View Full Version : Rockets From Lebanon Hit Northern Israel; Israel Fires Back

01-14-2009, 05:54 AM
Rockets From Lebanon Hit Northern Israel; Israel Fires Back
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israeli aircraft struck a Gaza City cemetery on Wednesday, unearthing dozens of bodies, and pounded militants' weapons positions and arms smuggling tunnels, witnesses and the military said, as guerrillas in Lebanon raised the specter of a new front by sending rockets crashing into northern Israel.

Israeli police said three rockets were fired from Lebanon at open areas near the town of Kiryat Shemona, causing no injuries or damage. Residents of northern Israel were instructed to stay close to bomb shelters following the second attack from Lebanon in less than a week, the military said.

Lebanese security officials said the Israeli army fired shells on south Lebanon in response. The Israeli military said it returned fire to the source of fire, and that it regarded the Lebanese government and military as responsible for preventing attacks on Israel.

The rockets flying across its northern border have fueled Israel's fears that militants in Lebanon could try to open a second front in solidarity with Gaza's Islamic militant Hamas rulers.
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