View Full Version : I'm for McCain, but not the GOP.. Ralph Peters !

06-25-2008, 08:38 PM
"He may be the portent of rational Independent voters who hold their noses and vote McCain !"

I support John McCain for president. But that doesn't mean I support the Republican Party. Had the GOP nominated anyone else this year, I'd be struggling to rationalize a vote for the Democrats in November. I back McCain because we need integrity, experience and courage in our next president. I view the Democrats' candidate, Barack Obama, as a Ferrari without an engine, wonderfully shiny but with nothing under the hood.

Even so like many Americans I'm disgusted with both political parties. The Republicans have abandoned their principles while the Democrats have abandoned their senses. I believe that the Republicans get it right more often on foreign policy and security while the Democrats show more decency on domestic matters. Were it not for their alarming weakness on defense, I'd lean toward the Democrats now not least because of the Republican Party's slavish relationship with the energy industry.


Who is Ralph Peters "
Ralph Peters (b. 1952) is a retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel, novelist and essayist. He has sometimes written under the nom-de-plume Owen Parry.