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Man with Robot ‘Suit’ Attempts Bank Robbery
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Manila, PH -16 March 2009- Staff. A would be bank robber, wearing suit of homemade “robotic” armor, clanked into the main branch of the Philippines National Bank in downtown Manila only to find himself greeted with peals of laughter rather than the shock and fear he had hoped to inspire.

Bank tellers say that around 12:30pm local time, they heard a noise not unlike a large piece of machinery just outside the main door. When they looked up, they saw what they could only describe as a “metal trash pile” moving slowly into the hall. As the bank’s staff looked on in shock, a voice issuing from deep within the metallic contraption weakly commanded them to drop to the floor. At that point, tellers say, they realized that the “robot” had only a fake cannon attached to one arm, and one teller’s wry chuckle soon mushroomed into raucous laughter.

During the ruckus, staff activated the silent alarm, and Martin Ruiz, 21, was taken into custody shortly after, mainly because his outfit, crafted in part from scrap metal plates and spare engine parts, weighed nearly 300 pounds, making a quick getaway next to impossible.

Inspired by his favorite cartoon show, Mobile Suit Gundam, Ruiz had cobbled together a suit made entirely of pieces of junk he had re-purposed. According the police report, Ruiz had thought that a robotic suit would be more intimidating than a weapon and would also make him impervious to police. Ruiz is awaiting trial and could serve up to 5 years in prison for the attempted robbery.

You just can't strike robotic terror into people these days like you used to.

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Too funny! :D

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This thread probably belongs in the End of the World forum.

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This thread probably belongs in the End of the World forum.
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