View Full Version : Dying woman spends £40,000 on plastic surgery.. to look like Demi Moore

03-12-2009, 08:15 AM
EXCLUSIVE by Kelly Jenkins 21/02/2009

'I want to die beautiful,' says cancer patient Lisa Connell.
Lisa Connell

A woman with an inoperable brain tumour is spending £40,000 on plastic surgery – so she can die looking like movie star Demi Moore.

Lisa Connell, 29, will use the money her mum Angela had saved up for Lisa’s wedding to pay for her new look.

“I’ve always dreamed of looking like Demi Moore and I’m determined that when I die I will,” she said.

Despite being a stunning brunette, Lisa has never been happy with her appearance and is convinced the surgery will make her look as beautiful as Demi, who is no stranger to cosmetic surgery herself.

She added: “People think I’m crazy for wanting to do this, but I know it will make my last months or years happier. I want to die beautiful. This is my way of getting the control back in my life.”


The things people will waste money on. Irony would be if she died whilst still bandaged from the surgery . . . .

03-12-2009, 08:28 AM
There's something seriously wrong with this story. In the first line they say "cancer patient". In one of the last lines, it says that the tumor isn't malignant.

Something doesn't add up. They talk about her "wedding money", her miscarriage. Where's the daddy? Sounds like he didn't stick around for the bad times.

She definitely isn't thinking straight. All that surgery will be painful. What she needs is some psychological help. She really is a beautiful young woman---and her mom is attractive, too. What a sad story.

03-12-2009, 10:23 AM
The tumor isn't malignant but it's inoperable and it's growing. Eventually, it will squish her brain to death.

Brain damage is the only thing that can explain why this woman wants to look like Demi Moore.