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Black Phoenix
03-14-2009, 08:21 AM
(Posted this already on Free Conservatives.)
After watching this feature: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3932487043163636261
(Do not watch, it's a tremendous waist of time.)

About one of the worst thought out political movements of our time, I began to wonder about creating a counter movement based on actual lessons learned from society.


Free market capitalism is the most successful form of monetary system. It has massive potential by tapping the raw power of human ambition. It has produced the most powerful economies the world has ever seen.

Socialism is not a necessary component of society, however has a tremendous psychological draw to society at large. There is no actual need for medicare, health care or any program like that. If push comes to shove, communities can pitch in to help each other out. The problem with this is however, very few people understand that socialism is unnecessary or have that much faith in capitalism. People fear falling through the cracks and desire some kind of safety net.

Capitalism can function with limited socialism. When socialism constantly grows, then issues arise.

Communism does not work.

On it's own, socialism cannot function.

I call this the

Phoenix Initiative:

A capitalist unlimited, socialist preplanned and limited system.

Understand, this is not to tell the role of individuals, but the role of government.

To start, this is not the solution to war, world hunger or corruption in general. Only an idiot or a liar makes such claims about any socio political system. This will not end pollution, or dissolve nationalities to unify humanity. All this is, is an attempt at a superior form of government by using lessons learned from failures and successes.

The true desire of socialism is innate. No one wants to fall though the cracks and starve or be unable to obtain a cure to disease. Socialism feeds on fear.

Imagine I made a bridge over troubled waters. For a while, people walk across and we continue to build. A few fall off and many express a desire that supplies that once went to making and repairing the bridge, go to attaching a broader safety net, just above the water.

The net proves to help some, but can't really keep you from drowning, only slowing the process. People continuously throw materials at reinforcing the net, not realizing they are limited and the net doesn't actually functionally serve as a bridge substitute. (It's too close to the water... besides, who ever heard of a "net" over troubled waters?) As the bridge gets weaker, it is becoming unable to hold up the net. Everyone is going to drown.

Well, stupid as the desire is, you can't keep people from wanting the net, so what do you do? Either try to force them towards what you know is best (improving only the bridge, screw the dumb net) or only reserve the bare minimum of materials for the net, per say, tricking people, somehow, into thinking it fully serves its function.

I propose we change the rules for socialism... or rather, actually write some! Socialism is a safety net for if you fall through. Very well. A net keeps you from dying, right? The net doesn't rise you up and cannot possibly serve that function.

In this society socialism covers:

General food/water, clothing, shelter and medical needs.

Everything else is driven by the free market. If a car company is about to go under, let it. If a bank starts to fail, return people their money and let it fail. If you want a TV, you have to earn it the capitalist way. Internet connection is a luxury. If you want entertainment, either screw your wife, or get a job to pay for what your heart desires.

Social net is to help those falling through to survive, not to create a comfortable living for the lazy. Hence no luxuries or comforts are subsidized. The intent is to foster a desire to get back into private sector life.

General food/water:

Just what it sounds like. Edible meat, vegetables and fruit along with clean water, is provided. You want a pre-made cheeseburger made your way? So sorry, that's a luxury, you have to find a seller and buy it with money you've earned. We won't even provide ingredients. You'd be surprised how quickly plain beef gets old.


What is needed for each season. All brown. Tee-shirt, tennis shoes and jeans for summer along with boots and a coat for winter.

One bedroom apartment with additional room considerations for family size. If you have three boys, it's two bedrooms (one for the kids). If you have two boys and a girl, it's three bedrooms. (The whining of the little brats alone will drive people insane!)
Frankly, bring your own pillow, it's not like you can't sleep on the floor, we'll provide proper heating.
Want a house? Earn it.

Medical needs:

This gets more complicated. The other three can be provided for cheaply, but medical needs are costly yet undeniable. Needless to say, rooms for jobless will be like old military hospital rooms, save for we won't compromise on quality. You'll get the treatment the doctors say you need, but nothing else, unless you're paying for the visit. Need entertainment? Well, either pay for TV or hope the family stops by frequently.
This won't make up for the sheer expensive nature of some procedures but I hope it will ease the burden enough.
Also, operations for cosmetic or otherwise reasons cannot be subsidized. A medical life, limb or preventive procedure are the only procedures that fall under socially funded.

Social funding:
Social funding is set to provide needed funds for basic needs creation, as well as steady profit for those individuals in the field and their employees. More funds cannot be allotted for expansion into private sector work. Only personal profit can be used for expansion.

Who is entitled:

Everyone. This serves a few functions. First, it's counter productive to continue to earn money, if suddenly at a certain income level, everything starts to cost. Also, during times of success, doctors and farmers may attempt to favor richer customers paying for what others get for free (this would of course be illegal, but best not to encourage it).

You've got feet. You only get public trans if they're broken. After all, we want you out of the house looking for a job, so we'll facilitate if you need help.

Hope you saved up or have a nice family, else you're gonna get pretty miserable. (Or work through it. It's not that terrible to have a job at 65.)

If someone wants to help you, that's on them, the government cannot hinder or help them.


Security (military) and law (police) enforcement is a right not a privilege. The police will protect you and keep order around where you live. If you want a gun or any form of personal security however, that is luxury, earn it.


Providers of socialist goods are subsidized with the option of making additional products paid for by the free market. For instance, if berries are determined to be luxury, growing them is not paid for by government but the land and seeds are bought from the farmer's own money and sold to the demanding public at price.

The rest of the society is run by capitalism.

There are no true social jobs aside helping provide the basic needs. Even road construction must be put to bid or even given over completely to the private sector if possible.

Income tax is allowed, but cannot exceed 20% of a man's income. Excess revenue is made by sales tax. A sales tax cannot be levied for or against any industry or company. It must be levied equally on all products and goods bought and sold in the nation. Cannot exceed 50%.

(*Need to plan how often taxes can be changed.)

Income is considered personal profit, not net company worth. A business owner owes on his own personal profit only, regardless of the success of his company.

Social science:

The area of social science must be rethought. We do not need to pay scientist and mathematicians to run surveys to see how many people like green beans. Only sciences pointed at advancing basic need production can be publicly funded. Even space exploration should be left to private sector, after all, it is not productive to force billions of dollars from industry so a grown man can jump around on the moon and pee his pants.

(*More details needed on creation of social science centers.)

Science for military and law enforcement purposes fall under basic needs.


Incentive should be run to encourage competition. The first company to get into space, gets a grant. The first company to build an efficient hydro-fueled car, gets a grant. And so for. Companies cannot be awarded grants predicated on advancements not yet made. Incentive is grants, not contracts. No business unrelated to basic needs can be socially funded. Money set aside for grants must be preplanned.

No social lottery. Tax payers should not have their hard earned money taken by force to be given away in raffle to random chance lucky individuals whom have done nothing to earn it. Only private run lottery, since money is collected without force, is allowed.

Excess money should be given back to the private sector. Reserves can be made if possible, however must be planned in advance, and again, any excess money must be given back to tax payers by set percentage of what they paid.