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04-24-2009, 02:34 AM
Napolitano Ignites Yet Another Firestorm

As if it were not enough to issue an official Homeland Security report referring to most of mainstream America as 'potential homegrown terrorists,' DHS Director Janet Napolitano has ignited yet another firestorm, this time with regard to our neighbors to the north.

Canada is the latest target of Napolitano's mouth.

Putting her vast ignorance on full display, Napolitano claimed that the 9/11 terrorists gained entrance to the U.S. through Canada. She further used this erroneous statement to claim that tightening border security with Canada is 'just as important as border security with Mexico.'

The question is a valid one, the answer to which is that Napolitano got her job because the U.S. now has a bunch of late-night radio call-in yahoos running the country, including the supposed 'Commander in Chief,' whose foreign policy thus far is based upon pure anti-Americanism.

And in the most scathing assessment to date of the Obama administration by a neighboring nation, Don Martin of Canada's National Post stated that 'Napolitano makes the Bush Administration look well-informed.'


Ms. Napolitano’s brief interview with the CBC this week was confirmation we’re dealing with an irrational senior U.S. official who can’t differentiate between a secure border linking the world’s largest trading partners and one that’s a giant sucking sound for jobs going south and what’s been described as an ‘invasion’ of desperate Mexicans illegally sneaking north.

She actually invoked the bogeyman of 9/11 terrorists sneaking into the United States from Canada to bolster the case for a crackdown, even though the most elementary research would have told her there’s no evidence to support that bogus claim.

When challenged on her concerns, she insisted still-secret data, undoubtedly buried with the aliens at Roswell, justifies her concern. She surely must know that only 12 of the 48 al-Qaeda operatives caught between 1993 and 2001 were illegal immigrants and none of those came from Canada.

And there’s simply no comparison between the illegal entry trickle from Canada and the alien immigrant wave and drug smuggling surge pouring into the U.S. from the south. Of the estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants who enter the U.S. each year, 57% come from Mexico. Just six per cent of those living illegally in the United States are Canadian.

As it becomes clearer with each passing day that Napolitano is a major embarrassment to the United States and is woefully unqualified to be DHS Director, the question becomes, how long before Obama is forced to throw her under the bus?


Isn't it ironic that the people that claimed Bush had turned the world against us even though Iraqis love us and are more stable than Detroit; France elected an man nicknamed "The American"; and Germany went conservative as well, have now managed in the course of less than 100 days to insult Britain's Brown twice; hugged the Queen; failed to properly kiss France's 1st lady; bowed to a King and insulted Canada.

The gang that can't shoot straight even if they had the cojones to shoot.

Another great column friend!

Obama seems to have staffed his cabinet with (Low Wattage) people
who will shine only dimly.With no outstanding minds he achieves
several goals.

One,there is no one capable or willing to argue against him credibly.
Second, he can always appear as the 'smartest man in the room'
and garner the attention of anyone he wishes, without fear of being

Also, most of the unqualified dunderheads staffing his administration
are aware they owe their position and security to him and not their
past success.

They are willing to do what he wishes to maintain that position and influence.
The man is a blot on our collective histories. His four years cannot pass quickly enough!
"What a State, Arizona The place that gave America Janet Napolitano and John Mc Cain whoo,whoo !"
Speaking from Arizona, she did a pi$$ poor job running a state, no surprise she can't "secure" a country. She is an embarassement, and McCain is no better. Arizona is sadly represented. Again.
The Big O's cabinet has to be the first Presidential Cabinet *ever* that offers OJT!