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  1. Carter Urges US to Resume Ties with Iran,They are rational people
  2. Only the "Old Uncle" in His Dotage?
  3. Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House
  4. The Soros-McClellan Connection
  5. McCain Ignores Delicate Balance
  6. Bob Dole craps on Scott
  7. Universal healthcare.
  8. Obama Helps Slip Planned Parenthood 300 million into Troop Bill
  9. The New Copperheads-During the Civil War,President Lincoln’s appointee,betrayed him.
  10. Chances dim for climate-change legislation
  11. Louisiana's possible champion of the right
  12. McCain’s Dig at Obama Greeted With Standing Ovation at AIPAC Conference
  13. Bob Barr to Stormfront: "Drop dead!"
  14. Mass. state senator arrested after chase
  15. Disgraced Priest Ordered Into 'Time-Out'.
  16. Site for Hillary Clinton supporters of John McCain Opens
  17. Indicted: 4th District Assessor Betty Jefferson
  18. McLaughlin: McCain Leads Obama Among Women, 49 Percent to 38 Percent?
  19. 9/11 terrorist wants to be "martyred"
  20. Senate action on climate bill seems doomed
  22. Porked: Earmarks for Profit
  23. Obama’s flimsy resume gives nation liberal cause for alarm
  24. Franken wins endorsement for Senate in Minnesota
  25. Anti-semitism on Obama's site
  26. Dems Plan New Taxes On The Oil Industry
  27. Obama Bundler Jodie Evans: Osama Had A Valid Reason to Attack the United States
  28. Saudi Oil Worth More to Democrats Than American Oil?
  29. Obama moves DNC operations to Chicago
  30. Iowa Hillary Youth Chair Endorses Mccain
  31. Quagmire!! Pelosi Swamp Sets Record- Worst Congress Ever Gets Worse
  32. McCain attacks Guantánamo ruling
  33. McCain seen as best choice for economy
  34. McCain, Obama offer different visions on taxes
  35. Obama and race preferences
  36. DNC wants McCain investigated
  37. Barack Obama aide: Why Winnie the Pooh should shape US foreign policy
  38. Loan Sleaze Spreads
  39. Was Obama's "Certificate of Birth" manufactured?
  40. Sweden passes law to completely supervise internet et.c.
  41. House Democrats call for nationalization of refineries
  42. McCain Urges Building 45 New Nuclear Plants
  43. Section 18 USC 713[4]
  44. Moveon.org demands Obama filibuster the FISA bill
  45. Bill Clinton Sparks New Sex Rumors.
  46. They're at it again.
  47. H. Con Res 362 - Iran
  48. Iraqi Christians Seek Refuge in Germany
  49. SnObama got an excellent deal on home loan
  50. Dems willing to criticize oil despite holding stock
  51. Crist engaged
  52. Courts asked to halt voter ID
  53. Protesters Interrupt President’s Speech From Jefferson’s Monticello Home
  54. Iraqis Lead Final Purge of Al Qaeda
  55. Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever
  56. "Bella Pelosi and Dirty Harry are at the 'Top Of The Heap' In Public Approval !"
  57. Jesse "The Body" Ventura Versus Al "Sissy Boi" Franken
  58. "First it was free speech as hate crime now Its get permission to post on the Interne
  59. "Anothed Liberal Dipshit against Drilling Our Own Oil !"
  60. Questioning McCain's Birth Certificate: the gall of BO
  61. Barack Obama - The Least Experienced Major-Party Presidential Candidate in 64 Years
  62. Tammy Bruce was right! Feminist Majority says "Write the New Yorker!"
  63. Honey, I Shrunk the Congress!
  64. "Move Over Jackson, Sharpton We Have a New 'Shake Down Artist' In Town !"
  65. Michele Bachmann: Planned Parenthood is the Wal-Mart of abortion
  66. "Their Green Masters won't Let Them Drill , Gota Do Something,Soooooo !"
  67. "The Greenie Commie Liberals Are Fighting Back To Stop Drilling !"
  68. Oklahoma Rebellion
  69. Democrats undermine Civil Liberties
  70. One Bomb dropped on Pearl Harbor
  71. Making Americans Unsafe
  72. Obama and Infanticide
  73. The 2008 Election Is the Media Trying to Elect Obama?
  74. John Edwards Caught with Mistress and Love Child
  75. Florida Dimo Congressman Wexler Doesn't Own a Home in Florida !
  76. Democrat plan to reduce gas prices
  77. "Denver Gives DNC Host Committee A Free Gasoline Tax Ride !"
  78. The Prophet,Mehdi, the "Guided One" Obama -- Not Funny
  79. Hollywood's Conservative Underground
  80. One party hell-bent to forcibly re-make American society in their Marxist image.
  81. Congressional Democrats Pushing To RAISE Federal Gas Tax by 50%
  82. House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) t blasts Pelosi for not allowing drilling vote
  83. Energy Woes Should Mean Dems 'Alll' Washed Up
  84. "Are These West Coast Liberals Playing HardBall With America ?"
  85. Barack in Israel: Barack Obama in a white Yumaka,The arabs will be pissed !
  86. O'Reilly On San Francisco, San Francisco blues .
  87. The New Yorker repents ,The Messiah Lives,He Walks On Water!
  88. GOP issues Filibuster wearning to expand oil drilling (nascent testicles alert?)
  89. Kiwi Students Offered $5,000 To Arrest Condi Rice
  90. Campaigning more important than the troops
  91. Does anyone think these Obama pix look like the old Nazi rallies?
  92. Chimpeachment!!!!!!!!!!
  93. Pelosi prevents production of MORE than 700 million barrels of oil
  94. What Part of 'Drill Now' doesn't Pelosi Understand?
  95. "The Pelosi PLan Must Be Let The Russians and Chinese Drill ANWR !
  96. Dirty Harry Reid: $5-a-gallon gas is no problem,DRILL, DRILL, DRILL!
  97. Fancy Nancy Pelosi: only GOP Congress is Responsible for High Gas Prices…
  98. She's Afraid … She's Very Afraid Of losing Her Job !
  99. Dems "Scrambling to Run Down the Clock" on GOP Solutions to Help Lower Gas Prices
  100. "Reid is begging Kos and HuffAndPuff For Blog Help To Hold Off The Mainstream Blogs !
  101. President Bush should give 'em hell like Harry Truman did.
  102. "Good Keep Them There Until Next Summer If That's What It Takes !"
  103. " She is Stupid, Greedy, Ignorant, Vengeful, and Stubborn,The Perfect Liberal Speaker
  104. 70% agree with Senator McCain, Americans Still Want Offshore Drilling
  105. "How Do These Idiots Expect To Get The Anointed One Elected ?"
  106. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the worst Speaker in the history of Congress
  107. Israel cannot tolerate living under an Iranian nuclear threat
  108. "This Reaction Proves that There is a Democrat Conspiracy Not To Drill !"
  109. "The Most Hated Woman In America Speaks !"
  110. "Leave It French Jean Kerry's Attempt to Screw America !"
  111. Know The Man :George Soros Helped Nazis During Holocaust
  112. A Country At Mercy Of Environmentalists,When they speak, Congress listens.
  113. Obama: "I am a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions"
  114. In the Bunker After the Glasgow East Result
  115. McCain accuses Obama of playing politics with race
  116. Video of GOP revolt in the House Right now
  117. "It Sounds Like The Republician House Is In Full Revolt !"
  118. "What A Day First The Revolt In The House And Now Wexler Weeping and Wailing "
  119. VIDEO: House Republicans Speak to the Media After Leaving the Floor Today (8-1-08)
  120. Macsmind DOS'd by someone at barakobama.com
  121. "Another Reason To Hang Fancy Nancy Pelosi !"
  122. The Whore Of Babylon-By-The-Bay Turns Off Lights, Microphones, Cameras
  123. Sheehan Expected to Make Ballot
  124. Why the Left is Unpatriotic and Why the Right Should Say So
  125. Syrian President Assad's aide , General Mohammed Suleiman Assassinated
  126. "Republician House Members Call For A Major Protest Monday !"
  127. GOP: Lift drilling ban or risk shutdown
  128. Obama + Pelosi + Reid = Scary,Be Afraid. Please.
  129. Obama's website: Prayer service to make Hillary fans support Obama!
  130. "Next Thing Is They Will Be In Default On State Pensions And Contracts !"
  131. Bobby Jindal
  132. "Feeling Bewildered as a Seabird Fouled by an Oil Spill."
  133. An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi
  134. A slow trickle of Democrats yielding to public pressure on drilling
  135. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) just threw Pelosi under the Bus on H&C
  136. The Clintons, the race card, and McCain
  137. OK, Louisiana folks, BE PROUD!!
  138. "D.C. To SCOTUS Screw You And Your Constitution !"
  139. Michelle Obama to Talk With Military Families Wednesday
  140. People Vs. Pelosi,she's out of step with the American people.
  141. Record number of gay, lesbian Dem delegates cited (Get this Denver Gay RAT party star
  142. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to Join House GOP’s Nationwide Protest
  143. You May Be A Racist IF ....Obama..
  144. Small Group of MoveOn flakes is Protesting the Protest
  145. The Imperious Queen Of The Congress Nancy Pelosi
  146. Oops. McCain volunteers wife for topless contest
  147. Why Obama Lost the 2008 Election .... (Actually 10 reasons)
  148. It's Cold Up Here: Natives Alaskans Urge State to Ease Energy Crisis
  149. Clinton Urges Monogamy. Snort.
  150. Gingrich: GOP ready to shut government down over drilling
  151. Split decision in case of bin Laden's driver
  152. McCain vs. Obama on Taxes (Great info!)
  153. The Democrats need a head tuneup
  154. Massive ACORN Voter Fraud with "Absentee Ballots" all Witnessed by The Same Person.
  155. George Bush barely staying awake during Opening Ceremony
  156. Yes, They Walk Among Us, They Are In Politics, And They Continue To Breed!
  157. Veteran gets one-on-one chat with Franken
  158. "George Bush Is Sure Wide awake For These Babes !"
  159. Greenies' Concern Misplaced, even Morally Repugnant
  160. From Saul Alinsky Confrontation Politics,ACORN has Become a Giant Oak Tree
  161. Howe’s effort topples Kline
  162. New York Marxist “Black Liberation Theology” Minister, CEO of the DNC
  163. Nato should press on and give Georgia membership
  164. Bush warns Russia to pull back in Georgia
  165. Russia angered by Israeli drone sale to Georgia
  166. "Old Fancy Nancy Pelosi Has Everyone 'Up Her Butt'!"
  167. "Warning, electric stun devices used in this facility."
  168. Under current federal law, homosexual conduct is illegal in the U.S. military.
  169. While Effectively Preventing Us From Ever Drilling a Single New Well.
  170. Media Excuses For Edwards Border On Sick
  171. "Obama" Soetoro lied to the Illinois State Supreme Court
  172. New law thrashes genetic science
  173. How would you all feel about Lieberman as McCain's VP?
  174. Is McCain open to reenacting the draft?
  175. New Ad: Obama friends with bomber Ayers
  176. The Obama National Anthem
  177. Remember when Biden was a RACIST? (He called Barry "articulate")
  178. Obama: "America cannot afford Joe Biden!"
  179. "Bidens War Stories :Iraq trips he felt that he might have been shot at.."
  180. They are going after McCain& family
  181. Lieberman, Democrats headed for an ugly divorce
  182. Leftist Protesters in Denver (cussing at Griff on Fox)
  183. Biden's Son, Brother Named in Two Suits
  184. Pelosi Orders Removal of Congressman's Tribute to Fallen Marines
  185. Pelosi’s Denver Hotel Evacuated - DNC Target Rich Environment .
  186. A Few Photos Of The MoonBat Freaks At the Denver DNC !
  187. End the Horrendous Political Partisinship of Nancy Pelosi. THAT change I beleive in
  188. Black Clinton delegate being called "Uncle Tom"
  189. DNC is threatening NO ROLL CALL vote
  190. This is amusing!
  191. Lawsuit: "Obama not eligible to run for President"
  192. The Schmit Storm (Karl Rove's Protege) Steve Schmidt.
  193. Report: Obama’s mentor was definitely a communist, but also a pervert
  194. Obama vs. Baldilocks
  195. Jimmy Carter Refers To Obama As 'This Black Boy'
  196. Shuster snidely suggested to Joe Scarborough that "your party, the Republican party"
  197. Kennedy, Michelle backfire on Obama
  198. Latest sleazy email from Democrats.com
  199. "California Tax Activists Proposal Causes Wealththy To Flee from California !"
  200. Brilliant John McCain Ad!
  201. Obama $3 bill
  202. PUMAs for Palin video
  203. Zer-0's Rev.is Baaacccckkkkk
  204. The UN bans criticism of Islam and Sharia!
  205. Donna Brazile says OK to attack Bristol Palin!
  206. Palin Hires Lawyer for Investigation Into Officer Firing
  207. Thompson Speech Hits Media on Palin, Obama on Abortion
  208. New breaking news on Palin....
  209. Another lie: "Palin slashed funds for teen moms!" Uh, no. She didn't.
  210. Another "Mother of Five"
  211. The GOP’s 2004 Platform,the U.S. “will pay a fair share of dues” to the U.N.!"
  212. Obama's self love
  213. Nuance: Matthews and Pat Buchanan scream at each other about sexism
  214. After taking Detroit down the tubes, Kwame resigns
  215. Obama’s Red Mentor Was a Pervert
  216. "If You or I Did This We Would be In Jail But Not Good Old Charlie Range !"
  217. Media Bias
  218. " Is 'Uppity' now on the 'Reserved Word List ' For The Black Upper Crust ?"
  219. "It's About Time,She Can't Have It Both Ways !"
  220. 82% of McCain voters believe the Justices Should use Constitutional Rules .
  221. An Oldie but Goodie ,Zell Miller vs Chrissie Matthews
  222. Republicans Regain Largest Colorado Voting Bloc
  223. Palin takes first swipe at Biden
  224. "Is Ron Paul calling For A Revolution Against The US Government ?"
  225. Meet The Press (Biden)
  226. Early Presidential Campaign Commercials,Funny.
  227. If You Think That Politics Are Tough These Days Imagine These Times ?
  228. The Most Consequential Elections in History:Jefferson and the Election of 1800
  229. Levi Johnston and Fat Girlfriend Arrive in St. Paul
  230. Separating Palin Fact from Palin Fiction
  231. RANGEL THE 'PROBE ME!' POLITICIAN (Culture of Corruption comes home to roost.)
  232. Jeremiah Wright is back in the News.
  233. The Revolutionary Guards' Role in Iranian Politics
  234. Randi Rhodes is a piece of crap... but then, you already knew that
  235. Report: McCain a ‘Hero’ to Taxpayers
  236. Floridians to Supply a Drivers License or Social Security Number
  237. Women going to McCain/Palin: up by 23 points with younger women
  238. Autumn Angst: Dems fret about Obama
  239. "Rangel Tries To Bull Sh*t His Way Out Explaining Why He Didn't Pay His Taxes !"
  240. Mark Udall add shows an aging hippie,a smoke filled Microbus and Department of Peace
  241. "The American people want their country back."
  242. Biden's Tax Returns Show Little Charitable Giving
  243. "What Divorce Says Charlie Rangel We Ain't Getting No Divorce !"
  244. Pelosi Responds to Boehner Letter On Energy, Economy and Rangel
  245. The Difference Between A Republican And A Democrat
  246. Talk Shows for Sunday September 14
  248. Impeach Bush! Impeach Bush!
  249. Chairman Rangel (Democrats are the Party of Corruption)
  250. "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is a “Catholic Religious Heretic”!"