View Full Version : Boy Scouts call on the Bushes for food donation

02-22-2009, 02:59 PM
" GOD Bless George Bush, The Last American President...ever."

If you've seen the yellow bags on your door knob, you probably know this is the day Boy Scouts collect food for the hungry. Their goal - 500,000 items.

But behind one door knob, a local Cub Scout troop solicited a pretty special donor, former president George W. Bush. For 10,000 local kids, scouting for food is door to door, and it's neighbor to neighbor. But for the boys of Troop 19, their newest neighbor is guarded by the police and the Secret Service. Getting the former president's canned goods is no simple matter.

"You had to do a bit of coordinating with the Secret Service and with President Bush's scheduler," said Nancy Burke, Wolf Cub Den leader. They held a drawing to choose which two kids would ring the Bushes' bell. Then, they blanketed the neighborhood. One even collected a can of Bush beans. Then they headed out of our camera's view to meet the man who's been either governor or president their entire short lives.

Neighbors say the Bushes are trying fit in. In a few minutes, they emerged with two bags of canned goods.
They gave me carrots," said one Scout. And lots of stories. "Former president Bush, he said 'come on down,' so we could all come over and meet him," said one. "His hand was warm," said another. The Bushes, both of them, blew off the rules, and posed for pictures with all the Scouts.

Chandler Burke even got a souvenir. "He asked if I was working on my Eagle project, I said, 'yes, I'm working to repair some baseball bleachers.' Then I took out this baseball and asked him to sign," said one Scout. Neighbors say the Bushes are trying fit in, so they are helping the Scouts help thousands, because that's what good neighbors do