View Full Version : The Sad State of American Capitalism (CITI)

Water Closet
04-19-2009, 02:27 PM
I'm watching TV this morning and there's a commercial for Citibank telling us how they're helping to save us money in these troubled times. The commercial is structured into short vignettes of ordinary Americans discussing the small ways they're saving money and cutting costs. The first is a businessman in an office talking about the fact that he's bicycling to work and the amount of money he's saving on gasoline. The second shows a woman in her living room with a notebook who informs us that she's now writing down everything she spends money on so that she can cut out extraneous expenses.

OK, fair enough to this point, although a bit petty (this is a Citibank commercial, remember). The last is the real kicker. It features two women, professionally dressed, getting on a train. They are chatting about travel when one tells the other of the amount of money she's saving by taking the little bottles of shampoo from the hotels she stays in every week!!! Why, she hasn't had to spend money on shampoo in years. :eek:

I travel 3-4 days a week, about 35 weeks a year, for the last 20 years. I stay in Hiltons or Hilton family hotels during those travels. I have never once had the desire to take the shampoo or any other toiletry from any of them. First, the shampoo is pretty ordinary stuff, not the quality I would buy for myself. Second, since the Shoe Bomber episode, I would have to lug those out of my carry-on, place them in a little plastic bag, and send them through security separately. For what? To save a few bucks on shampoo? As it is, I buy a small toothpaste and small deoderant from the hotel shop when I arrive and ditch it when I leave so I don't have to bother with the 3-1-1 bit.

A bit sad, really. Tom Wolfe's "Masters of the Universe" have been reduced to worrying about the cost of shampoo.

04-19-2009, 05:37 PM
Penny wise pound foolish.

I've seen that commercial. It, and the concept of it, are pretty dopey.