View Full Version : Politically Correct, Morally Depraved

04-18-2009, 01:19 PM
What is the politically correct expression for a corpse? Metabolically deficient. What about a stupid person? Mentally unencumbered. We have fun lampooning the practice of the Politically Correct crowd to gloss over realities and to delegitimize perfectly good English words with inane euphemisms that in no way contribute to the solution of a problem. But Political Correctness (PC) is no laughing matter.

Where did the PC movement begin and how did it take root in the United States? The brief answer to the question is that PC is Marxism applied to sociology. We know quite a bit about economic Marxism. It manifested itself as Communism and we know the devastation it has caused in the world. Before it was totally discredited by the time of the destruction of the Berlin wall it took millions of casualties in Russia, China, and elsewhere.

There are many similarities between economic Marxism and social Marxism, which developed into the PC movement. Both are totalitarian ideologies. Economic Marxism ruthlessly exterminated any opponent to the Communist Party. The PC movement as practiced on many of our college campuses punishes opponents of some sainted "victims" group such as homosexuals, feminist women (not all women are feminists), quotas for blacks and Hispanics. It does this by threats, charges, and denial or termination of employment of professors with politically incorrect opinions.

Economic Marxism explained all history in terms of struggle for control of the means of production. In the system peasants and workers were a priori good whereas the bourgeoisie and capitalists were per se bad. In social Marxism, which has become the PC movement, all history is a struggle over which groups in society have power over other groups. All history and literature are concerned about power. Nothing else matters. In cultural Marxism certain groups are automatically good and sainted: feminist women, blacks, Hispanics, and homosexuals. They are victims and therefore good. In the system white males and their culture are by definition evil.