View Full Version : "Queerly Beloved Taxachusetts needs Your Help/Money, Pay Up !"

04-12-2009, 07:02 AM
Here’s an idea! Pay extra taxes to Taxachusetts!

Moonbats of Massachusetts - on this final weekend before April 15, I implore you to pay your state income taxes at the voluntary, higher rate.

Do it . . . for the children. It’s just your “fair share,” after all, and it’s for the crumbling infrastructure. Consider it an investment in the future.

But once again, the local limousine liberals who endlessly talk the talk are refusing to walk the walk. The current state income tax rate is 5.3 percent. But considering how this state teems with pompous pony-tailed horses’ asses who are endlessly clamoring for higher taxes, the Legislature in its wisdom has allowed the truly committed liberal to make a statement with his checkbook rather than his postings on moonbat blogs.

Every taxpayer has the option of paying at the old Mike Dukakis-era rate of 5.85 percent.

As of last Tuesday, according to the Department of Revenue, 2,100,827 individuals had filed their calendar year 2008 income tax returns in Massachusetts. And of those 2.1 million, exactly 802 opted to pay at the higher, voluntary 5.85 percent rate.

I have difficulty calculating fractions that small, but 21,000 is one percent of 2.1 million, so 2,100 would be one-tenth of one percent, so let’s just round off and say 802 equals about 1/25th of one percent.

The additional contributions of these 802 patriots have amounted to $77,845 - just about enough to pay Sen. Walsh’s old salary for a year. So the average volunteer taxpayer had taxable income last year of $20,000, which means almost all of them probably live in Mom’s basement.

At the risk of sounding like Jerry Lewis on Labor Day, we can do better, dammit! And so I would like to challenge all the “prize-winning” journalists at the Boston Globe, who have for so many years thundered on a daily basis for higher taxes of every sort - gasoline, sales, income, excise, tolls, fees, you name it.

The taxpaying middle classes that the Globe has so obviously disdained all these years are holding “tea parties” all over the country on Wednesday to protest the onerous taxes imposed upon them by the tax-cheating Democrat liberal elites.

At 135 Morrissey Boulevard, the Beautiful People can have a counter-demonstration - a “green tea party,” as it were. They can all write big checks to the commonwealth out of their trust funds at the old 5.85 percent rate.

Sound good, Globies? I mean, with that lifetime job security that you enjoy, you never have to worry about being laid off or having your pay cut, right? Right? You work for benevolent liberals who wouldn’t think of treating their employees like chattel, throwing them out of the street just because they’re losing a mere $85 million a year. Right?