View Full Version : Woman hid loverís body in car trunk, gave key to new girlfriend: DuPage prosecutors

04-24-2009, 11:28 AM
Woman hid loverís body in car trunk, gave key to new girlfriend: DuPage prosecutors

"Nicole Abusharif and Becky Klein ,a match made in heaven,a Lesbian Menage a Trois: !"

After suffocating her lover, Nicole Abusharif hid Becky Klein's body in the trunk of the couple's 1966 Ford Mustang, DuPage County prosecutors said Wednesday. "Within an hour of killing her life partner, what did the defendant do? She went out with her new girlfriend,''


Lesbian Menage a Trois: (Noun) An arrangement in which three women share a sexual relationship, typically a domestic situation involving a lesbian couple and the lover of one of them.

Woman on trial in girlfriend's murder

The evening that Rebecca Klein was murdered, Nicole Abusharif, her "life partner, the love of her life," had gone bowling and was at a bar drinking shots before inviting a third woman to spend the night at the couple's Villa Park home, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Assistant DuPage County State's Atty. Joseph Ruggiero told a jury in his opening statements that Abusharif had been dating the third woman for about a year and that when she had invited her to spend the night of March 15, 2007, her "significant other" was already "hogtied and suffocated in the trunk of their classic 1966 Ford Mustang parked in the garage (of the women's home) in 200 block of Harvard Avenue."

Ruggiero's comments came during opening arguments in a trial in which Abusharif stands accused of murdering Klein.

Defense attorney Robert Parchem, in his opening remarks, said that Nicole and Rebecca had "a good relationship, but an unconventional one. They allowed a third party to into their relationship, with certain rules -- as long as their relationship remained a priority. This was not your normal relationship and normal faithfulness."

Parchem said that Klein knew about the third woman and had met her on several occasions.
Klein, 32, had been missing for two days on March 17, 2007, when she was found dead with a plastic bag over her head, her mouth duct-taped and her hands and feet bound in the trunk of the Mustang parked in the garage.

DuPage prosecutors contend that they will "introduce evidence that the defendant killed the victim after their romantic relationship deteriorated and had a desire to start a new life with (a different woman)."

Abusharif, 29, who has been on home confinement at her parent's Oak Lawn home on a $1 million bond since several weeks after her arrest in the March 15, 2007 murder, categorically denies the charges.