View Full Version : Australian bush fires: Thirsty koala becomes Australia's wild fire star (Video

02-11-2009, 07:07 PM
Thirsty Koala - A Firefighter Gives Koala A Drink (2009 Australian Bushfires)

A thirsty koala rescued from the Australian wild fires has become a star on YouTube, the video-sharing website, emerging as a lucky survivor of the disaster that has killed more than 180 people. Firefighter Dave Tree stumbled across the female marsupial, nicknamed Sam, as he was battling blazes in Victoria state and was amazed when the parched animal allowed him to approach and guzzled water from a bottle he offered. “Things do survive the bush fire ... are you alright buddy?” he asked in footage captured by a fellow volunteer on a mobile phone. The cuddly appearance of the koala...

02-11-2009, 08:27 PM
The part they didn't show you was that the Koala was just luring in the camera crew so the Drop Bears could attack.