View Full Version : Beijing raises stakes with tit-for-tat deployment in South China Sea

03-16-2009, 01:34 AM
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Beijing has increased tension in a disputed part of the South China Sea by sending a patrol ship to protect fishing boats after the United States deployed a destroyer in the area. The American move was in response to alleged Chinese harassment of one of its surveillance vessels.

Two Chinese trawlers stop directly in front of the military Sealift Command ocean surveillance ship USNS Impeccable The Yuzheng 311, a converted naval rescue vessel, is the largest and most modern patrol ship in the Chinese Navy, the Beijing News said.

It was due to arrive in the Paracel Islands yesterday to... snip

Ship's sovereignty duty

CHINA'S largest ocean surveillance ship has gone on patrol in the South China Sea, reinforcing the country's sovereignty over the area, the Global Times newspaper reported.The ship, China Yuzheng 311, sailed from Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, on Tuesday to patrol and protect Chinese fishing grounds around the Nansha and Xisha islands, the report said.

It is a converted naval vessel at 4,450 tons, the country's largest fisheries patrol ship, and has a top speed of 37 kilometers per hour.Because some countries claim sovereignty of areas there, Chinese patrol ships have been challenged in the past by overseas vessels patrolling in the South China Sea. Some Chinese fishermen have been held illegally.

China has long claimed sovereignty over the South China Sea, said Liu Tianrong, an official with South China Sea fisheries administrative bureau. The bureau plans to expand its patrol fleet to strengthen security over the next five years, Wu Zhuang, the bureau's director, said.The Philippines and Malaysia both tried to claim sovereignty over islands in the South China Sea recently.


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