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04-10-2009, 01:51 AM
ACORN and other Left-Wing Groups to Disrupt Tea Parties

Although this is what has come to be expected from the anti-first amendment Left, on 7 April Fox News’ Neil Cavuto reported that Barack Obama’s group ACORN, members and readers of the far Left blog “Huffington Post” and other left-wing groups plan to infiltrate and cause chaos at scheduled tax day citizen tea parties. The tea parties—based upon the original Boston Tea Party’s taxation without representation—have barely been mentioned by the apparent Obama Administration-controlled leftist press.

Note: Any honest reporting of anti-Obama programs is considered to be taboo by the mainstream media.

The protests against the citizen tea parties—which were organized to stop Washington D.C.’s continued theft of trillions of taxpayer dollars—are said to be very well-organized and funded by anti-USA sources.

The seemingly pro-Socialist and Fascist blog sites Huffington Post and Daily Kos are said to be recruiting rabble-rousers to turn peaceful protests into violent and racist events.

Other reports include ACORN and other groups staging counter-protests in support of Obama’s and Congress’ gutting of the US Treasury.

Obama’s group “Americans United for Change”—a group that has taken out TV Ads pushing Obama’s budget—advises that counter protests “will hold dozens of events outside local post offices in at least 30 states to highlight President Obama’s plan to help restore fairness to the tax code, including closing an outrageous loophole in the tax code that allows offshore corporate tax havens, as called for within the president’s budget.” A spokeswoman for the group appeared on Neil Cavuto’s program actually defending Obama’s and Congress’ ongoing destruction of the US economy!

Note: This is what we get from one of Obama’s paid PR groups. By the way, is he also using our taxpayer money to pay these people?