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02-19-2009, 05:54 PM
The Neo-Marxist Change Wheel

Already we are seeing the neo-Marxist cogs in the change wheel manipulating away our freedoms and treasure. Congress and this President have wasted no time; from the executive orders to the manipulative speeches and attachments to the ‘stimulus’ bill that insult and betray the American people.

Didn’t you love the endless grandstanding by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama regarding the urgent need to pass the stimulus bill, insisting that our country would go down in heaping flames if it wasn’t passed? Naturally, we all understand the extreme emergency measures added to the bill: $650 million for digital TV coupons; $99,600 for doorbells in Laurel, MS; $3,450,000 to ‘rehabilitate’ sidewalks in Alexandria, VA; $500,000 for a dog park in Chula Vista, CA; $600 million to buy hybrid vehicles for federal employees; and how could we forget Nancy Pelosi’s favorite: $30 million to restore wetlands in the San Francisco Bay region, saving the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse. There was too much ridiculous fat and nonsense thrown into this rape bill to even mention here. If you want a longer list of the absurd, read Frank Salvato’s Feb 13th article, It’s Not Obama’s “Stimulus” Bill, at The New Media Journal.us.

What is the “change agenda” of this administration and congressional Democrats? It is becoming vividly clear the goal is Socialism and Marxism; neo-Marxism. Freedoms have to boldly go while control has to dramatically grow in all areas for this to happen. Surely no one will notice. After all, half the country wanted change! The other half can be seduced and distracted into silence...or can we?

“Karl Marx said it first: Socialism is not a form of government but is a state, a policed and engineered state in which a nation takes on while in ‘Transition’ from a Capitalist to a Communist society, while the “Communist Utopia” is the ultimate desired outcome of the full transition; a world with no police, no property, no religion, no classes, even no need for government, no war…a fantasy land of everlasting harmony…” – From Hitler, Socialism and the Racial Agenda” Justin Stamm, The Epoch Times.

What are the sucking sounds...draining our freedoms and setting us up for this new world?

Freedom of speech must be controlled and severally dampened!

Watch the Fairness Doctrine re-emerge with a different name and directly attack conservative and Christian talk radio. Senior FCC staff is already having meetings with policy and legislative advisers to House Energy & Commerce Committee chairman Henry Waxman. They are pondering ways to create openings for the FCC to place the Fairness Doctrine back into existence without really calling it that. Freedom loving Waxman is also looking at controlling the Internet. I guess there is too much freedom of speech there as well.

The Fairness Doctrine crowd hides behind “diversity” and “freedom of speech” when in reality it is government censorship and Communist behavior at its finest. Liberals and Progressives have always had the same freedom to speak and do shows utilizing a broad spectrum of media outlets. They already dominate in the media with NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS on and on. Then there is the endless domination with print media. It isn’t conservative talk radio’s fault that the liberal talk radio network, Air America, has crashed and burned. It is however, most typical that the far left Progressives can’t face their business failures but instead must try and murder the competition to promote a dictatorship heralding their opinions and side only.

On the larger governmental level, this administration wants talk radio muted into silence because it and the Internet are the last real place for freedom of speech, the last venue where the masses can actually be heard. Talk radio is a grassroots entertainment media where folks and their concerns can still be rallied and directed. That is most threatening to an administration that wants more control and Socialism! Watch this fight unfold.

Another cog in this anti-freedom train is nationalized health care.

We have seen the beginning of nationalized health care deceitfully attached to the stimulus bill with no national discussion. The critical part of this nightmare is that the legislation’s language changes the treatment terms in Medicaid and Medicare from what is thought of as safe and effective to “cost effective.” They model their new formula for determining this new conditional care on age and cost. They will divide the cost of treatment by the number of years the patient will likely benefit.