View Full Version : Obama: The media's president

03-22-2009, 10:14 AM
How many of us here remember having their favorite TV show interrupted about a year and a half ago to bring us all a very special announcement by a very special Illinois senator?

Well what you saw was the beginning of Obama’s political carrier. From that moment on we then witnessed the constant media promotion of this man up until the election. It was portrayed much like a Hollywood celebrity production as we were told over and over how “Obama is just an amazing person” and “boy, he’s really rallying the crowd” and “and “Obama has this view and that view on this issue and that issue” explained to us in great detail, as no other candidate was privileged to be allowed.

Folks, what we have witnessed here is a media driven government that is now in this day and age, in control of just about everything the average person sees and hears.

The same media that hold the power to influence the people to such a degree that it can make or break a candidate also hold the power to make or break any political issue.

When considering political correctness keep in mind that we have been inundated by this very bias for decades, so I suggest taking anything that the MSM says with a grain of salt before consuming it.

Just my thoughts