View Full Version : "Barry Hussein Gives Em The Old "Kansas City Shuffle."

07-01-2008, 11:42 AM
Rejecting our values 100% of the time

Barack Obama recently told supporters that Republicans were going to use his being black against him. He also injected his wife into the debate by mockingly saying Republicans would call her "feisty." Be assured "feisty" is the last word I would use as a descriptive of her, but to my point.

It isn't the color of his skin that concerns the majority of sane-thinking Republicans it is his liberal voting record and the elite "San Francisco Beyound" liberal socialist groups that own him.

His injecting Michelle into the debate was a misdirection play. Conservatives attack her record which in turn allows him to further distract attention away from his record by pretending to be offended that someone would dare challenge a woman who makes Hillary Clinton look like Mother Teresa.

His attempt to paint Republicans as racist is nothing more than a thinly veiled "Kansas City Shuffle." Make a person look "right" while he goes "left" (or in his case, stays left). Obama is a politician with a lot to hide, and the presidency hanging in the balance, thus the reason for his strategy of deception, i.e., accuse others of being guilty of that which you yourself are, thereby diverting attention from your actions.