View Full Version : Socialistic Mentality In America

02-13-2009, 11:04 AM
Is it more than possible that these latest appointees of Mr. Obama's are having their strings pulled from the White House is working a very dark strategy of dropping this great republic and raising it again a socialistic state?

The Federal Government is not telling us the extent this 'recession' is in. The word 'recession' is what caused President George Herbert Walker Bush to lose popularity with the American public and be sent back home after four years in the White House inspite of his tactical victory during Desert Storm in 1991.

While the rock star goes out and pushes the Pelosi stimulous package in an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans who can already plainly see what is going on with this major spending bill, it will take three or four decades before we even begin to see recovery from this fiasco.

The mentality of select individuals who come to Mr. Obama in a town hall meeting and discussing giving them an apartment and a small car, or some sort of program that will instantly rocket the McDonald's french frier into equal ground with his district manager is astounding! When it all hits home and the bill comes in to be paid for, America will not be able to see the light of day from this mess, and only one can claim the responsibility for it.


Folks, we're in a 'recession' right now, because its a kinder, gentler word for what we're about to face when the truth is known.

When the banks fail, the trickle down effective into economy as a whole will certainly make 1929 through 1941 look like a walk in the park. When the banks fail, government will also fail. Those with retirements pending their their time to do so will be lost. Don't count on social security, the government is going bankrupt due to all this stimulous spending. The State of California is sending out I.O.U.'s to their taxpayers, and if California goes the other forty nine are simply sitting and waiting for the domino effect.

It all ties in together.

When it can no longer be held back from the ignorance of the American public, we'll find out after the fact that our trust in the White House messiah had a designed plan on drawing this country into national socialism from a NATIONAL DEPRESSION.