View Full Version : These Tax Happy Massholes are Out of Their Minds,We Have A Constitution Donchknow .

02-20-2009, 09:49 AM
( Taxachusetts ) State chases sales taxes in N.H.

Massachusetts has ordered a tire chain to charge Bay State residents a 5 percent sales tax on their purchases in New Hampshire in an unprecedented move that could have huge implications for consumers and other merchants.

"They don't have the authority to force a business in another state to do anything !These tax happy Massholes are out of their minds .Their last trick was to put Mass. State troopers outside of New Hampshire State liquor stores and take licenses numbers of people from Mass. and send them bills for the Mass. state liquor sales tax.The New Hampshire State cops escorted them quickly out of the state !"

Town Fair Tire Centers, which is based in Connecticut but has six shops in New Hampshire and 25 in Massachusetts, is fighting back with a lawsuit now before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that accuses the state of violating the US commerce clause. ...."Free Trade ocross state lines ."

If Massachusetts prevails in the case, which is likely to be heard next month, it could drive up costs for consumers...