupid cop" insult
  206. A primer to read before your lawmakers come home for the August recess
  207. Chris Dodd has Prostate Cancer.
  208. My favorite line from the "health care" bill
  209. Do you recall when Obama said the Crowley-Gates incident was a "teachable moment"?
  210. 'Obama Is Now Impeachable' For His T4 Plan
  211. Al Franken still a jackass
  212. Obama Goes Easy on Shoe Bomber {TOTAL INSANITY}
  213. DIRTY DEMS: IT GOES FAR BEYOND DODD.. Michelle Malkin
  214. Lawmakers seek refiling in Black Panther case
  215. Eric Holder's Hate Crime Color Scheme
  216. Bush vs. Obama in photos
  217. Exactly What IS a Natural Born Citizen?
  218. $50,000 in Stimulus for Pornographic Horror films in SF
  219. Obama Joker Poster Popping Up In Los Angeles
  220. 'Throw the bums out' is national mood (Recall up more than 100% over last year)
  221. Obumbles KENYAN birth certificate?
  222. Cash for Clunkers Video Sparks Outrage Over Wasteful Government Programs
  223. This Ain't No Tea Party
  224. Police called on retirees at senator's LA office
  225. Town halls gone wild
  226. America Not Happy With DC’s Failures
  228. About Rahm Emanuel... Israel Dual Citizen .
  229. The Democrats and Obama caused the financial crisis
  230. I Knew It!111!!1
  231. : Breaking! Copy of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate in Dr. Taitz's Possession!
  232. AOL Poll
  233. Franken, a clown for all seasons, arrives in time
  234. Specter, Sebelius Asked How Gov't Can Manage Heath Care
  235. Pelosi falls to the back of the pack of speakers
  236. Town Hall Crowd Irate as Sen. Arlen Specter Says "Judgments Must be Made Very Fast"
  237. CANDIDATE Obama : "No middle-class tax hikes" / President Obama: "Oh wait..."
  238. A quick and easy poll by Yahoo
  239. Barack Obama's support falls among white voters
  240. GIVE 'EM HELL! Aug. '09 recess provides chance for constituents to hollar back!
  241. See Them Scream:
  242. Congressman Tim Bishop Encounters Angry Citizens at Townhall Meeting
  243. The Heat Is On: Public Vents On Healthcare
  244. Obama admits that he envisions no private health insurance and that this is his goal!
  245. UK Patients Denied Painkiller Injections-Forced to Live in Agony...
  246. Shock: McCain voting no on Sotomayor
  247. The Great “Uniter” Divides the Nation Over Secret Past and Marxist Agenda
  248. Clearwater scraps plan to remove flags
  249. The President's Stubborn Driver Toward Political Suicide
  250. Netanyahu To Obama: You Run YOUR Country, I Will Run MINE