View Full Version : Obama is a total replay of Bill Clinton, without Bill Clinton.

06-26-2008, 03:26 PM
I'm dizzy from reading that site. What do they stand for? Who are they behind?
This just in: Obama is the new Bill Clinton, and No they don't mean in a good way.

Surprise (not) - its Bill Clinton's younger, skinnier brother.
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NEW CLARIFICATION: This thread was posted and instantly locked last night. I have made the minimum amount of changes (in red) that I think will avoid this version being locked.

CLARIFICATION so this thread doesn't get locked: I will hold my nose and vote for this charming, intelligent, up-from-poverty candidate in November (who just "coincidentally" happens to behave like Bill Clinton: dumping his liberal positions the minute he wins the nomination); but I cannot say anything more positive than he is the lesser of two evils in America's descent into corporatism.

Yes, I will vote for Obama. But only because his opponent is a bat-shit crazy warmonger, a sleazy, crooked politician whose wife is up to her eyeballs in financial conflicts, a misogynist, and an out-of-touch hothead who would sell his mother's soul to be president (he already sold his own soul).

And if the Democratic party wants more than lip service campaign support from progressives, you will accept this well-deserved criticism and learn from it.



"My view on FISA has always been that the issue of the phone companies per se is not one that override the security interests of the American people."

- Barack Obama

Obama is a no-show on a immunity for Bush and the telcos; and he supports the egregious and totally postponable FISA rewrite.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Suckers. You have all been had AGAIN. The man taught Constitutional law, but he has no problem with retroactive immunity.

A year ago, I griped about being sold out by the Congress on more fronts than I could count. Six months ago, up to the point when GD-P turned into a ugly shitstorm, I warned you about the corporate lock on "The Permanent Campaign" . I even pointed out in a post ("I will not be Anita Hill'ed...", which was NOT locked) that the definitions of sexism and racism were being stretched to stifle any intra-party criticism. But, you were all having so much fun playing king of the hill over your sellout candidates that you didn't listen.

How's that working out for you? In the last week, Obama has sworn fealty to the free market (and has a stableful of Friedmanite advisors). He let the Iraq funding bill go through without so much as a sour look; and still says "all options are on the table" about Iran. Yesterday, he and Hillary blithely did nothing as Reid and Pelosi put a kill shot through the bleeding corpse of our Constitution with this stinking FISA sellout. Meanwhile, Nancy is giving King George a Pocket Pardon on impeachment.

Welcome to four more years of being triangulated so far to the right that Barry Goldwater would be considered centrist. Tell me, does one need a lobotomy to believe that it was mere coincidence that Reid and Pelosi brought this rotten FISA bill back to the floor not two weeks after The Permanent Primary ended? How blind do you have to be to notice that 50 or 70 Dem votes changed sides from the cute little charade vote on FISA back during primary season?

Obama is a total replay of Bill Clinton, without Bill Clinton. The same MO: campaign to the left until you have the nomination, then run immediately to the right and stay there. Does anyone here remember the 1990s? Remember NAFTA, and GATT? Remember the end of welfare? Remember telecom deregulation?

Well that's exactly what four years of Obama is going to look like. I have no illusions. Never had, and I'm not going to start now.

All I will say is that the man is better than McCain; and I will play my part in this charade of an election. Assuming that Bush waits until after McCain loses to bomb Iran.


If I can't even get this version posted without getting locked or tombstoned, then DU has gotten too bowdlerized to discriminate hard-hitting criticism from mere invective.

Thank you for your attention.

Good night and good f-ing luck.
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