View Full Version : Jury awards man $8.6 million after crash with pig

03-31-2009, 02:11 PM
MONTEREY, Calif.A Monterey County man will be getting millions of dollars from the state for the injuries he received when he crashed his motorcycle after hitting a wild pig.

Adam Rogers is confined to a wheelchair after hitting the pig on Highway 1 near Carmel late at night in September of 2003. He sued the state Department of Transportation, claiming the state was responsible for his injuries because it knew wild pigs were crossing the highway.snip

Rogers, a 45-year-old former karate teacher and champion kickboxer, suffered serious injuries and is now confined to a wheelchair. He and his wife sued the state Department of Transportation in Monterey County Superior Court.

DOT attorneys argued that the state wasn't responsible for the actions of wild animals and said Rogers was under the influence when he struck them. A test found Rogers had a blood-alcohol level of more than .10 after the crash, but the jury concluded that wasn't a major factor in the crash.

Rogers' attorney, Larry Biegel, argued that the state knew the pigs were crossing the road to feed on vegetation in a nearby environmental restoration project. The state later put up a pig-crossing sign and used hunters to help control the pig population.

Rogers' wife, Kristin Finn, also was awarded $500,000 for "loss of consortium."

comments :
This was the joke of CA radio yesterday. The state built a wildlife refuge on one side of the highway so naturally, the pigs walked across the street to eat.

This guy was drunk, riding his motorcycle and hit one of the wild pigs and is now wheel-chair bound.

The jury awarded him millions since the state did not provide a way for the pigs to safely get across the street and, they did not put up any signed that pigs might be crossing. The state now, has erected a sign warning that pigs might be crossing. I'd say put a tunnel under the road.