View Full Version : Tea Party Streaming Video

04-15-2009, 03:55 PM
So there is this really cool app on Fox News where you can watch live streams from all these different events. I'm clicking around, watching, and people are being interviewed and saying things that really resonate with me.

Cavuto had this one guy at the Sacramento event and he was saying how both parties use these polarizing issues to divide the country while Washington plays hide the ball with our money.

Brilliant! That one statement so perfectly sums up my general feelings about the state of things.

Anyway, it's about 10am and I'm starting to actually get into it, feeling like there's smart people out there who get it and know that divided we fall. There was a younger reporter in the field asking some really smart questions about the general complacency towards taxation and the responsibility of the previous administration, and people were taking a moment to think before answering... People were talking specifics and not sweeping generalities...

Then out jumps some toothless redneck screaming about Obama's birth certificate and the socialistic nazis coming for his guns... The crowd begins cheering and hide the ball continues... Aw Crap!

Oh, well...I will continue to watch and remain optimistic.

Side note: I have come across a few stories on how the Libertarians feel the Republicans have stolen the Tea Party idea from them and that some of these events are not as 'grass roots' as they appear.