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04-02-2009, 01:44 PM
Cue the Twighlight zone music! (http://townhall.com/Columnists/CalThomas/2009/04/02/invasion_of_the_corporate_snatchers?page=full&comments=true)

The plot of the 1956 cult classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" seems remarkably similar to the storyline of the Obama administration, which is invading, and appears eager to take over, corporate America. Unfortunately, the reality of the threat to American corporations is far creepier than any science-fiction film could ever be.

Here's Wikipedia's plot summary of "Body Snatchers," with my editorial additions in parentheses: "Set in the fictional town of Santa Mira, Calif., (Washington, D.C.), the plot centers on Dr. Miles Bennell (Rush Limbaugh), a local doctor (radio talk show host), who finds a rash of patients (Americans/listeners) accusing their loved ones of being imposters (collectivists).

"Assured at first by the town psychiatrist, Dr. Dan Kaufman, (Barack Obama), that the cases are nothing but 'epidemic mass hysteria,' Bennell (Limbaugh) soon discovers, with the help of his friend Jack Belicec (Sean Hannity), that the townspeople are, in fact, being replaced by simulations grown from plantlike pods (socialism); perfect physical duplicates who kill (regulate) and dispose of (bankrupt) their human (corporate) victims. The Pod People (duped Americans who know little about capitalism and who have fallen for the "punish the rich" class warfare line) are indistinguishable from normal (free market capitalists) people, except for their utter lack of emotion (the modern version is that Obama supporters respond only to emotion and care little about substance). The Pod People (the duped Americans, who have now become socialists without realizing it) work together to secretly spread more pods (socialism) -- which grew from 'seeds drifting through space (Russia) for years ' -- in order to replace the entire human (capitalist) race (system).

"The film climaxes with Bennell (Limbaugh) and his former sweetheart, Becky Driscoll, (Laura Ingraham) attempting to escape the Pod People, intending to warn the rest of humanity (America). They hide; Driscoll (Ingraham) falls asleep and is subverted. With the Pod People close behind, a seemingly crazed Bennell (Limbaugh) runs onto the highway frantically screaming of the alien force that has overrun Santa Mira (Washington) to the passing motorists and then looks into the camera and yells, 'They're here already! You're next!'"

The government, which is decreasingly capable of running itself, will now dictate to corporate America how to run companies. The Obama administration has even promised that government will insure any warranties that might be in jeopardy should GM and Chrysler declare bankruptcy. It is a dangerous precedent that should frighten all of us into opposing the administration's plans with every fiber of our still free beings.

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More on body snatchers... Political Allegory? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers#Themes)

The film has been read as both an allegory for the perceived loss of personal autonomy in the Soviet Union and as an indictment of McCarthyist paranoia about Communism during the early stages of the Cold War.

As Adam Roberts wrote in Science Fiction; The New Critical Idiom:

Indeed [the film] can be read both as right-wing McCarthyite scaremongering—Communists from an Alien place are infiltrating our American towns and wiping out their American values, and the worst of it is they look exactly like Americans—and as left-wing liberal satire on the ideological climate of conformism that McCarthyism produced, where the lack of emotion of the podpeople corresponds to the ethical blind eyes turned by Americans to the persecutions of their fellows by over-zealous McCarthyites.

Despite the general agreement among film critics regarding these political connotations of the film, lead actor Kevin McCarthy said in an interview included on the 1998 DVD release that he felt no political allegory was intended. The interviewer stated that he had spoken with the author of the original novel, Jack Finney, who also professed to have intended no specific political allegory in the work.

In his autobiography, "I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History", Walter Mirisch writes: "People began to read meanings into pictures that were never intended. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers is an example of that. I remember reading a magazine article arguing that the picture was intended as an allegory about the communist infiltration of America. From personal knowledge, neither Walter Wanger nor Don Siegel, who directed it, nor Dan Mainwaring, who wrote the script nor the original author Jack Finney, nor myself saw it as anything other than a thriller, pure and simple".

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More on body snatchers... Political Allegory? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_the_body_snatchers#Themes)

McCarthyite scaremongering, not quite he actually ferreted out commies!

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McCarthyite scaremongering, not quite he actually ferreted out commies!

I was pointing out how different agendas have taken the film to mean what they want it to mean.