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02-15-2009, 08:39 PM
Actually we got full after the crabs yesterday so part 3 we did today!

Blackened sea scallops, pan seared filet mignon with caramelized onion and sauteed shrooms.

For the scallops; combine and mix;
1 Tbsp paprika
2 tsp each of dry mustard, brown sugar and kosher salt
1 tsp each of celery seed, dried oregano, dried thyme, black pepper, white pepper and cayenne pepper.

1/2 lb scallops
2 T veggy oil

dip 1 side of each scallop in spice mixture

Heat a heavy pan over med high heat until very hot. add oil, then sear scallops, spice side down for about 3 minutes until blackened. flip and sear till done, 2 more minutes. Remove from heat and keep warm, or at least try one!

For the meat;

2 filet mignons
2 Tbsp veggie oil

Pre-heat oven to 425, rack in middle

season filets with S&P

Heat a heavy pan over med high heat until very hot. add oil, then sear filets on one side for 5 minutes.
Turn them over and place pan in oven and roast to desired doneness. See chart below.

Rare: 5 minute sear and 5 minute roast - rest 5 minutes
Medium rare: 5 minute sear and 7 minute roast - rest 5 minutes
Medium: 5 minute sear and 9 minute roast - rest 5 minutes
medium well: Fuhgeddaboudit, you dont want to do that!


Perfect searing!

02-15-2009, 08:40 PM
Medium rare!


02-15-2009, 10:07 PM
Damn Bob. "On the plate" looks killer.

Carcinogens rule!

Celtic Rose
02-15-2009, 11:36 PM
Medium rare!


Seriously, do you want to be my chef :p

You should open your own restaurant, the dishes you make always look awesome and delicious :D