View Full Version : DU is so predictable

06-23-2008, 12:14 AM

Catch this one before the lock!

i read DU regularly during GD :P . i did see the relevance of the "this is Obama Underground!" statements. (i'm an Obams supporter, have been for quite some time, tho he was not my first choice.)

i've been at DU for years. while i could have predicted that many here would realize that Obama has feet made of clay, i am shocked at how quickly it happened. holy christ, people! y'all just really like to fight on the internet, dontcha?

yesterday, Obama was our saviour. today, he has betrayed us all! *outrage* *venom* *blah blah blah*

here's a newsflash: DU members will pillory anyone, for any reason, at any time. why? i don't exactly know, but it happens all the time. it's been this way for years.

i'm going to go ahead and keep trying to hang on to this hope. it's the best i've had since jimmy carter told us to turn down our thermostats.