View Full Version : "Worlds Largest Aircraft Will Be Obsolete Before It Enters Service !"

04-15-2009, 01:02 AM
Futuristic jets put on hold by recession

THE Airbus A380 was meant to be the future of air travel in Australia: vast, fast, and - thanks to a perfect mix of capacity and efficiency - recession proof.But Qantas's decision yesterday to defer buying four of the $350 million superjumbos has raised questions about whether the planes it once described as an aviation revolution would survive the economic downturn.

Having crowed last year about being among the first airlines to buy the A380s, Qantas has now become the latest in a long line of carriers - others include Air France, Lufthansa and Emirates - to defer, cancel or reduce the role of the aircraft.Qantas will also defer orders for 12 Boeing 737-800s and is discussing with Boeing a delay in the delivery of the first batch of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

The A380s are so large it has become difficult to fill them in today's economic environment, where the number of business-class travellers has dropped dramatically. "It's a large aircraft and it needs a very high-density route to reap the maximum benefit," Derek Sadubin, from the Centre for Asia-Pacific Aviation, said.
"They've been pitching it to the business traveller, but what we've seen is a lapsing of corporate travel. They went in with too many business-class seats, while the demand has moved to the back of the aircraft."

Qantas said yesterday it was having no difficulty filling the London and Los Angeles flights serviced by its three A380s, and it will still take the three new aircraft it has already paid for.