View Full Version : Iraq polling ends without major violence

02-01-2009, 07:18 AM

February 01, 2009 02:45am

IRAQ concluded provincial elections overnight without recording a major attack anywhere in the war-weary country, said Defence Ministry spokesman Major General Mohammed al-Askary.

Iraqi police and soldiers guarded polling stations against attacks by al-Qaeda or other insurgents while the 140,000 US troops in the country maintained a low-profile as they prepare to leave by end-2011, or sooner.

About 15 million eligible Iraqis have been called to cast ballots in 14 of 18 provinces at thousands of voting centres that opened at 7am (3pm AEDT) yesterday. The elections are seen as a key test of Iraq's steadily improving stability, as US President Barack Obama looks to redeploy American troops to Afghanistan.

Iraq's 800,000-strong police and military have been deployed in strength across the country as part of ramped-up measures aimed at preventing attacks by al-Qaeda and other insurgents. More than 14,400 candidates are standing for 440 seats in councils, which appoint the provincial governor and oversee finance and reconstruction, with a combined budget of $US2.5 billion ($3.83 billion).

..and nowhere in the media is there any mention of the man that made it possible.

02-01-2009, 07:25 AM
Now Obama can claim success in Iraq. Now that the present government has more say so in their own affairs they are more likely to try to minimize terror activities. Of course they still have to deal with those who would want to wretch the power back to the ways that were prevalent under Saddam. They also have to contend with the religious fanatics who want to establish a religious dominance in the government.