View Full Version : President on collision course with his critics

01-26-2009, 07:38 AM

BARACK OBAMA has picked a fight with the US's most influential right-wing commentator, telling Republicans in Washington to stop listening to the talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

Don't let a little thing like the First Amendment get in the way now....

After less than a week in office, Mr Obama is encountering the partisan bickering he had pledged to stamp out during his first 100 days in office.

And it wont stop now...

He faces growing criticism over his $US825 billion ($1.25 trillion) economic stimulus plan from Republican leaders who say Mr Obama did not give them the input he had promised. He responded by saying he was prepared to force the bill through without bipartisan consensus. Mr Obama told Republican leaders from the House of Representatives: "I won. I'm the President."

So fucking what..you aint God, mate. Well well, Pres. Obama becomes "The Decider"...isnt this what he and his cohorts threw at Pres Bush earlier? My how the worm has turned....

He then told them to break free of the confrontational mindset epitomised by Limbaugh, the highest-paid talk show host in the US. "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," Mr Obama said.

They will listen to whoever they damned well please.

His comments followed a blunt on-air attack by Limbaugh, who said he hoped Mr Obama would fail as President because his success would usher in socialism.

Oh I know he will fail.....I'm looking forward to it...

Mr Obama has pledged to end the culture wars on social issues that have riven American politics.

..and for his next trick, he will stop the tide coming in and the sun rising...

He barred television cameras from recording him signing an executive order reversing a Republican ban on funding for overseas family-planning groups that countenanced abortions.

Imagine if Pres. Bush had done this....the screaming would be heard in the stratosphere.St Obama really doesnt like the media ..now he won and has what he wanted...

Anti-abortion groups in turn accused him of plotting "infanticide" of black children.

..and they'd be right.

"The Obama people like a scrap none more than the President," a Democratic strategist said.

Well..he wanted a fight, now he gets one...

"But they know they're in a fight now. And it probably won't let up for eight years."

....what makes you think he will get that far. Eight years?? let's see his poliitical career survive FOUR...my bet is, he made a LOT of promises, and now he cant keep them.

I think we are seeing the start of a one term wonder.