View Full Version : "Rare Display of Sanity from Queerly Beloved Massachusetts"

04-19-2009, 11:44 PM
Rare Display of Sanity from Massachusetts

"Don't count on it . THe homo lovers in the Masshole Congress will hide it somewhere and deliver it to the Queers !

Your phone calls & emails - and months of general pressure - have paid off! This shows the power of activism, even here in Massachusetts! Gov. Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Legislature have reacted to your outrage.

On Wednesday April 15, the Massachusetts House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee released its version of the FY2010 state budget. To the shock of the homosexual lobby, the entire $850,000 that was funded this past year for homosexual programs in the public schools is gone! This follows several months of phone calls, emails, personal conversations and even calls to talk radio by...