View Full Version : Why did the 60's Generation get it so wrong in so many areas of life?

02-13-2009, 05:58 PM
Why did the 60's Generation get it so wrong in so many areas of life?

Growing up in the 50's brought a definitely skewed vision of life for the kids who's futures were molded at the hands of their parents generation (the Greatest Generation) and the world events that shaped the actions/reactions of the institutions touching each and every child.

The move from a local/state/US-centric view of life to a new world view and the growth of an entire generation of young people dominated by a generation of very conservative parents and grandparents (who grew up during the depression) created a generation of rebels, as most children reject the teaching of their parents, that went too far in that rebellion.

How did it happen? Since I am not a child psychiatrist/psychologist, I can't offer guarantees of accuracy, but see if you don't ask the same questions I did when I reviewed these observations.

When we were kids, during the school day, once a month or more, we had nuclear drills. Where I went, we had to, on command from a loud siren, stop, drop, get under our wood and metal desks, on our knees in a weird type of fetal position and cover the back of our heads with our hands so the radiation from the atom bomb would not burn through our hands and damage our brains. The Russians put nukes 90 miles from our shores, satellites above us and missiles in submarines.

Well, I wonder where those children's phobias found an outlet. Perhaps the peace movement/nuclear freeze movement... We had bomb shelters around town and had to know where it was, how to get there, and what was there to eat and drink and how many beds. If our parents weren't in the military, most of our neighbors were or had been.

The other neighbors were the older, childless couples who lived through the depression. Both groups were VERY strict on the one hand and like every parent, wanted their children to have more than they did. Our parents gave us latitude, but demanded strict adherence to rules.

We could leave the house in the summer time, no watch, no phones, no cell phones, no parents, play all day without our parents able to see or hear us and make it home by 6 for dinner.

Everyone of those neighbors watched out for us and when we stepped out of line, we caught hell (corporal punishment) from the neighbors and no one thought twice about it. What mental trauma over the years was wrought from the discipline of the parents and the neighbors?

Perhaps, a generation of nor rules, liberal philosophy and personal self interest? I'd say that generation developed neurosis and fear that fed a lifetime of undiscipline, selfishness and a severe lack of responsiblity.