View Full Version : Russia Creates New-Generation Super Quiet Diesel Submarine

01-14-2009, 11:06 AM
"Sounds like either a new generation cold war is about to start or Russia is building these for 'export' to countries like India and China to counter our old Los Angeles types !
Russia has been creating new diesel submarines named Lada. This was reported January 13 by the first deputy CEO of Russian Technology state corporation Alexei Aleshin.

According to Alexei Aleshin, the submarine has become the Navy’s “brightest innovative project”. He also marked that “it will be an absolutely new product”. 120 new technologies are being used for its creation.

Construction of the first submarines within Lada 667 project started in 1977. Their functions include enemy submarines and ships destruction, protection of navy bases, coasts and sea communications, and reconnaissance operations. The combination of a low noise level, small size and power is the main feature of Lada submarines.