View Full Version : Luis Cervantes Salazar: Texas Executes Another Thug

03-12-2009, 12:22 AM
On October 11, 1997, after a night filled with marijuana, cocaine, and drinking, Luis Salazar claims he thought he was back home in his own house, and that the person he stabbed to death was an intruder.

Instead, Salazar was in the home of Martha Sanchez, 28, and her three children, one of whom Salazar also stabbed in the chest after killing their mother.

Evidence shows that Salazar knew what he was doing: Evidence, however, showed the telephone wires at the home next door to where Salazar previously lived had been cut and Sanchez’s injuries indicated Salazar had tried to... snip
Tonight, with Martha’s oldest son watching, Texas unleashed final justice on Salazar — who was still too much of a coward to admit his guilt or even look at the victim’s family.

Salazar — the second Texas death row inmate put to death in as many nights — was a vile waste of flesh. Almost four years before killing Martha Sanchez, Salazar raped an 18-year-old retarded girl. And some four years before that, he was found guilty of four counts of aggravated robbery for holding up convenience stores.

Next on the Execution Roll Call: Jose Garcia Briseno will die on April 7, the first of three more animals to be executed next month by the great state of Texas.

Interestingly, the Mexican nd other Hispanic death row inmates almost never have Euro-trash deathrow groupie girlfriends and fiances. Those scumpals almost always go for black and white killers.