View Full Version : The Federal Government Disregards the Nation's Founding Documents

04-16-2009, 09:49 PM
Reports from protests in South Carolina and the nation

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 marked the beginning of what has all the makings of a permanent national movement to reign in government and advocate for liberty for the individual. Several hundred thousand citizens participated in the national Tax Day Tea Party protests around the country.

The issue today was high taxes and out-of-control government spending. The broader issue, however, is the growing size, scope, and power of government--government that is increasingly encroaching upon the liberties of the citizens.

As one moved around and about the various protests today, one could get a strong sense that 'liberty' was the overarching theme of these events. And it was clear that today was only a small beginning.

In Texas, for example, multi-thousands gathered in places such as San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Texas Governor Rick Perry told one crowd in particular, 'It is clear the federal government is beginning to disregard the nation's Founding documents.'

Perry further stated that many Texans support outright seceding from the Union unless Washington backs off.

South Carolina's Tea Parties were a resounding success as well. Here is one report from a local newspaper on the Columbia, SC event:

COLUMBIA -- Thousands of people gathered in front of the Statehouse and around the state today to boo big government, socialism and taxes while enthusiastically cheering Gov. Mark Sanford and his stance on not accepting federal stimulus money.

In a sea of colorful signs protesting the sins of government, participants in Columbia's "Tea Party" applauded and roared their support for U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint and Sanford, who in turn praised the crowd for expressing their views.

Although Greenville, South Carolina's Tea Party will be held tomorrow (April 17), a pre-Tea Party event was held in the city yesterday at Chief's Wings and Firewater, where over 3000 turned out to hold a 'pep rally' of sorts for today's event.