View Full Version : "Iran Fears Hamas Will be Severely Damaged if Truce Is Not Reached Quickly !"

01-17-2009, 02:34 PM
Iran Green Lights "Escalation""Iran Fears Hamas Will be Severely Damaged if Truce Is Not Reached Quickly !"

Green light by Iran for Hezbollah militia to escalate at Israel's northern border

JERUSALEM Palestinian organizations in Lebanon were given a green light by Iran, Syria and by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia to escalate tension along Israel's northern border if a truce is not reached over the weekend and if Israel's continued war in Gaza begins to severely damage Hamas in the coming days, according to informed Israeli defense sources.

Hamas' chief Kheled Meshaal announced yesterday at an Arab conference his group will not accept Israeli conditions for a cease-fire in Gaza and would continue attacking the Jewish state until the Israeli offensive in Gaza ends. Meshaal joined Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a surprise visit to a Doha conference aimed at dealing with the Gaza crisis. But Hamas sources said the terror group will send representatives to Egypt this weekend to continue truce talks with Israel.

Israeli officials have made no secret of their desire to reach a cease-fire in the near future.

"I hope we are entering the end game and that our goal of sustained and durable quiet in the south (of Israel) is about to be attained," government spokesman Mark Regev said.