View Full Version : Time to stand together

04-05-2009, 03:14 AM
Ignoring the warning of the international society, North Korea launched the missile. The sanction on North Korea should be made.

First, the nations should apply the U.N resolution 1718 on this event. A new resolution concerning the missile crisis should be drafted immediately. The sanction on North Korea should be continued regardless of the United States removing North Korea from the terror supporting nations list

If North Korea tries to solidify its position as a nuclear state, the international states should prevent this disatster. North Korea completely betrayed the good wills of the 6 party talks.

If the international society does not pay attention, the North Korea will develope new kinds of WMD. The neighboring nations should be on alert and unite against this menace. If the nations stand together, they shall prevail.

04-05-2009, 11:03 AM
I dont know why anyone would wonder how impotent the UN respose will be to the N Korean missile launch. Have they ever done anything of substance that required some back bone. The ballsiest thing they have done recently is call the USA dead beat for being behind on its payment to the UN. I guess that didnt require any intestinal fortitude since the Pussy liberals in power will apologize and ask if we can pay a late fee. Makes me ill!