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04-06-2009, 12:38 PM
Pelosi ready to push Obama's plans forward


Opportunity is in season, and when Congress reconvenes in two weeks, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to start harvesting. In a little more than two months, a new president has challenged a generation's worth of notions about government's proper scope, a divided Congress has approved unprecedented spending, hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost jobs, and an unsteady world has plumbed the depths of recession.Bold action cannot wait, Pelosi said snip

Revitalizing the economy and health care and energy plans -- including efforts to sharply cut carbon emissions -- will top Congress' to-do list, said Pelosi, D-Calif.

The plans are sure to spark bitter partisan battles and again lay bare the country's ideological divides. President Obama's election in November, however, signaled the nation's call for change, Pelosi said, and both parties are compelled to answer.

Momentum for health care reform peaked late last year before the economic collapse overwhelmed all other issues. Too much was promised to allow the moment to slip away, Pelosi said.

"There are no excuses that are possible on the health care issue," Pelosi said. Lowering health care costs will make businesses more competitive and will cut the federal debt by reducing Medicare and Medicaid costs, she said.

The fiercest debate likely will surround whether to create a public insurance plan to compete with private insurers, something Pelosi supports, she said.

"I see that as the biggest obstacle," Pelosi said.

Opponents fear a public plan will usher in government-run health care."I think it's a straw horse for a single-payer system," said Michael Tanner, health care scholar at the libertarian Cato Institute.

He estimated 118 million people -- about two-thirds of those privately insured -- would join a public plan. As the public plan grew, it would lower premiums, attracting more people.

"It's a death spiral for private insurers," Tanner said. "Republicans oppose this. The insurance industry opposes this. The business community is going to oppose this. It quickly becomes a pretty bloody fight."


04-06-2009, 05:52 PM
The biggest argument against private Social Security accounts has been that with people choosing private accounts, there wouldn't be the funds to support the system. I can't believe medical insurance would be any different. At some point everyone would have to pay into it like it or not.

04-06-2009, 08:32 PM
The fallacy about the public insurance plan is that it will be less expensive than a private insurer's plan. An insurance plan is never about premium pricing, it is about over utilization of a health plan's benefit structure.
A public insurance plan is doomed to failure from the start because there can never be enough premium dollars to pay for benefits. Why?,....because people demand a Rolls Royce plan on a Yugo premium.

You couple this with aging baby boomers, uncontrolled illegal immigration and three failed government systems, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and you are doomed before the plan hits the ground.

Add the trillions that the Obama Administration will saddle our great, great grandchildren will be enslaved to, and we will be cursed by future generations both here and abroad. History will not be kind.

Prepare for a new dark age in which our masters will control life and death. Women, intellectuals. homosexuals, and any liberal idea such as due process or equality before the law will be mere echos. Dissent will be throttled ruthlessly.

Thanks Obama

04-07-2009, 08:09 AM
And for some reason....No. Due to some psychotic abnormality that shuts down the part of the brain that comprehends the most basic realities around them, Pelosi, and her ilk actually think they are addressing and completing tasks.
We'd profit immensely if they called in sick and stayed home for the rest of their terms. We could just continue to pay them their ridiculous wages to stay there and off the phone. This would represent the hallmark of their public service careers.