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Saturday, February 14, 2009
Given Beverly Eckert's Death, it Behooves Us to Ask the Question: Could the Jersey Girls Possibly Be False Flag Agents of the Conspiracy?

I had never considered whether or not prominent 9/11-victim activists like the Jersey Girls were false-flag agents of the conspiracy until just today, when I looked at them in the light of the recent death of a 9/11 activist who was a compellingly authentic victim and icon for the truth, Beverly Eckert, who died a few days ago in the plane crash outside Buffalo, New York.

You want street cred for authenticity when speaking truth to power? Go get yourself killed in a fiery plane crash then. We can tell our Paul Wellstone's from our John F. Kennedy Jr's.

I have long linked to a slick movie presentation of the Jersey Girls' story, titled, "In Their Own Words," a story which continues to move and inspire me, as I dipped a big toe in for a bit this morning. But damn, it sure is a slickly done presentation for an opposition work label. Of course, I don't even want to get into Ann Coulter now. As far as I'm concerned, they are all trauma-trained beta slaves at a nickle a dozen, extras a la carte.

I know that if these women are who they really say they are, they will understand the nature of the field that is enveloping them, and applaud any doubting Thomas examinations of the legitimacy of their roles---given the spiraling complexity of the 9/11 plot, and the central role played by false-flag agents manipulating a synthetic reality, everything occludes the ultimate truths---until it evolves and doesn't anymore.

9/11 Activist Who Sued Government Killed In Buffalo Plane Crash

Eckert's statement of principle, published at the two-year anniversary mark, got little public attention at the time. It deserves to be widely reread today as her epitaph, and as a catalyst to our awakening to what is the ultimate. A good course of study for me would be researching who took the payoffs, and who didn't.

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Tried reading it.

This (http://ocean-of-storms.com/norah/annoy/randblog.html) is far more comprehensible.