View Full Version : How the Rich Guys Fly: Sneak Peek at SWISS's New First Class Cabin

02-20-2009, 09:33 PM
How the Rich Guys Fly: Sneak Peek at SWISS's New First Class Cabin

Over the past several years, SWISS has been overhauling its brand, and amping up its high-design bonafides. The airline's latest salvo is a swank new first-class cabin that's nicer than all but the nicest of New York apartments. Designed by Priestman Goode, the new seats aren't really seats at all, but rather cubicles that can convert between a two-top table set-up, a full bed, and a reclining seat. Each cubicle gets a flat-screen TV. The design itself is oh-so Swiss: Handsome and serene. There's a virtual tour here.

Of course, luxury like this comes at a price. First class airfare from New York to Geneva, Switzerland starts at $5,567.68. The folks back in steerage class will pay $420.18 for the same ride, minus the posh accommodations and the haute cuisine dining experience ("You and you alone decide when the kitchen opens," SWISS's first class site promises. "Whether you fancy a seven course meal shortly after take-off, or a freshly-brewed espresso accompanied by a chocolate truffle, SWISS meets all your culinary needs.")

Still, as GM's pampered execs demonstrated (before they were taken to the woodshed by Congress), even flying first class is a come down if you're accustomed to a private jet.

02-20-2009, 09:54 PM
Very nice. As long as our tax money doesn't provide this for any of our "public servants" I'm good with it.
Also, if one's Cessna Cub was repossessed, I don't think a bailout for one of these should be cinsidered.